90+ Very Useful Articles for Web Designers

May 10, 2010 · 8 comments

by Lars

90+ Very Useful Articles for Web Designers

This post is a collection of latest community news submitted on tripwire magazine by readers and other blog owners. Most new posts in the web design and development community is included making this regular post a really fast and easy consumable overview of what is going on just now. You can find more community news here




Every one has his own way of work some do task quickly and some take time for it

20 Free Smoke Effect Brushes Sets

20 Free Smoke Effect Brushes Sets

How To Find del.icio.us Like Creative Domain Names

Here are some tools that let you find del.icio.us like creative domain names.

20 Unusual Websites Navigation

But now we are in creative work and these days designers and front end developers try to stand out of crowd and in this process they experiment with the navigation menu.

A Showcase of Beautiful Computer Workstations

In this article, I’ve compiled a showcase of beautiful computer workstations.

20 Creative Poster Designs

These 20 creative poster designs have given me so much inspiration and made me rethink the design I had in mind.

Photoshop Tutorial: How to Paint a Realistic Proportioned Female Face

In this tutorial I will show you how to paint a proportioned female face from scratch…

Backbreaker Football for iPhone App Video Review

I’ve been on the lookout for high quality, cheap (99 cent) games for a while now, and am pleased to present to you my latest pick – Backbreaker Football for iPhone.

25 Emotional Mother and Baby Animal Photos from Wildlife

Wild life is not wild as we often think.Mother feelings are always same in every part of the world so do in the wild life.They struggle for life,they protec their babies from every kind of danger.

Best Apps For iPone By Joel Comm

Be a military hero with an iPhone apps called Sergeant Gun!

Read more: http://www.bdtechie.com/2010/05/turn-yourself-into-military-hero-not.html#ixzz0nRN9XtzC

Compositional Tips: Simplicity

Today I wanna talk to you about simplicity in photography, either compositionally or by subject matter. The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that

31 Websites to Purchase Premium WordPress Themes

WordPress has become very popular with bloggers. Its simple and easy to use. One of the problems bloggers run into, is finding the perfect theme.

20 yellow color based website design

Color is soul of any design which adds life and light to a design. Color speaks about design perspective and adds elegance to it.

Feature Designer| Fantastic Art Works by Jeannette Woitzik

Jeannette Woitzik portfolio focuses on combining poetry and dreams. Dive into the dreams of Jeannette, whose magic and romantic atmosphere result from great finesse, mixing and editing digital photo.

Pareto Principle – The 80-20 Rule

We can apply the Pareto Principle in design. 80% of all design work can be produced with only 20% of the Photoshop functionality. We will show you as a real example here ….

E-Commerce Website Design: 50 Well Designed Apparel Sites

In the last six months I have written eleven posts on web design covering various types and styles of websites. In this post I am going to focus on e-commerce website design.

Get your personalised kaspersky Antivirus key here

Get your personalised kaspersky Antivirus key here with your own name and get a full version antivirus for free

How to make a news ticker in javascript

Tutorial to introduce 2 methods on how to make news tickers using javasctipt animation techniques.

5 Nice to Read Ebooks for User Interface Designers

In this post you’ll find 5 free ebooks (PDF) on User Interface Designing. These all books are very interesting to read and very helpful.

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #52

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Week 4: 20 Inspirational Logos

Now at nenuno creative we will be featuring 20 designs, logos and resources instead of the usual 5, because of this the same artist/designer may get featured twice in one week!

4 Ways to Approach Design Trends

In this article, we are going to look the four different ways of approaching these trends, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Creative Illustrations by Tariq Raheem

Tariq Raheem is a digital illustrator with over ten years of freelance and production house experience ranging from, computer game development, film & TV production and music video & TVC production.

15 Awesome Photoshop Tutorials for Designing Wallpapers

Here are 15 awesome photoshop wallpaper design tutorials you might want to take a look at.

Anniversary Giveaway Day 4: FlashEff2 Premium License

JumpeyeComponents, the creators of professional-level Flash components such as FlashEff 2.0, FlashEff is an easy to use flash component and interactive tool that enables high quality transition

Illustrations by Ben Newman

Ben Newman is a freelance illustrator based in Bristol, UK. Ben is represented by Pocko People.

45 Fantastic HDR Pictures

High Dynamic Range-technique (HDR) can create incredibly beautiful pictures which blur our sense of the difference between reality and illusion.

54 Cute Cat Artworks

A showcase of cute and lovely cat artworks from around the web.

Creative Illustrations by Simon Brader

After finishing Studying illustration at Plymouth University in 2005 Simon Brader has since been working freelance from his London studio.

Top 5 Alternatives to the Apache Web Server

The Apache web server is the most popular server online, used on more than 70% of all servers connected to the World Wide Web.

Content Slider Using CSS and Jquery

So this one is our first tutorial on jquery which is all about creating a content slider using css and jquery here will learn to create a slider which can be used to slide your content of website.

570+ Design, SEO, Social Media and Freelance Links I Tweeted This Past Week (5/1-5/7)

A ton of resources from this week’s articles covering social media, technology, freelancing, web and graphic design, search engine optimization and more!

Artist of the week: Vlad Gerasimov

With a great balance and taste of colors, Vlad is known for its wallpaper and e-cards website. Over the years, the simplicity and the joy from his works created a style what is easily recognized.

Week 9: 10 Stunning Logotypes

Week 9 of our Logotype showcase is here! Featuring ten stunning logotypes from the past week!

Ten Things To Consider Whether You Need an iPad

Before buying an iPad you should ask these questions to yourself. For many people, the iPad is still an expensive toy, therefore it is necessary to know whether the iPad really worth your money.

Creative Caricatures by Jason Seiler

Caricaturist and humorist illustrator, Jason Seiler, studied fine art illustration at the American Academy of Art in Chicago.

List of 10 Awesome Looking Sidebar Designs For Your Blog

List of some extra ordinary sidebar designs that will help you to design a perfect sidebar for your blog

Fashion Photograrphy by Robert Harper

Amazing beaty/glamour photography by Robert Harper, fashion photographer from North London.

Creative Photography by Julia Galdo

Editorial, Advertising, and Fine Art Photography by Julia Galdo, talented photographer, based in Los Angeles, California.

An Interview with Design Studio The WebCrafters

We would like to thank The Webcrafter’s for sitting down with us, even though they have had a hectic schedule this past week!

Saturday Snippets: The Best of This Weeks Design Community

The best of the weeks design articles and inspiration found on the best of the webs design sites and design juices.

20 Best And Useful jQuery Plugins Of April 2010

In this article, I have compiled a list of 20 of the best jQuery plugins of April 2010 which are really very useful and I am sure will come handy in your future web project.

18 Tools for Scheduling Future Tweets

Want to tweet day and night without touching the computer? Well now you can. Its a good thing to tweet at least once every hour. This will keep your followers happy and informed.

Free Rock Textures

This texture set includes 11 HQ Free Rock Textures. You can use them for free for personal and commercial use, but you cant sell them and cleam them as yours. Have fun using them.

50 beautiful autumn photography

So we have collected 50 beautiful autumn photography. Enjoy

42 Cool and Colorful Firefox Themes(Compatible with 3.6)

If you are bored about your Firefox theme and if you want to make a radical change in your browser life then these Firefox themes are definetely for you.Ok,i know most of the Firefox users prefer to

Get your designs to pop: Part 3 – Colors

Often times, clients demand that your design needs to pop more? Well, welcome to part 3 of our 5 part miniseries jam packed with easy to follow tips and tricks. In this episode: Colors.

Deep Rusted Red Industrial Seamless Textures Part 1

Free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Deep Rusted Red Industrial textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Automatic Page Numbering with Indesign

In this article we will see how to manage:

1. simple numbering using the Master Page
2. number page of different kind
3. define sections in a document
4. page X of Y effect

How to create retro sunflower poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’ll learn how to create a retro sunflower poster in Photoshop. We’ll use custom brushes, multiple images, different blending modes. Layered PSD file included.

Create an add to cart/basket/bag button

Hi there. In this tutorial I will show how to create one of the most common buttons. I made three buttons with similar design but different icon and text.

30 Fresh Creative Social Media Icon Sets

We have assembled a collection of some of the most creative and FRESH social media icons for you to use on your blog or website

Your Best Post is NOT the Most Commented One

It is true that comments are vital for successful blogging and when there are no comments, it is a sign that something is done wrong.

But, have you ever thought about

Book Review + Giveaway Of Digging into WordPress (2 copies)

Today we will review the book and yes as said in title, we have 2 copies of Digging into WordPress to giveaway for our beloved 1stWD readers.

Convert DVD to iPad – Convert DVD to iPad, Rip DVD to iPad with DVD to iPad Converter

iPad Guides – How to Convert DVD to iPad, Rip DVD to iPad with DVD to iPad Converter

How to Create Your first WordPress Theme: Part 1

In this series of tutorials, we are going to create our first WordPress theme.

Google Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed

Google Top 10 Ranking Guaranteed

Pentagram Limited Edition ‘Marks’ Book Giveaway – Rare Logo Design Book

Pentagram ‘Marks’ is now quite a rare book, hard to find a new and sealed copy for a reasonable price. This is a unique opportunity to own a new sealed copy.

100+Free Bad-ass Tribal vectors

Finding good quality tribal vectors is not an easy task. So we’ve made a collection of free bad-ass tribal sets to help you make your designs more aggressive.

20 Panoramic Planets That Are Out of This World

Here are some great panoramic planet examples using the Polar Coordinates filter in Photoshop.

Ultimate Compilation of Photoshop Fractal Brushes

This post is generally an Ultimate Compilation of Photoshop Fractal Brushes for additional items on your list of resources. Come and download the brushes that you like and use them for your designs!

Week 9: 10 Fantastic Web Interfaces

Week 9 of our Web Interface showcase is here! I honestly don’t know where all the time has gone, I thought we were only on week 7?

Web Design Portfolio

Exclusive web designs – customized, E-commerce, corporate, static websites, wordpress templates, Joomla & Drupal web designs – Designs for every theme.

10 WordPress Plugins You Can’t Live Without

Social networking, search engine optermization, spam filtering and validated forms is now much easier to manage and mantain with this handful of plugins.

Drupal 7.0- One Step Closer to its Release

All Drupal developers and Drupal lovers, who are eagerly waiting for the release of Drupal-7,

Drupal 7.0- One Step Closer to its Release

All Drupal developers and Drupal lovers, who are eagerly waiting for the release of Drupal-7,

Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is an outstanding illustrator and digital painter from Brazil, he is very talented artist, he has his own brand of Photoshop manipulation and has created s lot of great artwork so far.

Is College Required to Become a Successful Designer?

Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Henry Ford and Mark Zuckerberg. All famous, all rich. Not even one of these moguls has had a college diploma nailed to their office wall. Surprised?

Fantastic Mad Creatures By Robert Steven Connett – interview + gallery

Connett is an introspective artist who offers a sincere look into life’s circumstance while creating an equidistant world made up of micro organisms, fear and beauty.

Death Before Dishonour Clothing: Amazing T-shirt & Clothing Designs

Here I showcase some brilliantly designed t-shirts from the online store of DBD ‘Death Before Dishonour’ Clothing.

Anniversary Giveaway Day 3: Digging Into WordPress Books

If you are a WordPress lover like me then I am sure you have also read some books regarding WordPress.

25+ Free stunning vector backgrounds

We want to help the design community in the best way we can, so we’ve made a collection of free vector backgrounds for you to use in your artwork. Here it is.

3 Tips to help you Start a Design Company

Creating a brand is the most important part of your company. A logo tells you a lot about the designer or company.

10 posts for professional bloggers, Weekly Buzzslot #1

Weekly roundup of the best post written for the professional blogger.

Designer’s Break: Extremely hilarious T-shirt designs

I’ve made a collection of hilarious t-shirt designs inspired by facts that we do not pay any attention to. It’s not the complexity of the designs that makes them great, but…

Beautiful Photoshop Illustrations By Tiago Hoisel

Tiago Hoisel is an outstanding illustrator and digital painter from Brazil, he is very talented artist, he has his own brand of Photoshop manipulation and has created s lot of great artwork so far.

The Tweek List, 5-7

Freelance Review’s favorite and most useful Twitter finds of the week.

20 Coolest Billboards From Around the World

The world of contemporary advertising is increasingly dominated by high-production multimedia events, acts of guerrilla marketing and viral Internet campaigns.

HTML5 Unleashed: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

This article provides some basic guidelines and easy to follow code templates to get you started with HTML5. You will also find several useful resources providing more tips, tricks and techniques.

Tal.ki – Add a Discussion Forum to Your Blog or Website

Talki allows you to add a discussion forum to your blog or website, just copy the embed code and paste it into the code of your blog or website

How to Create An Audio Podcast For Your Church

For the past several years we’ve been podcasting our Sunday church services at North Valley Baptist Church.

Sync.in – Web Based Word Processor

Sync.in is a simple and easy to use web based word processor for people to collaborate in real-time to work with the text document

Sitehoover – Store All Your Favorite Websites and Get Updates

Sitehoover is an application that helps you in storing all your favorite websites and informs you about new stuff coming up on your favorite websites.

TweetHook – Enjoy Twitter Data Pushed to You

TweetHook automatically push twitter data in the form of webhook, and based on search queries these tweets are delivered. When new tweets match your searches, TweetHook will ping you within seconds.

NeedtoMeet – Schedule Meeting, Organize Events, Setup Conference

A calendar here acts as an interface that helps in selecting time for you to schedule the meeting, organize the events, set up the conference.

Online Time Tracking and Invoicing From MakeSomeTime

MakeSomeTime allows you to find the work out time. MakeSomeTime web-based app keeps track of your time and invoice.

FileShare HQ – File Sharing, File Hosting and Sending Lagre Files

Fileshare HQ is an application that was designed specially for the professionals and business users to Send/share large files and email attachments.

Create Pages on Springnote – Your Online Notebook Service

Springnote is a word processing application that creates a page, jot down notes, edit, and bookmark similar to other programs for you.

BetaEasy – Customer Feedback and Beta Management Service

BetaEasy collects all feedbacks in one place, and form the community of users, which makes much easier for project owner to set the priorities e.g. what are the bugs that are to be fixed first

Meetifyr – An Online Shared Calender to Meet Your Friends

Meetifyr an online shared calendar that lets you create a calendar, add names and availabilities and then send a link to your friends so that your friends will come to know when you are free.

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