Wow! How is This Possible? Sneak Peek at The New Photoshop C5

April 5, 2010 · 8 comments

by Lars


Adobe will officially unveil Creative Suite 5 for Mac April 12 meaning that there are new toys coming up for creative geeks really soon. Adobe Photoshop have been around for centuries and if you’re not aware of the facts I can tell you that Photoshop 1.0 for Mac was released way back in 1990. For sure Photoshop have been improved significantly with almost every release and over the years it have become the preferred choice for creative professionals completely dominating the market. Can Adobe significantly improve a product that mature? I bet that you would not expect the next version of Photoshop to have new features that would really turn things up and down making it easier and faster than ever to apply advanced and complex image manipulation techniques? Computers have more power than ever so why not make Photoshop use more of this and crush some numbers to do the hard work for us? OK enough talking take a look yourself and I bet you will be just as impressed as I was…lets hope this is how it is going to be and that it is not just a well fabricated trick! Features like Content-Aware Fill will simply blow most people away!



See how to cut out Lens Flare, dirt in the grass, a tree etc.

See how to cut out a wire in front of a building, cut animals away from a landscape, dirt on non-digital negatives, etc.

How it works and loads of examples of how to apply the new features…

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