Have you ever heard about Takaki? I personally don’t know much about Takaki. But as far as I know, Takaki has created some stunning digital art that are really excellent. I have posted about Kagaya before & I’m sure that she (Takaki is a women) has similar skill of digital art with Kagaya. You can prove it by seeing some of her artworks that is very similar with Kagaya, although there are some detail differences between them.

Most of her artwork are very nice. My favorite artworks are End of Light & Spiritual Wing. Not really much known about Takaki. Feel free to see her gallery & visit her profile (She’s quite beautiful, in my opinion.)Specification of device used by Takaki:

  • Mac Book Pro | 2×3GHz Quad-Core intel Xeon
  • Memory: 13GB
  • Mouse Pen: Wacom Intuos3
  • Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4

Rera Kamui




End Of Light

Shine of Wind



Crystal Heart

Verge of Eden

Eternal Salvation

Spiritual Wing

Last Sanctuary




Author : Albertus Ryan Adrianto

Albert Lie is a 24 years old graphic designer from Indonesia, and also owner & main writer of AlbertLie.com. Currently specializing in graphic design and adobe photoshop. Follow Albert Lie’s twitter (Twitter, etc.) http://twitter.com/abudzz

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