90+ Fresh Inspirational Articles for Web Designers to Check Out

June 19, 2013 · 20 comments

by Lars

90+ Fresh Inspirational Articles for Web Designers to Check Out

This post is a collection of latest community news submitted on tripwire magazine by readers and other blog owners. Most new posts in the web design and development community is included making this regular post a really fast and easy consumable overview of what is going on just now. You can find more community news here



Photoshop Tutorial: How To Create Beautiful Birds And Flowers

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create beautiful birds and flowers using just a simple source image.

25 Original Flash Solutions for a Web/Graphic Designer’s Website

A creative and stylish web/graphic designer’s website is the main proof of his professionalism. Here are some original flash websites of web/graphic design online studios and freelance designers.

Future Design Thinking: I’m on a design boat!

As we ride the waves of change and try to satisfy the multitudes, the most complicated designs come down to the simplest of solutions.

26 Enchanting Postcards from Mexico

26 enchanting examples of photos and postcards from Mexico to inspire your creativity.

7 Benefits of Having a Professional Website Design

Outlined in this post are 7 different reasons why it’s beneficial to have a professional web design.

Symmetry And Asymmetry In Web Design

Symmetry is beautiful. Asymmetry is interesting and dynamic. Both should work together in your designs. Together they lead to some of the most aesthetically pleasing and interesting designs.

20 Powerful Time Management Tools

Time tracking is very important when it comes to designing. You need to know exactly the amount of time you have spent working, and get paid the exact amount you deserve.

Quickly Create Google Chrome Extension to promote your Blog or Site

Lets start creating the Google Chrome Extension to promote your own blog or site or portal or application etc.

Recomended Photoshop Tutorial: padlock icon

Iconshock New tutorial for creating an excellent high quality padlock icon

Thank You For Smoking… 40+ Amazing Photos

Little tube of mighty pow’r…
Charmer of an idle hour…
Object of my warm desire…

50 Most Dangerous & unforgettable Volcano Photographs

We are with “Most Dangerous & Unforgettable Volcano Photographs” where you can see how beautifully and artistically the Photographers has captured these photographs.

28 Fresh & Modern Free Fonts

28 exeptionally beautiful free fonts we selected will allow you to bring some variety in your designs without spending.

The Ultimate Guidances of E-Commerce

This article will help you think through some of the sections on e-commerce industry that is relevant than you walk around over the net.

16 Paper Inspired WordPress Themes

16 Paper Inspired WordPress Themes

Can HP Slate Beat the iPad?

HP has firmed up a plan to launch its newest…

4 Excellent And Free Web Design Tools for Beginners

Being a web designer is a hard but very rewarding job

A Showcase of Creative “A” letter in Logo Design. 25+ Examples

Last week we showed you A Showcase of Creative “C” letter in Logo Design. Today we continue with a showcase of Creative “A” letter in Logo Design.

Photoshop tutorial round-up: April 2010

I’ve made a quick round-up of April’s best Photoshop tutorials. Here it is.

Icons and the Web – Part 5: Creating and Modifying Icon Sets

This particular article discusses some general areas that you might want to consider when creating, editing or adding to an existing icon set.

35 cool and unique business card design

Business cards are the most prevailing promotional tool to market your company and yourself. Business card speaks about the business you are in and organization that you belong to.

Free vector spring illustration | Vectorious.net

Use this free vector in any of your nature themes spring artwork and watch your designs flourish!

20 Beautiful E-Commerce Websites

E-Commerce websites are not the most attractive websites because they focus on the seo and sales side of the business, and not on the creative side.

20 Inspirational Japanese Conceptual Illustrations

I get alot of creative inspiration from the Japanese culture and I have hand picked twenty very inspirational conceptual illustrations done by some very talented artists over at devinatART.

A Collection of Amazing High Quality Abstract Brush Sets

In this post I have gathered a collection of Abstract Brushes for Photoshop

Logo Assassination: Figure Logos Need to Die

Many local government agencies, churches, pharmaceutical companies and sporting events love to use symbolic lines with circle heads or some other terrible representation of a person in their logos.

18 Do’s and Don’ts Of Usability On The Web

If you’re designing websites for a living or running your business online, there are 18 tips in this article that you should definitely read and remember.

Anatomy of Colors in Web Design: Black – A Representation of Style & Mystery

Everyone has played with color paints or crayons when they were a child. Remember experimenting with various color paints only to realize that the more colors you add the darker the color becomes.

How to create an abstract composition using Photoshop

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create an abstract composition in Photoshop using a variety of shapes, layer styles, patterns, and photo manipulation techniques.

High Quality Texture 4 Fresh Green Leafs

free textures, 4 fresh green leaf textures for your next design. Love the earth to live better.

Illustrator Tutorial : Master dynamic gradient techniques

Many works that look complicated are really made from simple elements. In this tutorial, Russian artist Alexandra Zutto shows how to build up complex

30 Collections of Ornate Patterns and Textures

Today we will be showcasing collections of Ornate Patterns and Textures. We have gathered 30 ornament-inspired patterns that will suite your designs and websites well.

Find Best Stock, Vector and Custom Icons from Icons Land

We all know designers look for perfection in each and every thing linked to their applications including icons.

SeeClickFix – Report Non-Emergency Issues Through Mobile or Internet

SeeClickFix is an excellent platform for the citizens to file a public report for some thing that is non-emergency issues happening anywhere around the world through an internet or via mobile phone

Appsto.re – Increases Sales – Share and Shorten Apps – iTunes

Appsto.re is an efficient site that shortens your iPhone App URL’s and you can share them across the web where it contain the name of your apps

Shrink, Share, Tweet URL – ReTwt.me

To shorten your URL all you need to do is enter the URL as an input and get the link shortened immediately, once you get the link share it with your favorite sites

Safe2Click – Check Before You Click the URL

Safe2Click though it is one of the URL-shortening applications it also protects the users from harmful links and can preview before getting started with the site.

Shrink and Share Your Links, Sites or Articles on BudURL

If you want to share the links, sites or articles with your friends but the problem that you have come across is that, the URLs are too long to share, and so in order to shrink the URL.

Bookmark the Diggs on Scan Social

Scan Social provides you an efficient platform that allows you to view all the submissions, hot, popular digs such as Lifestyle, Games and Technology etc.

Graphic Tees Redefined – 10 of the Most Stylish and Interesting Indie Tees of 2010

Since more people are working from home these days, casual wear – the graphic tee specifically – has become an American staple wardrobe item.

OnMusic.me – Listen Music Online

OnMusic.me is a meta-search engine that links to the other search engine that hosts mp3 files and more importantly with no control over those domains.

Free Vector Stuff Sources

Vector art is very famous now days and needs no introduction…

Free Vector Stuff Sources

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 17

We love webdesign and showcase some amazing websites every week. We work hard to collect these websites to showcase them for design community inspiration.

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 17

We love webdesign and showcase some amazing websites every week. We work hard to collect these websites to showcase them for design community inspiration.

Best PSD to Joomla Theme/Template Integration Service Providers

A best content management solution does not guarantee the ease of maintaining your web pages online unless it is not properly installed or integrated with your website.

Get your designs to pop: Part 1 – Textures & Patterns

You know how, often times, clients demand that your design needs to pop more? Well, welcome to a 5 part article filled with easy tips and tricks to get that lovely design of yours to pop.

Minigore for iPhone Video Review

Out of all the iPhones I have ever seen, none of them seemed to have Minigore, although it’s (in my opinion), one of the best titles for this mobile device. It’s completely underrated.

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration No. 17

We love webdesign and showcase some amazing websites every week. We work hard to collect these websites to showcase them for design community inspiration.

buy panoramic jigsaw puzzles

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Creative Flash Websites – April 2010

Smashing Share is a blog dedicated to design community where we share web resources, design inspiration,freebies and tutorials.

Weekly Design Inspiration #2 – Amazing Gig and Retro Poster Designs

This post is a part of our weekly series of posts showing the most inspiring images and web design galleries.

20+ Premium WordPress themes powered by Ajax and jQuery

A good use of jQuery can spice your WordPress theme. Take a look at this themes selection to see how jQuery can be used in an efficient and nice way with WordPress and theme option administration.

Free Photoshop Plugins and Fonts

In this installment of “Free for All,” you’ll find plug-ins, applications, and online services that will make you more industrious. I’ve also thrown in 25 industrial-style fonts.

Showcase of Beautiful webdesign right from brazil

Here we present you today with the showcase of beautiful website right from brazil.

Collaboration Between Designers and Developers Reaches New Heights

You Programming Ninjas and Design Rockstars have been clamoring for a way to collaborate and put out the hottest designs built on the best platforms.

Soft Pastel Abstract Light Patterns

free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Soft Pastel Abstract Light patterns in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Linux vs Windows hosting

Stuck in the web hosting dilemma and pondering over which web hosting server to opt for? Figures on the Internet state that 60% of web-servers run Linux and 40% web servers run Windows.

Beautiful Coffee Packaging Roundup

As a good Italian I’m coffee addicted. Following this passion I’ve collected some nice coffee packaging that I want to share as inspiration.

Learn how to create a nice brown layout in photoshop

Follow up this tutorial if you’d like to learn how to create a modern brown layout in Photoshop.

Drawing vector portraits Part 2: The eyes

In this article I will explain how to properly draw the human eye based on anatomy. We will discuss all details based on this pencil sketches I made.

What makes a good design blog ?

A great article on aspects what should be added to a blog in order to generate profit, to increase traffic and to make an overall better blog.

How To Create A Simple Vector Face Illustration ? [Tutorial]

Here is a simple illustrator tutorial on creating a vector face illustration using adobe CS3.

Create 3D Typography with Advanced Texturing and Lighting Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you techniques involved to create this rather cool, 3D typography with abvanced Texturing and Lighting Effect in Photoshop.

Illustrious Photomanipulation Digital Artworks of the Human Eye

These digital artworks are big favorites of mine which showcase various forms of digital art skills in which there main subject is the human eye.

Three Most Disastrous Web Design Mistakes

Simply roam through the cyberspace, visit those free personal web…

50+ Resources to Help You Become A CSS Pro

Here we have sourced more than 50 different resources to help you become a CSS pro.

45 Mind Blowing Colorful Logo Designs

If you’re a logo designer that is looking to design a colorful rainbow like logo, you came to the right place. When designing a colorful logo, the possibilities are endless.

Big Ideas, not Big Budgets atre the best way to create Big Brand Impressions

Great post with heaps of creative branding ideas that don’t need huge budgets.

Top 30+ blogs for web designers and developers

Blog are really exciting as people pour on all their creativity an innovation to create a blog. The content in the blogs are commentary and filled with exciting text graphics gallery.

40+ Free Blogger XML Templates for Your Next Blog

Free Blogger XML Templates for your Next Blog. Blogger Templates are free and you can download and as well as you see live Demo of all templates.

25 Free Magento Themes Download for Your E-commerce Store Project

Magento is a powerful, new ecommerce platform. It’s open source so you can download and use it for free. Download free Magento ecommerce themes.

Crumpled Paper Icons People Things


6,000 Business Cards Giveaway from uPrinting: 12 Winners

This time, the giveaway is only exclusive for US residents since free shipping will be available on the said country.

Share Your Articles In Style

We have been using various WordPress plugins to help promote our articles and showcases by giving the visitor the option to submit them to various social networks

50+ Resources to Help You Become A CSS Pro

Here we have sourced more than 50 different resources to help you become a CSS pro.

30+ Awesome Desktop Wallpapers

In this post I present 30+ awesome desktop wallpapers related to photography, illustrations, HDR and fantasy wallpapers. All the wallpapers are free for download.

Quick Humor: Advance one line CSS for IE lovers – Worth watching

Today I found an image which clearly shows how we can get best rendered code on IE. This one line code will sort every problem in Internet Explorer. lol. Have a look!

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #51

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

101 Weird and Creative Examples of Surreal Artworks

A showcase of the most creative and weird surreal artworks from around the web.

55 Stunning Free WallPapers For Apple iPad

In this article, I have compiled a list of 55 + free iPad wallpapers which are in 1024 x 1024 pixels with the object centered in 768 x 768 pixels.

5 Amazing Android Apps that Can make you regret buying the iPhone

Until last year, Apple’s iPhone was the winner if…

Photography and Dynamic Range

Dynamic range is basically the difference between the brightest and the darkest areas in a scene. The greater the difference, the greater the dynamic range the scene is said to have.

Collection of High Quality Photoshop Smoke Brushes

In this collection of Photoshop brushes, we are showcasing 14 of the best sets of smoke brushes to enhance your design projects.

Best of the Web: April 2010

Today we are showcasing “Best of the Web”. We have scoured the internet in search of other design driven blogs and websites to showcase what they have to offer for the month of April, 2010.

5 Useful Chrome Extensions for SEO Professionals

Google’s own web browser, Chrome, has recently been given the ability to install extensions that can, well, extend its possibilities.

4 Disadvantages of Cloud Hosting

While cloud computing and storage is a great innovation in the field of hosting, it doesn’t come without its own faults, even though there aren’t many of them (pretty standard for a relatively

Inspirational & Attractive Header Designs

Inspirational & Attractive Header Designs that will help you to design a perfect header for your website.

Website Design : Jquery Slider Tutorial for Beginners

Today I am going to show you how to create a simple and easy to do Jquery slider. We have used this type of Jquery slider for numerous of our clients

Official Design Juices May 2010 Calendar

Designed by Design Hobo this May 2010 was specially commissioned for you the Design Juices community, I would like to give a great big thanks to Bree.

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