190+ Useful Fresh Articles for Web Designers

June 19, 2013 · 21 comments

by Lars

190+ Useful Fresh Articles for Web Designers

This post is a collection of latest community news submitted on tripwire magazine by readers and other blog owners. Most new posts in the web design and development community is included making this regular post a really fast and easy consumable overview of what is going on just now. You can find more community news here



Saturday Snippets: 50+ Articles to Inspire you This Weekend

The best of the weeks news which has been submitted to our community news page, don’t forget you can include your own articles by submitting them today, wordpress slider plugin.

Saturday Snippets: The Best of This Weeks Design Articles

The best of the weeks design articles and inspiration found on the best of the webs design sites. Articles covers various great topics.

Creative Logo Design: 30 Negative Space Logos

This collection is composed of several Negative Space Logo Designs which are particularly inspiring, creative and diverse. WordPress ecommerce

Best Logo Inspiration In March And April – 59 logos

You have here the most viewed, commented and liked logos of the last two months.

Best Text-editors for Linux!

Text-editors are one of the simplest and most likely to be used application of any Operating System. Whether it is the temporary string you want to save for few minutes

Purple, A New Trend In Logotype Design?

Purple has been cropping up in designs alot recently, but how has one of the most unused colours become some popular?

How Important is the ALT tag in SEO?

How Important is the ALT tag in SEO?

Amazing Chinese Dragon Art collection

Chinese dragons are legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore, with mythic counterparts among Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Turkic dragons.

Week 8: 10 Stunning Logotypes

Week 8 of our Logotype showcase is here and what a fantastic collection we have for you today.

Graphic Novel Paintings by Sarah Ellerton

Sarah resides in Australia and uses Painter and Photoshop with a tablet to do all of her artwork.

20 Awesome Examples Of Single Page Web Design

Sometimes all it takes is one page to tell the whole story and in doing so can keep a site clutter free and easy to navigate.

Artist of the week: Gurdish Haugsdal

Her striking works has been described as weird, scary, dark and cute. Her distinctive style has been applied to band album covers, events posters etc.

50 Astonishing Abstract iPhone Wallpapers

This is a collection of some outstanding abstract wallpapers. If you’re looking to spice up your iPhone or iPod touch, then this is the post for you.

Week 8: 10 Fantastic Web Interfaces

Week 8 of our Web Interface showcase is here! What a week it has been, the work being produced each week is getting better and better.

6 Places to Turn Yourself into an Adobe Fireworks Professional

A handy guide and resource to turn you into a true fireworks champ!

Inkstrumental™ Special – 30 AMAZING iPhone Wallpapers

After 11 months, our friends from UsTwo™ are finally giving birth to the monster that is Inkstrumental™ – one of the most funny & entertaining apps that ever saw the touchscreen!!!

Create a Fun Floral 3D Text Design

This tutorial walks you through how to create a floral style 3D text effect using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Why Design?

@font-face demonstration

Creative Photography by Ryan Schude

Ryan Schude is a Los Angeles based photographer living and working out of the Forge, just across the way from Dodger’s Stadium.

Photography by Herve Plumet

Herve Plumet is a French photographer and director whose style is made of humour and melancholy.

Photography by Chris Antony

Chris Anthony is an internationally recognized photographer who was awarded the 2007 Grand Prize in American Photo’s Images of the Year Competition for his “Victims & Avengers” series

30 Free Social Media Icon Sets For Bloggers

Social Media book marketing is key sources for blogger to attract the traffic. It will be effective for increase the page rank and popularity.

Infographic: Important aspects of SEO

Recently, I stumbled across a great SEO Infographic which addresses many common questions raised by Webmasters or Search Engine Optimizers

25 Examples of Wonderful Illustrations in Web Design

Showcase of 25 wonderful illustrations in web design.

Fantastic Illustrations by Francisco Perez

Francisco Perez is a graphic artist and illustrator from Miami, Florida. He is also known as Pacman23 in the designing world.

The Best Pricing Tables Design For Your Next Projects

Pricing tables play an important role for every company that offers products or services. They are a challenge from both a design and usability standpoint.

45+ Useful Cartoon Character Design Tutorials

Today cartoon designing has become really interesting for designers. There are a lot of powerful and supporting tools and software for this like Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop etc.

33 Creative and Smart Print Ads You’ll Love

Although there are tons of new print ads being created everyday, we managed to pick out the best 33 print ads, that in our opinion are the most creative and delivers the great portion of inspiration.

Digital Imaging Artifacts: Image aliasing & color moiré

Today we’re gonna start learning about various image problems and draw backs that are most associated with digital imaging systems and the whole revolution of digital sens […]

Free Star Icons

Free Star Icons in 6 bright colors. 5 sizes available for personal and commercial use.

30 Best Flash Preloader Tutorials for Beginners and Professionals

Flash is commonly used to create animation, advertisements, and various web page Flash components, to integrate video into web pages, to make games and more recently..

A Simple But Effective Free WordPress Theme PSD

Here is another simple but effective WordPress Theme Design (PSD) from Designbeep.This time i wanna share the Homepage,Single Post Page and Contact Form Page.It is totally free to use this theme

Simple Banner Rotator With PHP, jQuery & MySQL

In this tutorial we are making a simple PHP, jQuery & MySQL banner rotator, with which you can create and randomly display banners on your site.

Top 10 Applications for Sending Large Files

Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo does not allow more then 20 MB attachment of files which isn’t a lot if you want to send large files. There are some free services to send or receive large files.

30 Trendy AJAX, jQuery And Image Galleries You May Like

Here you will find easy to customize and modern image galleries you can use for your own projects, portfolios and possibilities are endless here!

Friday Freebies: Free Vector Icon Packs

This free vector icon packs is supposed to help designers improve their designs on their websites and in web applications.

Digital Madness #02: Fantastic Short Films

The second edition of Digital Madness is a collection of fantastic short films that ranges from tilt-shift photography to full blown animations which will surely inspire you one way or the other.

30 Beautiful Landscape Illustrations

These thirty handpicked landscapes take me back to my childhood, as many reminded me of one of my favourite movies of all time, Tenkû no shiro Rapyuta, also known as Castle in the Sky Laputa.

11 Awesome WordPress Development Blogs To Subscribe To

Want to become a better WordPress developer? Here’s a list of some great
wordpress development blogs offering WordPress news, tutorials, hacks, tips,
& tricks. Includes OPML file for easy subscribing.

Best 15 Places to Get Quality Flash Components

In our post today we are glad to present you a list of the best Flash Components providers available on the online market.

16 Design Critique Websites

People in any art related field often need feedback regarding their recent pieces. Finding objective opinions can be tough at times though.

The Tweek List, 4-30

Freelance Review’s favorite and most useful Twitter finds of the week.

Don’t work Hard, work efficiently

Doing right thing at the right time helps you ace in life. More people fail in life not because they are unable to reach their goals.

Be a Part of “48 Hour Magazine”

On May 7, 2010, the experiment will begin. The result will be a website and printed magazine delivered via — gasp! — snail mail.

Useful Gimp Animated Scripts

Useful Gimp Animated Scripts ready made gimp scripts

16 out of the box borders for defining boundries of your web app

Borders being very important aspect of every design thus making them beautiful and attractive. Here is the list of 16 cool borders for your..

The Japanese Gallery of Psychiatric Art

Series of arresting images from medication ads that depict (I assume) depression, paranoia, anxiety and schizophrenia.

20+ Best Websites That Really Pay You To Write Tutorials

If you are looking for some quick ways to make money online then you can make handsome amount of money by writing paid tutorials. Here I’ve listed 20+ best websites that pay for writing tutorials.

iPad Transfer

This iPad Transfer is special designed and can be used as iPad to PC transfer or iPad transfer from PC to iPad for you to backup files on your iPad to the local disk, import files to iPad from PC.

Client Tactics: Freelance Contract Basics Part 2

As said in part one of this article, contracts are one of the most vital and misunderstood tools of the freelancers arsenal.

27 Artistic Promotion Postcards’ Designs

27 beautifully creative examples of promotion postcards created by designers for actual promotional campaigns.

Photoshop Watercolor Effect Tutorial: From a Photo to a Masterpiece in 5 Steps

Turn your photo from, “Oh, that’s nice” to, “Wow, did you paint this?” in a few easy steps. This Photoshop tutorial will show you how to turn any photo into a watercolor masterpiece.

Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in April 2010

This update covers really useful tutorials, tips and techniques that you should have read in April 2010.

Steps to Set up your WordPress Blog on LimeDomains

Setting up a WordPress blog with LimeDomains is extremely easy.All you have to do is register yourself on LimeDomains and make use of our one-click installation process to set up your blog.

25 Stunning Free Premium WordPress News & Magazine Themes

Most of people prefer Premium themes of WordPress as those which have more quality in terms of design, flexibility, in-house SEO, multiple layouts, easy integration with analytics, adsense etc.

Create A Dynamic Shattering Text Effect

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a high quality, dynamic shattering effect for text.

High Five: Friday Design Freebies

Everybody loves quality design items for free. And here is my small collection for you!

The “who cares” apertures!

Alright, simple enough: If you wanna make an exposure with great depth of field, you go with narrow aperture openings. And if you wanna achieve shallow depth of field, you go with wide aperture openi

3 Ways to Get your Website Designs Up and Running Faster

You’ve created a beautiful website and are really excited to make it live, but coding may not be your strong suit and you continue to bump into problems that set you back hours?

37 Art Exhibit Posters for Creative Inspiration

Here are 37 inspiring examples of art exhibit posters that will give you creative ideas for designing your own prints.

Free auto repair manuals

i do love to learn more about css, css s not easy, but i do love to learn it, i had practice your tutorial through my website, and your site is really exiting, thanks ;)

Simple jQuery Zebra Stripe Table with Row Hover and Highlight class

Here I am trying to make Simple jQuery Zebra Stripe Table with Row Hover Class and Row Highlight Class or Row Selected Class.

23 Real Estate Brochure Design Examples

A compilation of 23 real estate brochure design examples that make use of clean, professional,and smart visual elements.

80+ High-Quality Latest Free Fonts For Your Designs

Font is the key element in the process of web designing, advertising and other activities associated with typography, but professional fonts are prohibitive for freelancers.

50 Best Fonts Typography Designs for your Inspiration

Fonts Typography Designs has always been a fundamental aspect of design, but many designers are now making type the centerpiece of their designs.

A Comprehensive Guide to Mockups in Web Design

This comprehensive guide to mockups in web design explains exactly what mockups and wireframes are, their purpose, common mistakes made & further tips.

27 Matte Painting Tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Matte Painting is another technique for Adobe Photoshop learner. These techniques include the lighting effects, illumination, composition rules and matte painting, manipulate photo footage.

YourAM – Online Appointment Booking System

YourAM is a service of online appointment booking system to that lets your contacts to book appointment with you anywhere, and at anytime

Photography by Elisabeth Toll

At university Elisabeth Toll studied archaeology, history and law before before discovering photography.

Help Desk Ticketing Software by Zendesk

ZenDesk is an integrated help desk for the companies of almost all sizes those are looking forward for the support service called professional-grade

MySiteVideo – Allow Visitors to Upload Video Reviews, Pictures On Your Product Pages

MySiteVideo is a web application that enables the website visitors to upload their video reviews and pictures directly into the product pages

Embedit.in – Embed any Document, File or Webpage in Your Blog, Profile, or Website

Embedit.in has come up with a better option that allows you to show your documents website or blog with easy markup, powerful analytics and access control where you can embed files up to 20 MB.

KISSinsights – Instant Customer Feedback Online Survey for Your Website

KISSinsights provides a survey to any site. And for this all you need to do is sign up, provide email, password and select one of the 20 ready made survey templates

Appointy – Scheduling Software for Appointments

Appointy is a plugin allows your customers to book appointments with you directly from your blog.

Acunetix – Web Application Security Scanner Software

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner is web application security scanner software which allows you to get rid of web thefts.

Tweetchat – A Group Chat Using Twitter Platform

Tweetchat is noting but an organized group chat which happens using twitter as a platform.

Top 60 WordPress Resources

WordPress is one of the most popular blogging tools online. If you run your website using WordPress you will be able to benefit from plugins, addons and all sorts of free resources

Tweetchat – A Group Chat Using Twitter Platform

Tweetchat is noting but an organized group chat which happens using twitter as a platform.

Fliptop – Get Alerts When Your Favorite Websites or Blogs are Updated

An efficient way for the customers to subscribe with the information that they want to receive that could include what type of content you want to receive, how and when do you want to receive it.


Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists

Create a Out of Bounds Surreal Photo manipulation in Photoshop

The concept had a very artistic tint of humor in it. I immediately sat down to create the artwork in Photoshop. The result was pretty impressive and so I decided to share it

Icon tutorial: Vector clock icon using FLASH

A great vector clock icon, very useful to include it in your website, from flat circles you’ll be creating an object with volume and good style.

Photography by Stephen Frink

Stephen Frink is among the world’s most frequently published underwater photographers.

10 Fantastic Interface Designs

In this post I will be featuring 10 of the websites that have stood out to me the most, be this by the colour scheme, interface design, logotype or just the over the top design features!

20+ Impressive Flash Portfolio Websites

Portfolio sites are critical for designers and photographers that need to showcase their best work and land new clients.

SEO dig

Free seo link add, power ful with seo article at you add. Dofollw all link every links.

Remove Thesis Theme “Get smart with the Thesis WordPress Theme from DIYthemes” footer text.


Going West! Best Examples of Jeans Brand Websites

It’s always interesting to observe the design trends in a particular industry and Jeans is not an exclusion. Everyone wears jeans and with the tough competition it’s real hard to be on top.

How to Create Cool Water Effect Typography

In this tutorial I will show you how to create cool water typography effect in Photoshop playing with stock photos, blend modes and filters.

HP’s Snapfish Publisher: Opportunity for Designers & Developers

Snapfish, a platform where you can print your pictures online and get them delivered anywhere

Should I Work on the Weekend?

Working for the weekend vs. working on the weekend? Which one is better? Find out here.

Which Plugin Do You Use for Comment Subscription in Your Blog?

I bet the answer for most of you is either the Subscribe to Comments WordPress plugin or Disqus/IntenseDebate.
They may work just fine, however, when I

Blackhat SEO tools

Free seo tools for free download

PHP Upload Single File

This is a simple PHP uploading file tutorial. You can upload files on your server through this script.

The Web Blend’s Louis Gubitosi Interview

In this interview, Louis sheds light on the creation of The Web Blend, talks about what makes a post popular and shares his thoughts on video blogging among other interesting topics.

40+ Best Cinema 4D Tutorials that You’ll Love to Learn

40+ Best Cinema 4D Tutorials are compiled in this post to illustrate a few useful techniques in creating your own cinema 4d creation.

10 awesome jquery flip plugins for next level interface

Image flipping becoming popular these days and many major blogs and websites already using it. Flips add good user interface experience and therefore giving better feel and look to web application

The Good, The Bad, The 80’s (Part One): Retro Pop Album Designs

I’ll admit it. I grew up in the 80’s, I wanted to take a look back at some of those album cover designs that I remembered so well. First up 80’s Pop.

Review: Wacom Cintiq 21UX

If much of your daily work is in a graphics program, you need a tablet. The Cintiq 21UX may be the best fit for your needs.

9 Etiquettes And Tips Of Photoshop Rockstar Designer

Here is a quick peep into some etiquettes of a designer in terms of his/her Photoshop workflow, which groups them in a league of their own!

Did Android Just Pass iPhone in U.S Web Usage? Probably Not!

According to a recent article written on TechCrunch, the Android mobile operating system by Google recently surpassed the iPhone OS in terms of US Web traffic.

Amazing Examples of Vexel Artwork #2

Vexel is combination of “vector” and “pixel” together. It’s a combination of vector-like work and raster elements into one image. Simply Vexel is a Raster image that look much like Vector

Create A Simple Contact Form With Validation

This is my first ever written tutorial, so hopefully you will learn something new today and maybe even feature this code on your own website.

30 Fresh and Exceptional Flash Portfolio Websites

There is no any single “right” way of creating portfolios. This showcase of fresh inspiring Flash based portfolios will definitely help you end up with a successful idea for your own portfolio.

Awesome Banner Giveaway From U Printing

Today we have a giveaway for all our US readers , which is most of you anyway

Giveaway Prize: 24×36 Vinyl Banner
Someone has to win

30 Creative Website Footers

A creative footer is hard to find. Most website designers use a standard footer, but I think there is a lot you can do with your footer.

Useful SEO tools and firefox addons to optimize your website

It is almost impossible to improve the ranking of a website without knowing what our position is on the web and what are the main keywords that we would like to focus on?

Online Auction – Online Auction Website – Free Auction Website – Free Auction Bidding

Online Auction based Online Auction Website bidlister offering free online auction services free auction bidding, online auction bidding, free auction website for buyers and Sellers in USA.

15 Striking Retro-Themed Web Designs

You might have heard Old is Gold. This phrase perfectly fit to our post in which we are showcasing some very attractive and catchy Retro-themed websites.

500 Business Cards Giveaway from UPrinting

This Month Djdesignerlab has another contest of Business Cards for its readers. 1 Lucky winner will get 500 Business Cards from UPrinting.

7 Useful Tips for Website Maintenance that You Must Know

In the present time, it is not wrong to say that websites have become the first medium of interaction between the company and the customers. Somebody has rightly said..

75 Modern Candy Advertisements

In the candy industry, advertising agencies are usually known for making some of the best television commercials and print ads around.

Create a Theme Store Website Layout in Photoshop

In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple and beautiful theme store layout in Photoshop. Free PSD.

10 tips for getting your next client on Linkedin

Linkedin is a great tool for research, communication, and booking clients.

Eight Important Phases of Web Development Projects

Before you start a web development project, you need to understand the project milestones, and also all the different phases or steps that you will go through during the entire process.

Create the Audi logo in Illustrator

Hi there. In the following tutorial you can learn to create the Audi logo. It is mainly about circles, strokes and the Pathfinder pallete.

Stunningly Captured Moments You May Have Never Seen Before (National Geographic Special)

In this post you will notice the beauty of nature, culture and the natural resources.

Running Away From The Camera Photography

The technique is simply called Running From the Camera. Simply pop your camera onto a tripod or sturdy surface, set the timer to two seconds, press the button, and then RUN!

Free 1 Year Dr.Web Anti-Virus 6 License

Dr.Web anti-virus software has been developed since 1992 an it is the first anti-virus service in Russia.This the award wining antivirus ((antivirus+anti-spam) program scans your PC for viruses

Building a live news blogging system in php. Spiced with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery [part IV]

Tutorial on building a live news blogging system using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery for front end and php and jsp for backend. In this fourth part we create methods to delete news items from our database.

oWire – Free PSD Template

oWire PSD Template is a template that uses red cardboad and and grungy background with brush strokes to create a unique and artistic theme, also with earthy colors in shades of red and green.

40 Stunning Tutorials about 3D Text Effect Using Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is powerful tool for create any kind of professional designs and effects for both categories like Print Media and Web Designs, we’re proudly present beautiful listing..

The Ultimate Roundup of iPad Icons, Tutorials and PSDs

In this article we have written a round-up of iPad Icons, psds and tuts on how to draw it. Hopefully it will help you in future projects.

10+ Online Tools To Improve Communication With Customers

To run an ecommerce website successfully, you need to satisfy your customer. The importance of customer satisfaction cannot be overlooked in ecommerce web design. A

Plan your long-term project

Being honest, passionate and well organized are some of the most important ingredients to a successful project. The other one is luck. Don’t think that your first shot will be a 100% success.

How to create Pop Art Style Poster in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to learn how to retouch a portrait and create pop art style background from different shapes. Layered PSD file included. Let’s get started!

57 Exquisite Examples of Angel Artworks

A showcase of exquisite angel artworks from around the web.

Sweet Designs of Birthday Cake

When you are creative you have to show your skills in every field. Designing a birthday cake is not much different just medium is different.

Reanimate The Inner Gundam Inside You: 25+ Formidable Gundam Wallpaper Designs

This is a great showcase of inspiration and mind-blowing works of the Gundam series in breath-taking digital art form.

Levi’s Stylish Print Advertisements – 59 Prints

Besides the fact that they’re using great photographers, they also add to the photos some photomanipulation techniques.

27 Striking Retro Poster Design Inspiration

Retro art used to be associated with the words boring and outdated. Nowadays, modern day designers have found ways to make retro art look fun, fresh, and dynamic.

20 Websites For Logo Inspiration

If you’re a logo designer you might find yourself lost when you start your logo design project. Right of the bat you have an idea of what you would like to do.

Isolation apertures with wide-angle views

Usually when we think isolation apertures (singular-theme apertures; extra shallow depth of field), we think telephoto and narrow-angle view. Wide-angle lenses are rarely thought of as

12 New Address Postcards Designs

12 samples of new address postcards you can draw inspiration from.

WATER WORLD: World Tutorials, Inspirations, Textures and Brushes

We scoured the web and came up with the following best water tutorials, inspirational artworks, textures, and brushes… ENJOY! :-D

23 Free Online Tools To Help Stay In Touch With Customers

Here is a list of some of the best free online tools to help improve communication with patrons.

35 Online Photo Editors To Help You Editing Photo Online

Here we collected 35 online photo editing websites so that you can perform your photo editing online.

9 Must Have – Truly Awesome Fractal Brushes

fantastic high resolution fractal brushes. These were rendered at 2500 pixels and created at this size so the quality is at its max.
Of course in different colors they will look really awesome.

20 Inspirational Surreal Illustrations

We have yet another inspirational showcase, the theme of the artwork is Serreal.

These illustrations are absolutely mind blowing and showcase creative inspiration in a dream like state.

30 Stunning jQuery Slider Plugins and Tutorials To Boost Your Work

JQuery has overpowered Flash in a lot of web uses becoming a very powerful tool for web designers. One of these uses that I’m referring to is the image slider.

Chemical industrial storage tank Titanium storage tank

TiTaN the manufacturer and supplier of exotic metal chemical process storage tanks & process vessels including hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage for the chemical processing industries

Stylize Input Element Using CSS3

Stylizing input element is a common task for us as a web developer, we can make it look nicer by putting stylized input image (color gradient, smooth border, box shadow, etc) as an input background.

5 awesome HTML5 demos

I compiled a few HTML5 demos that should make you want to start learning this new markup.

Weird Magazine

News weird, The online Magazine, that covers breaking stories,odd people, funny animals, technology blunders, yucky foods, strange people, news with humor and opinion.

Rooteins – Build and Track Your Habits and Routines

Want to make the calendar for your daily activities? Then Rooteins is a better option to go with

IzzyHelp – Quick HelpDesk Support System Service

IzzyHelp is an efficient helpdesk service system that is installed any where on your website, blog, forum or shop.

Vision Helpdesk – Ajax Web-Based True Satellite Help Desk Software

Vision Helpdesk is an Ajax Web-Based True Satellite Helpdesk basically designed with PHP Ajax that offers user-experience improvement, decreasing user delay, decrease in bandwidth usage

Helperoo – Email Support Help Desk Ticket System

Helperoo’s provides a better option for the companies those are looking for the low cost email handler where Helperoo’s single panel interface helps them in solving their needs.

Titling Fonts Are Hard to Find But Hard to Beat

When you’re setting display type, a titling face may be just the right tool for the job.

100 Amazing Super 3D Cars

Today we posted very cool collection – it’s 100 Amazing Super 3D Cars artworks. A lot of great 3D cars from top CG artisits. Click on image for enlarge, but be careful all artworks have high

Tutorial: Retro vector illustration in 15 Steps

In this tutorial I will show you how to create a retro vector illustration using stock vectors and simple distortion techniques.

Simple Steps to Make Your Blog Successful

In this article I will be sharing some simple tips to help you create a successful blog. Success is measured in a variety of ways, most times it is measured by how much profit

30 Insanely Awesome Websites using WordPress as a CMS

In reality, WordPress is an awesome tool for managing your different kinds of sites as a CMS.So i want to show something that really stands out.

30 Beautiful Baby Photos

Babies Photography is most amazing subject for the world. Photographer loves capturing sweet moments with that innocent smile.

25 Premium Admin Template on Themeforest

Today I will share with you 25 premium admin template from temeforest that you can use on your next project.

Branding Starts With a Purpose Informing its Logo

All great brands are centered on a guiding purpose. Making money is what allows you to STAY in business — it’s not WHY you are in business!

Logo Design Inspiration #2

In this article you’ll find some creative and inspirational Logo Designs.

Part 1: How to Turn a Design Image Into a Working Web Page

Do you sometimes struggle taking a design image and turning it into a working web page? Does your development start out well, but then you can’t seem to get one part of the design working?

25 Barcode Inspired Photographs and Artworks

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products.

Free Online Games

Play free online games, Ultimate free games collection with over 2500 games.The online games source for adventure and action games, sports games, shooting games, kids games, girls games and so on.

22 Awesome Free Grunge Fonts every Designer Should Have

These days Grunge style has become one of the most popular and famous styles ever used. Many people are working on this type of design.

12 Reasons Why You should Choose PixelCrayons for Mark up Service

For every busy web designers and developers, there comes a time when they want to take control over the clock or just want to let the time move as per their own choice.

18 Free & Paid Alternatives to Google Analytics

Imm a big fan of Google Analytics and it does seem to be the most popular tool to monitor your web statistics. But there are plenty of alternative solutions available which are free/paid solutions.

12 Reasons Why You should Choose PixelCrayons for Mark up Service

For every busy web designers and developers, there comes a time when they want to take control over the clock or just want to let the time move as per their own choice.

How to create a multi-submit form

How to submit the same form to different scripts at the same time? Is it possible to switch the action field of a form dynamically? Find out the details in this article.

Ultimate Collection of HTML5 and CSS3 Resources

Ultimate collection of HTML5 and CSS3 resources. HTML5 and CSS3 are still under development but you must experiment all new features included in these technologies.

20 Creative iPad Apps For Web Developers And Designers

Looking past the cool factor of the iPad, you’ll probably want to know what apps are available that will actually be useful in the realm of the design world.

Create Simple Captions Using CSS

This tutorials shows you how to create 5 different photo captions using CSS.

Ultimate Collection of HTML5 and CSS3 Resources

Ultimate collection of HTML5 and CSS3 resources. HTML5 and CSS3 are still under development but you must experiment all new features included in these technologies.

Ultimate Collection of HTML5 and CSS3 Resources

Ultimate collection of HTML5 and CSS3 resources. HTML5 and CSS3 are still under development but you must experiment all new features included in these technologies.

30 Websites to Get a Freelance Job

Here we’ve compiled 30 freelance job boards, categorized by the most popular searches – general, tech & design and writing.

Subtracting Ads: Ethics and TV Marketing

We’ve all sat through bogus infomercials which make obviously fake promises and share bold faced lies. Here we’ll rate some recent television advertisements and discuss how honest their agenda is.

30 Useful Web-Based Applications for Designers

With the help of these free web-based applications you can make your job even easier than before.

30 Best jQuery tutorials

jQuery these days has become talk of the town because of its increasing crave and demand in the designing field. It has captivated attention by its fast and concise JavaScript.

21 Easy To Customize Premium PHP Contact Forms

All of these forms also come with good user interface and design, so you don’t have to worry about those little things, but just focus on big tasks!

How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer

Long before I ever picked up a Wacom tablet or even heard the word kerning, I read comic books.

30+ Beautiful Self Portraits by Different Female Digital Artists

Here is 30+ Beautiful Self Portraits by Different Female Digital Artists that will inspire you.Enjoy this beautiful art collection.

16 Hand picked PSD to HTML tutorials

I want to share with you a my collection of PSD to HTML conversion tutorials that have helped me a lot to learn how to encode the psd file that I create.

18 Tutorials of Outstanding Lighting Effects

This is a showcase of tutorials of cool lighting effects for photoshop

Markup Service by PixelCrayons

Markup Service by PixelCrayons – One Stop Solution to your Coding Requirements With the increase in the number of Online business, the number of websites also increased considerably

11 Website That Help You Discover Web 2.0 Tools

The internet is growing daily, there are tons of new websites and services launching each day. There is so much going on that you might feel left behind, but don’t worry.

10 Amazing Google Chrome Extensions for Designers

Google Chrome is an Internet browser developed by Google in 2008 which combines a minimal design to make the web faster, safer and easier.

How to Show Category Descriptions in WordPress

Learn how to take advantage of category descriptions in WordPress, which are for some reason turned off by default.

How to create a T-shirt design

If you’re wondering how to source cool T-shirt designs then read further. First , make sure you have a good idea about what you want: a few keywords to describe your

35+ Fruits Photo-Manipulations

I was recently browsing for fruits pictures to play around with in Photoshop and I’ve stumbled upon some really creative photo manipulations. Here they are.

Decrypting Thesis CSS: Navigation Made Simple

The secrets of customizing your navigation bar with Thesis CSS; including tips and tricks, cheeky code, and brains!

5 Keys to Landing Page Design & Optimization

When planning a design for a website, we think about the target audience, however there’s typically more than one audience we’re communicating to.

Finding the Right Drivers for your Hardware

Worried about finding the right device driver, try DriverFiles.net. Device drivers are software programs which are needful to run any hardware.

27 Examples of Impressive Resume(CV) Designs

Here i’ve collected 27 examples of beautiful and impressive resume designs of creative porfessionals, which will impressive you in designing your own terrific resume for your job hunt

50+ Best CSS Websites Showcase for Your Design Inspiration

In this post we bringing you the 50+ Best CSS Websites Showcase for Your Design Inspiration from around the world.

Free Vectors – Geometric Patterns

A free pack of easy to edit vector patterns, created with simple geometric shapes.

30 Examples Of Great Slideshows In Web Design

In this collection you will find a variety of highly creative, beautiful and inspirational slideshows. Hope you will produce some unique ideas for your next projects !

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Bear Hunting Games March 23, 2011 at 5:52 pm

I like the “20 Sites for Logo Inspiration”. I came up with a few cool new ideas for a site I’m working on from some of the examples there. Very cool. Cheers.


Brett Widmann October 28, 2010 at 2:21 am

Great set of articles. Thanks for sharing such a great list.


Autumn Washington October 7, 2010 at 11:12 pm

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Free hunting games September 6, 2010 at 2:12 pm

Very nice list. I’ve bookmarked this post. This will be a great read.


Jonathan Allen July 12, 2010 at 5:51 pm

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Thomas Williams July 9, 2010 at 2:46 pm

I really want to learn about Book Marketing but i have no talent for writing.”~”


koolportal July 9, 2010 at 12:42 pm

nice and refreshing article ! i liked it very much!


maxfisher July 1, 2010 at 12:16 am

Very nice list, thx


hunting games June 30, 2010 at 10:53 am

Very nice list, I love me some open source games (especially Tremulous).


Lizzie May 27, 2010 at 2:56 pm

Interesting blog piece here! I look forward to coming back and reading more intriguing blog posts like this.


Bob May 27, 2010 at 4:14 am

Hi. I just noticed that your site looks like it has a few code problems at the very top of your site’s page. I’m not sure if everybody is getting this same error when browsing your site? I am employing a totally different browser than most people, referred to as Opera, so that is what might be causing it? I just wanted to make sure you know. Thanks for posting some great postings and I’ll try to return back with a completely different browser to check things out!


home builder ma May 26, 2010 at 11:42 am

I’ve been reading along for a while now. I just wanted to drop you a comment to say keep up the good work.


Fresh Articles May 5, 2010 at 10:45 pm

ok, these are to much to check at once, but i am go,ing to bookmark this page for the records LOL.


Rachel May 3, 2010 at 8:08 pm

Great round up…really helpful for designers..thanks


Bryan May 2, 2010 at 11:27 am

I love these round ups and your site!


tripwire team May 2, 2010 at 11:59 am

@Bryan, thanks a lot. Your feedback is really appreciated!


lokendra May 2, 2010 at 5:31 am

An ultimate collection from all web news magazine thank you for sharing.


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