125+ Fresh Categorized Articles for Designers, Developers and Freelancers

May 19, 2013 · 17 comments

by Lars


This is yet another large categorized round-up of all the great articles readers and other blog owners have been submitting on tripwire magazine over the last couple of days. You will find great inspiration for your designs, tools, giveaways, awesome photos etc. Hope you will find useful resources below and help submitting good articles if you find some.

Tools & Resources


Most Recommended 5 Desktop Application for Blogging

The most powerful and recommended blogging applications used on desktop. Create content for your blog offline.

CSS Mini Reset

CSS Reset usually aims to reduce browser inconsistencies by evening up the CSS default settings in all browsers. CSS Mini Reset is meant to reset only the basic most used HTML(CSS) elements.

An Indepth Review of 9 Best Flash Content Management Systems

In this article, I will review various flash templates and flash systems so if you consider creating your website from the flash template and want it to be real easy and affordable this post is for u

Gpanion – Your Google Apps Companion

The easiest way to work with your Google Apps from your home, office, everywhere. Use Gpanion on your Computer, iPad, iPhone, mobile, and television.

Using a minimal wordpress theme is also a good idea.

40 Free Vector Barcode Graphics

Not too long ago I posted a really clever font called barcode. Now I am offering 40 free vector barcode graphics that go great with any sales design project.

free vector flourishes

Download this amazing set of flourishes! Combine them with more of our vectors and obtain brilliant nature themes!

60 free high resolution skies textures

Today we are improving one of the least filled sections on our high resolution texture library Startextures.com. 60 new free high resolution skies textures are up for grabs.

20 Useful Tools to Track Your Website’s Performance

Tracking the visitor trends, stats and monitoring buzz around could be otherwise cumbersome and time consuming but with the presence of some smart tools most of these tasks are managed efficiently.

50 Beautiful Free iPad Wallpapers for your New Desktop

iPad is yet another stunning gadget which are powerful product of Apple, iPad allows users to browse internet, watch video, listening music..

Joomla! 1.6 Beta 1 Now Available

The Joomla! project is proud to announce the availability of Joomla 1.6 beta. This arrived almost 7 months after Joomla! 1.6 Aplha 2 was released..

Fifteen Useful Flash Components

Today, I would like to present a list of my 15 favorite flash components. This components can help You in further development of your flash application. Please Enjoy!



100 Terrifying CG Creatures

This time I’ve gathered together a list of 100 horrific creatures so meticulously crafted that the beauty of their workmanship even manages to overshadow their gruesome appearances.

Top 34 celebrity websites for inspiration

Despite the fact they are not reachable they are in touch with their loved once through their website.

40 Beautiful Examples of Minimal Design for Inspiration

Simply I liked! Why? Because it’s simple…this is the idea of minimalism design. This concept of creating a web page tends to emphasize the idea that “less is sometimes more”.

27 Minimalist Poster Design Examples

By paring down works to their most fundamental features, the minimalist art movement excels in creating instant graphic appeal.

This is maybe the best WordPress Real Estate Theme I have ever seen!

Basic Tips for Direct Mail Typography

This article is prepared as a sort of primer on the very basic things you can potentially do to improve typography and avoid some basic blunders that could have a detrimental effect on your mailers.

Silverio, a Clean and Professional Portfolio Template

Following the article you’ll discover how helpful Silverio can be for your portfolio, how its internal actions will simplify the way to update your work.

Free colorful tileable patterns

This time we are publishing a set of 13 colorful patterns that are mostly in blue, yellow and pink color. Patterns are made of elements such as flowers, squares, circles and croses.

Consider using a WordPress News Theme for your website if you have a lot of information in many categories and WordPress e-commerce themes for simple online shops!

30+ Refreshing Examples of Single Page Website Designs

highly-creative, unique and inspirational designs which is following the trend of single page designs.

Create an Awesome Number-Based Illustration

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to combine the power of the pen tool with some patterns and shapes to create an awesome illustration.

20 Creative & Inspirational Wallpapers #2

This is week two of our wallpaper feature and each week we will be showcasing 20 creative and inspirational desktops to spice up your working enviroment.

From Architecture To Science Fiction – 93 Buildings

New trends emerge in architecture. Old styles are left behind and architects now go for the ultra-modern look, the futuristic style of buildings.

Here is a quick recap of news and opinion from last week that illustrate just how much progress Android is making in the bid to become the number one mobile OS, particularly in North America.

35 Free And Creative Fonts For Designers

Every designer needs a good collection of free fonts , the font that accompanies a graphic or web design helps define the feel and compliment the design.

30 Really Beautiful Four Seasons Wallpapers

Seasons always the gift of God, from the deep of a heart of human it changes very often, if you are happy your heart feels like spring or enjoying..

404 Error: 60+ Creative And Well Designed Pages

When doing my research for 404 error pages, I was surprised to see that three quarters of the websites I visited did not have custom 404 error pages.

Useful CSS Grid Systems for Web Designers

Using Grid Systems in web design can be useful and excellent while creating your web projects.

Logo Process – Orb Web Solutions Identity Development

This post is a detailed run through for the Orb Web Solutions logo design.

Creative Examples of 404 Error Pages Designs

stunning and creative 404 error pages designs for inspiration.

Red Website Showcase #2

A showcase of sites using a red colour scheme effectively

30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design

30+ Music Inspired Logos in Logo Design is here to inspire logo designers everywhere to create more unique themed logo.

12 Spa Postcard Design Samples

Here’s a roundup of 12 spa postcard design for inspiration.

61 High Quality And Free xHTML Templates Part 2: Year 2010

This is part 2 of really fresh and high quality XHTML templates free for you to download, study and get inspired – all in the same time!


6 Reasons the Official Twitter iPhone App Just Doesn’t Cut It

Over the past year, Twitter has managed to transform itself from a very basic service that allows you to send updates of 140 characters.

Using a iPhone 4 Silicone Case will keep your iPhone safe!

35 Really Useful Free iPhone Apps

We have some really useful Free iPhone Applications, we collect variety of free apps for regular usage, iPhone is not a d

A iPhone 4 Leather Case is great for protection!

Drag Drop Library for Ipad & Iphone

A javascript library that allows developers to add draggables and droppables that work on the touch based iPad and iPhone to their websites. API and demos are all on the site. Thanks!

Get a Otterbox iPhone 4 case to protect your iPhone

Which Is the Best Mobile Platform?

In a recent post from our own Hillel Fuld, he put forward some thoughts on why Android is seeing the OS number 2 in U.S. sales for the first quarter of 2010.

Best iPad Case collection



I used many type of form validation but the form validation with the jQuery is very exitement for me and i want to share my experience

10 Best Techniques Only with CSS No JavaScript Needed

When JavaScript by various frameworks have been result in an appeal to web development, another alternative emerged using CSS.

39 jQuery Feature Content Slider plugins and tutorials

Today we make collection of jQuery feature content slider plugins and tutorials to help you.

+20 jQuery plugins to working with table and datagrid

Today we make collection of jQuery for working with table and Datagrid to help you.

15 java script tutorials for making your websites a fresh and attractive

Java scripts are the widely used coding scripts, mainly used for additional features of blogs/websites.

10+ Toturials for CSS Techniques for Creating JavaScript-like Interactions

We all know that JavaScript have a great strength in making effect for layout But with a little work on CSS we will get more great result from CSS for layout.webaxes



33 New and Fresh Free WordPress Themes

we have collected the latest released free wordpress theme check it out.

WordPress Themes 2010

WordPress is considered to be the best blogging platform among all others and best WordPress themes 2010 are still relevant. Reason being, it is very simple to use and its range of extremely useful plugins and extensions

How to Easily Change Thesis Skins in WordPress

If you’ve ever tried to switching Thesis skins you know what a pain it can be. Luckily the Thesis Skin Switcher has been released, which makes switching skins as easy as switching WordPress themes.

Create a WordPress theme from scratch

A few weeks ago we showcased 20 Fabulous Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

Now lets turn these designs into WordPress themes by checking out these fantastic articles. You could also use a WordPress theme generator.

Design a professional wordpress layout

In this step by step tutorial you will learn how to design a professional WordPress theme

Top 7 WordPress 404 Plugins

Error 404 pages show up usually because of a misspelled, or deleted url. When this happens the ugly 404 page shows up, and scares the visitors away.

The Jewelry Shop – WordPress eCommerce

Designed especially for online ecommerce, The Jewelry Shop features a plugin free localized ecommerce system, a membership area, creating and saving a wishlist etc. There are many other WordPress e-commerce themes available.

How To & Tutorials

Draw a steaming ceramic tea cup in Photoshop

Everyone is just dying to learn how to draw a ceramic tea cup complete with semi reflective surface, liquid texture and steam coming out of it, now you get to see how it can be done!

The Shameless Art of Self Promotion

The timeless and everlasting art of self promotion is something that’s pushed onto each and every one of us day in and day out.

How to deal with unexpected workflow interruptions.

The unexpected is something quite common during our daytime as web designers. Especially when you are part of a small team or working alone, the phone ring can be turned up to a pretty annoying noise.

Creating a Portofolio CMS with Codeigniter

We are starting a new series of Codeigniter application tutorial. We are going to create a Portfolio CMS by using this free website template from Nettus.

Creating a Portofolio CMS with Codeigniter Part 2

We continue working on the administration backend in this article.
The first thing is to add a our menu as you can see in the left image.

Creating a Portofolio CMS with Codeigniter Part 3

View container. We create a folder under application/views/portfolio. Files, container.php, header.php and footer.php will go under this folder.

How to Update Twitter using PHP and Twitter API

Today, we’ll be making a PHP Application that helps you update your Twitter status. So let’s get started without wasting anymore time!

100+ Must Check Tutorials for Creating a Logo in Photoshop

A great collection of most professional and creative logo designs in Photoshop and how to make them. Learn how to make famous brands logos in Photoshop.

A Roundup of 15 Mobile Web Design Tutorials

This post brings together 15 tutorials for getting started in mobile site design.

How To Design A Detailed Printer Icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial we’re going to be creating a printer icon, suitable for both the web and print. We’re going to be basing the icon on a Canon printer/scanner I use on a daily basis, the MP610.

Fresh Web Design Tutorials using Photoshop

A little while back we showed you the latest web design tutorials for 2010. Today we are sharing with you a collection of 16 more tutorials on creating a website design using Adobe Photoshop.

Create a professional corporate template in Photoshop

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to create a professional business template using Photoshop

20 Fantastic Abstract Tutorials

Each week I showcase some fantastic inspirational abstract artwork from some very talented artists and designers.

Expert Advice on Starting a Design Blog: What Would You Do Differently?

Freelance Review asked the web’s best and brightest design blog authors this question: If you could start your first design blog again, knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?

Photoshop & Photography

Inspirational Photography of Shane Turnbull

Today I’m gonna let you in on the beautiful, spellbinding photographic work of Shane Turnbull; a 36 year-old photographer from the United Kingdom based in East Sussex

Distinctive Photographic Work of Shane Gorski

Shane Gorski, a brilliant photographer with a great talent. His work is this unique artistic imagery that reveals distinctive angles, with ways to take you, the observer, into a new reality

50 Awesome Examples of Flower Photography

Today , we have collected some of the best photographs of flowers that I could find on flickr , deviantart and 1x.

Amazing Photoshop Fire Brush Packs

Amazing Photoshop Fire Brush Packs

44 Sets of Photoshop Lines and Vector brushes

The demand of photoshop brushes has hugely increased these days. Be it a web designer or a graphic designer, everyone needs brushes. There are different kinds of Photoshop Brushes

21 Awesome Riverscape Photos

21 awesome riverscape photos from flickr.com.

Distinctive Photographic Work of Shane Gorski

Shane Gorski, a brilliant photographer with a great talent. His work is this unique artistic imagery that reveals distinctive angles, with ways to take you, the observer, into a new reality

Showcase of Brilliant Macro Photography

In this roundup, we will showcase some brilliant macro photos from animals to clocks, to plants.

20 Great Close-up Photos of Eyes

When we look at a photo of a face, the first thing we notice are usually the eyes. Eyes themselves make a powerful subject and can say a lot about the person and emotion.

Stunning Photos Filled With Creative Ideas And Humor

Photography can become more interesting and inspiring when it has creativity and humor at the same time. Here are few examples to make you say WOW.


Advertising on Your Website – Considerations & Advice

This article shares some valuable advice and considerations before selling advertising space on your website.

A Marketing Approach to Gain More Clients

Some good marketing tip to gain more clients in the design industry: showcasing your talents, starting a blog, business networking …

An Interview with Leland Fiegel of Theme Lab

Leland Fiegel is a 21 years old professional web developer from United States of America who specializes in development of WordPress themes. He is the guy behind Theme Lab.

An Inspirational Talk With Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo.com

Inspiration is a somewhat random but wholly natural association of ideas and sudden unison of thought. Today, we had a chance to meet Fabio Sasso of Abduzeedo.com

Social Networking

Tweetcloud – Know Tweets, Talks from Twitter

If you are a twitter user and want to know what is being discussed across Twittersphere or from a specific Twitter user then tweetcloud puts you out of this.

Leave Facebook For These 11 Alternatives

You might have heard recently that Facebook has gone wild with the privacy issues. Facebook is plain evil, they now allow third parties to get your information with no strings attached.

Chirpstats – Keep Track of Your Twitter Followers

Any twitter user who wants to track and know about their follower-base, then this web application gives you the better approach.

Twinfluence – Calculate the Indirect Influence of You and Your Followers on Twitter

twInfluence that uses the Twitter API to measure the combined influence of twitterers and their followers along with a few social network statistics where 252,248 twitterers have profiles

Using Social Media to Get What You Want

Recent news on the uses of social media and how it can help your business. Learn more. . .


Anniversary Giveaway Day 14: Acosmin WordPress Themes

Today, we will have a new and exciting giveaway from our friend in Acosmin. In this giveaway, One winner will get a FREE Premium WordPress Theme From Acosmin. See more great WordPress Themes here.

An Interview with Mojo-themes + Giveaway

Today we bring you a fantastic, insightful interview with the co-founder of Mojo-themes JR Farr

Awesome 500 Business Card Giveaway from U-Printing

It’s time for another awesome giveaway here on the Echo Enduring Blog. This time, I’m bringing you the chance to win 500 free business cards from U-Printing.

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