140+ Inspirational Fresh Articles for Web Designers

June 19, 2013 · 6 comments

by Lars

140+ Inspirational Fresh Articles for Web Designers

This post is a collection of latest community news submitted on tripwire magazine by readers and other blog owners. Most new posts in the web design and development community is included making this regular post a really fast and easy consumable overview of what is going on just now. You can find more community news here



WordPress Photography Website Templates – Want More Impact?

This is an up-to-date collection on themes made for portfolio and photography websites

3o Websites with Amazing Navigation Menus

Few days before, we talked about the importance of beautiful headers of the websites and discussed how they add value to the websites. To continue talking…If you design a restaurant website you will need another kind of menu – check out these examples.

85 useful jQuery Slider Plugins

This jQuery slider toolbox should cover your needs!

10+ Video Tutorials For Creating Vibrant Motions

Creating vibrant motions, 3D effects smoke trails is really cool and every graphic designer must know how to do it.

Client Handling:Finding your Client’s Pain Points

It is amazing how many other Web designers have left a bad taste in people’s mouths from previous experiences they’ve had.

This is maybe the best WordPress Real Estate Theme I have ever seen!

30 Examples Of Great Slideshows In Web Design

In this collection you will find a variety of highly creative, beautiful and inspirational slideshows. Hope you will produce some unique ideas for your next projects !

Forget About Classics: 75 Crazy And Creative Textured Websites

Textures are great way to highlight your website, give it unique look and stand out from crowd offering something people have never seen and known is possible to do.

10 Awesome Classified Ad

Promoting your business site on various classified ad sources not only helps you in getting a quality back link but also helps you to get classified leads for the product or services

Free Floral Vectors – Freebie Release

Download these cool looking floral vectors that you can use in your personal and commercial projects. The file includes 3 design elements that you can easily combine to create floral frames or …

Still worth protecting your smartphone with one of the best iPhone 3gs Cases

Showcase of Awesome Editorial Designs

In this post, you will find some excellent editorial designs.

How to use CSS3 Orientation Media Queries

In this article I will focus on the orientation media query and have a fun demonstration showing how to use it.

Win a Copy of Eye Candy 6 from Alien Skin!

Eye Candy 6 is a Photoshop plug-in that renders beautiful effects for a wide range of graphic design tasks

20 Incredible Tumblr Themes

Tumblr is growing in popularity, and as it does so too does the number of designers creating and sharing cool new themes. You can find other nice Tumblr themes in these articles: 15+ Custom Tumblr Themes , 40 Excellent and Cool Tumblr Themes  and 21+ Very Useful Tumblr Skins

BackTweets – Search For Links on Twitter

BackTweets gives you the good tweets that link to your posts, though the links are shortened or not. Most of the tweets contain your post title – ignore those and only show the good ones.

22 Ultimate collection of High Quality Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

Some of the best icon sets ever created. These 22 icon sets have a beautiful and creative design that will attract your visitors.

22 Ultimate collection of High Quality Social Bookmarking Icon Sets

Some of the best icon sets ever created. These 22 icon sets have a beautiful and creative design that will attract your visitors.

58+ Really Free and Really Awesome Web Tutorials

Our favorite 58 tutorial hubs to hone your craft. We chose these resources because they have great information, come from authoritative sources, and offer a wide range of tutorials. So check them out!

The Secret and Freelancing

Achieve your goals by using simple techniques and see your freelancing career race to success.

SocialMention – A Real Time Social Media

SocialMention is a platform where you can easily get reviews, track and measure what people are saying about your company.

WordPress for Creative Pros, Part 1

WordPress is a user-friendly way to get a Web site up and running fast, yet it can be the basis of powerful, well-designed sites.

Twazzup – See The Real Time News as it Happens

Twazzup is a real-time news platform that filters the news out of live internet content. Twazzup was founded in January 2009 and is backed by Synaptix, France

Some really Cool iPhone Speakers to get more out of your iPhone

NetBeans IDE – An Open Source IDE Runs on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris

The NetBeans IDE is an open-source Integrated Development Environment and an application platform for software developers that run on platforms such as Windows, Linux, Solaris, and the MacOS

Code::Blocks – The Open Source, Cross Platform, Free C++ IDE

Code:: Blocks is an Open Source Cross-platform (IDE) that runs on Linux, Mac, Windows (uses wxWidgets) and is written in C++ without the need of interpreted languages or proprietary libs.

Qt Creator – A Cross-Platform and a Complete C++ IDE

Qt Creator is a cross-platform and a complete C++ integrated development environment (IDE) that was designed to overcome the needs of the Qt developers.

Design an Awesome Freestyle Nature-Themed Artwork in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the steps I took to Design this cool looking, Awesome Nature-Themed Artwork in Photoshop. Some steps can be tricky, but why not have a try!

50 Ultra Realistic Female Portrait Drawings

50 outstanding portraits of women created by the technique of traditional drawing, without any digital manipulation.

Get a Otterbox iPhone 4 case to protect your iPhone

25 Barcode Inspired Photographs and Artworks

A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data, which shows certain data on certain products.

The Right Way to Browse a Web Design Gallery

Read these tips and techniques on the right way to browse a design gallery and I’m sure you’ll find your browsing experience to be more valuable and pleasant.

20 Stunning Logotypes

This week was packed full of creative logotypes and we are honored to feature them.


Websites are no longer expensive and difficult things to create. Just take a look of some of these fantastic sites created using Drupal, Joomla, Magento and Zen Cart to find out more. Want to keep on surfing? Have look at these Drupal 7 Themes maybe this is what you’re looking for.

Amazing Examples of Vexel Artwork

Vexel is a neologism for an entirely pixel-based form of raster art that imitates the visual appearance of vector graphics technique.

40 Websites to Sell Designs and Photos Online

In this article I summarized the best 40 websites where you can sell the photos, logos, themes and others design works online.

17 website optimization tips for Web Developers

we have compiled a list of 17 essential optimization tips to make your website load faster, to simplify your CSS rules and JavaScript code and many other bits and pieces that you should know.

There’s Something About Apple… And Other Essential News

As news goes, last week was pretty exciting. There was the iPhone 4g debacle, the leak of details regarding Dell’s new smartphones, and Apple’s quarterly financial release, among others.

The differences between Akzidenz, Univers, Helvetica and Arial

A look at the differences and history of Helvetica, Arial, Univers and Akzidenz-Grotesk

Nymfont Showcase: The Beautiful Typeface Designs of Lauren Thompson

Here I would like to show the Design Juices community the works and styling of Laurens great fonts, they are available to download, (both on DeviantART + DaFont.)

Icons and the Web – Part 4: Implementation

This particular article discusses some of the things that should be considered when implementing icons into a website design.

In-Game Advertising – The new platform for logo designing!

Popularly known as IGA , in-game advertising, will continue to rise to $1 billion by 2014. Here are few famous examples of in-game advertisements.

9 Photoshop Editing Tips Web Developers Should Know

There are quite a few reasons why having basic Photoshop skills beyond slicing PSD’s to XHTML/CSS is essential to any web developer.

I have discussed some of those reasons

Design BIG #1: Business Idea Goldmine

Are you a designer who is looking for a good side project to work on? Something that can bring in a little extra income? Here are some great ideas!

10 Steps To A More Usable Ecommerce Website

The ecommerce marketplace is a very competitive one and a rival site is never more than a click away. If you want to attract customers, you need to make sure your site is as usable as possible.

Create a Creative Web Layout for your Business using Photoshop

In this tutorial we will be creating a creative web layout for a business type website using adobe Photoshop cs, and various design tips and techniques.

20 Stock Images for Your Photo Manipulation Fix

Today we will be showcasing twenty stocks for your photo manipulation fix from our favourite design community deviantART!

Some really nice Opencart templates can make your shop viral!

Batman Inspired Artwork

As you probably already know from the last couple of comic book inspired artwork posts, Batman is one of my favorite superheroes.

Quick Humor: This is how web developers do meditation

Meditation is a holistic discipline by which the practitioner attempts to get beyond the reflexive, “thinking” mind into a deeper state of relaxation or awareness

Cloudy abstract deep blue tileable photoshop pattern set

Today we are giving away a tileable Photoshop pattern set with an abstract deep blue tone to it. Set contains 10 pretty unusual but impressive patterns, for which we hope u can find a good use for.

Serene photo tutorial inspired by Justin Maller

Sometimes achieving an effect seems easy with a quick fix. But what separates the boys from the designers is the ability to “see” variations that change the mood & quality of the photo entirely.

Flash Design Showcase #9

A showcase of my favourite flash designs in the last few weeks

35 creative and funny print advertisement for your refreshment

Advertisement isn’t a science, neither its history that can be mugged up, its an Art of persuading people. Its about making them realizing that there are missing.

The Tutorial and Review

The Tutorial and Review are providing useful information for graphic and web designers, as well as reviews for film, game and software critics.

Coding/Slicing Websites using Images vs. CSS3 & HTML5

With the upcoming uses of CSS3 allowing you to forgo the usual image slicing for a much nicer cleaner way of accomplishing the same thing once wonders what to use CSS for and what to do with images.

Check out some of the Best iPad 2 Cases

Brand Identity Process – Foehn & Hirsch Identity Development

Detailed breakdown of my brand identity process for LCD TV and consumer electrical products brand, Foenh & Hirsch.

Love Vector Free

My attempt at a solution for free, searchable and browsable vectors. There are a ton of sites already out there for this, but I feel like they are unorganized and hard for designers to work with!

Drfranken – Digital Artist, Illustrator & Graphic Designer

We are very honoured today to be featuring some fantastic artwork from the artist known as drfranken.

What’s The Signal to Noise Ratio Of Your Design?

Signal-to-noise ratio is an easy concept to understand, yet there’s a tendency to cram every bit of information on a page. Designers should strive to have the highest signal-to-noise ratio possible.

Love to Work vs Work to Work

Dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Success comes with determination, right thoughts and right efforts which will inevitably bring about right results.

Kick-Ass Art Inspired by the Comic Kick-Ass

This past week I had the pleasure of seeing the epic comic story made on the big screen, Kick-Ass. For those of you who do not know about the movie Kick-Ass, you must do yourself …

Where to Find the Perfect Logo Inspiration

These days there are many places to find inspiration for your next logo design. Rather than look around the web yourself, there are places that do the job for you.

200+ free high resolution textures

Today we are adding the remaining 200 textures from our Slovenian seaside trip to Startextures.com library. There are lots of various categories covered in this pack.

A iPhone 4 Leather Case is great for protection!

How To Fail At Using Twitter To Drum Up Business

Some critical steps that are sure to result in failure if you are trying to use social media to drum up business.

All There Is To Know About HTML5 and CSS3

HTML5 has become a trend alongside its lil brother CSS3 because of their functions and utilities which makes them the next best thing in web design. Better even than Flash, maybe, in some situations

61 Incredible Logo Designs #3

Here’s yet another roundup of amazing logo designs. This is a series that we do frequently, so make sure to check out the past logo articles.

Artist of the week – Grant Hood

Grant Hood is an artist who likes to paint any motorcycle tanks, fenders and fairings, leather garments, crash helmets and anything else that has wheels and engine. If you have a dull bike..

Rendering Snowcapped Mountains

Detailed tutorial for using displacement map to create a dramatic snowcapped mountain in 3ds Max.

10 Project Management Software Reviewed – Part 2

Last week I reviewed 5 Project Management software based on the following criteria: Resources Management, Project Management and Ease of use. I will continue in this article with…

All Around Grunge Photoshop Brushes

A well crafted set of 8 high resolution Photoshop grunge brushes that are free for your personal or commercial use.

20 Inspirational Examples Of Abstract Mixed Media

Seeing explosions of colour and shapes blended into a real life photography is just truly amazing and these graphic designers have done a fantastic job.

CSS Sprites – What, Why, How and When?

CSS sprites are a technique where a single large image is used to display multiple images or icons.
How is this possible?
As you may know,

21 Awesome JavaScript / Ajax Effects Every Web Developer Should Know

In this article, I have selected some of the most common JavaScript / Ajax effects which I think every web developer should know and keep them in their toolbox.

Geeky Girls – Showcase of 50+ incredibly talented female web designers

Sex or gender has nothing to do with creativity or talent. Being exceptionally talented is not connected to being male or female…

40 Fresh and Beautiful Green Websites for your Inspiration

In this showcase you will find 40 beautiful and inspiring green designs. Green for most of us is associated with nature, ecology and life.

Most Amazin Situations

Collection of amazing, unbelievable, incredible things, news and beautiful Girls from all over the World.

Get Hired: 15 Best Job Boards for Freelancers

To help freelancers in getting hired, here is a list of Best Job Boards for Freelancers

Having the best wordpress plugins installed is your way to a powerful website.

How to displaying recent posts as thumbnails in sidebar in WordPress 2.9

Read this tutorial to learn how to use the new thumbnail feature from latest WordPress versions, to call your recent posts in sidebar.

New All-Purpose Business Designs from FlashMoto

FlashMoto is glad to present you 3 news business Flash CMS templates that impress with their site structure, content presentation and unusual design approaches.

Android and its Market: So Close Yet So Far

Out of all the many mobile operating systems out there, such as Windows Mobile, Symbian, Maemo, WebOS, Android, and iPhone, only two really understand where the future of mobile lays.

Creating Posters in Photoshop Amazing Tutorials

Every day we work hard to find new resources and inspiration for designers. Today, we have another great post.

Weekly Design Inspiration #1

In this post, I’m showcasing some beautiful inspirational images by various artists around the world.

20 Awesome Examples of Hand-Drawn Typography

Hand drawn typography has always been an inspiring source for designers as well as for all those people who are typography fan.

Logo Design Inspiration or Bad Habit?

I cringe when I see designers encouraged to look at design inspiration sites. This encourages design trends, & the borrowing of design elements all without strategic reasoning.

40 Websites to Sell Designs and Photos Online

In this article I summarize the best 40 websites where you can sell the photos, logos, themes and others design works online.

50+ Ultimate Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Developers and Designers

Today we’re sharing Most Useful Cheat Sheets, most of the time we need some rapid solution as we listing in this beautiful article fact whether you want to learn something quickly..

30+ Helpful jQuery Plugins For Design and Development

In this second jQuery Plugins post,i’ve collected 30+ plugins which will be useful for web developers’ projects.Today while i was searching for a plugin i decided to bring together all these

Sertig – Free Font

Sertig font contains over 370 characters!

Sertig font is completely free for personal or commercial use.

The Designer’s Guide to Understanding User Experience

Learn how to predict user behavior so that your design can deliver the best experience.

Film vs. Digital Sensor

In film photography, the image is created by exposing onto silver halide coated film. Silver halides are used in photographic film and paper, where silver halide crystals in gelatin are

155 of The Most Breathtaking & Beautiful CG Girls

It’s fascinating
to see the best designers in the world working with such comprehensive and
full applications and really pushing the boundaries of realism

20 Awesome Examples of Hand-Drawn Typography

Hand drawn typography has always been an inspiring source for designers as well as for all those people who are typography fan.

Weekly Smashing Web Design Inspiration – #16

A series of web design inspiration collection published every week.We work hard to collect these websites to showcase them for design community inspiration.

10 Creative World War Illustrations & Manipulations

World War 1 and World War 2 cost many lives, civilian and soldier alike, so please sit back and take a minute when you look at these creative World War illustrations and manipulations.

12 Designs to See Before the End of the World in 2012

Here are 12 superbly designed sites which are sure to give you inspiration.

30 Freelance designer Business Cards

o kick off the second Freelance Designer Showcase, we wanted to showcase 30 Freelance designer Business Cards. A business card is very important in a designer’s life.

The 3 Rules of Convenience

You don’t have to work with mega-corporations to make good money as a freelancer. I’ve come up with a Yoda-worthy three-rule system that will keep any designer from inconveniencing clients:

How to create abstract colorful background with bokeh effect in Photoshop

In today’s tutorial, you’ll learn how to create abstract colorful background with bokeh effect using Photoshop’s drawing tools, blending modes, and lighting techniques. PSD file included.

Flash Sites with a Retro Feel

Check out 40 Flash sites that come with retro graphics, retro textures and fonts. More than likely you’ll enjoy the effect produced by mixing Flash animations and retro styling.

Freebie: Twitter PSD Template

Most of the twitter user use their customized background template to change the look and feel of their personal twitter page. we create this template exclusively for web designer and digital artist.

25 High-Quality Windows Font for Designers

Hey friends, today I am featuring 25 HQ fonts that I collected, these fonts will help you freshen up your design. All of these font are of high quality and can be used for large projects.

Examples Using Dark Color On Business Cards

Business cards, mostly using white or bright colors as a background. However, dark colors can separate from others business cards in a stack of.

A Showcase of Various Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Artworks

The list is composed of cool interpretation of several designers in the web. The artworks have been chosen carefully so feel free to check out our amazing list.

8 Tileable dark wood texture patterns

Today’s web treat is a free release of our 8 tileable Dark Wood texture patterns previously available only on Graphic River.

45+ Best iPhone Apps for Web Designers and Developers

In this century iPhone is one of the most top selling gadgets in the technology world and in this post i will collection of the 45+ best iPhone Apps fro web designers and developers.

Consider using a WordPress News Theme for your website if you have a lot of  information in many categories and WordPress e-commerce themes for simple online shops!

97 Highly Effective Single-Page Mini Templates

Light and simple, but still very effective single-page mini templates that have multiple uses. Html resume templates, vcard templates, coming soon templates and many more.

15 Applications For A Better Facebook Fan Page

Do you know there are over 20 million people join as fans of Facebook Fan Pages daily? If you can get 5% of those people to land and join your fan page, the impact will be significant.

I Love Typography #5: The Best Typographical Designs Found on Behance

Found over on Behance, these are a great collection of typographical artworks and typeface design which are of the highest quality.

20 color tools for web designers

Color adds charm to any design, if you choose an individual color it’s not a big deal, the complexity arises in matching other color with the core color.

The Fine Art of Brand Seduction

The most beautiful store windows in the world designed for Hermés Tokyo.

CSS3 Transitions – Are We There Yet?

In this article I’ll make a generic overview on CSS3 Transitions. Additionally, I’ll introduce some of the basic implementations and evaluate few CSS properties.

70+ Fierce Dragon Designs from deviantART

In this article I compiled a list of fantastic digital art of dragons from deviantART.

Designious Vector Mega Pack Giveaway

3 lucky readers will win their choice of any vector mega pack from Designious.

Great Examples Of Modern Furniture Design

You must have gotten tired of that old furniture you’re having or you have something new and exquisite and you’d like to see what else is on the market.

Outdoor photography: Flare & Glare

Flare and glare are two nightmares for photographers, and are especially evident when shooting outdoors. Flare is seen as unwanted rays of light, or sometimes halos and circular white

UPrinting Business Cards Giveaway: Sponsored by Digital Room

We love doing giveaways here at Admix Web, and today is our second time giving away freebies to our readers. Today we are giving our readers a chance…

Sunday Snippets: 50+ Articles to Inspire, Inform and Learn From

The best of the weeks news which has been submitted to our community news page, don’t forget you can include your own articles by submitting them today.

Amazing 3D posters by Ersinhan Ersin

This Collection contains some of 3D posters made by Ersinhan Ersin. All posters are made by 2D materials to show 3D illusion. Enjoy in this collection.

Saturday Snippets: The Best in Design On The Web

The best of the weeks design articles and inspiration found on the best of the webs design sites. Articles covers various great topics.

30 Inspirational Space Scenes


TheLetterGenie – Write Your Business Letter Easily

Though the emails are ruling today’s world some business letter formats are still being followed for the official purpose

MyLocalTribune – Know Local Information

Want to view the updates of your city available on Ecosystem then MyLocalTribune is the better choice to get from. Most of this online information is provided by the local tribunes (users).

John the Ripper Password Cracker

John the Ripper is free and Open Source software, distributed in source code form.

DoItAgain – Makes Your Computer Automatically Perform a Task

Do It Again an application that allows you to make your computer automatically performs a task for you, whenever you want.

Ophcrack-Forgot Password Tool

Ophcrack locates the users on your Windows system and start cracking their passwords the password recovery is being done automatically where there is no need to type or click anything

Adobe AIR – Scribbly – Takes Notes and Emails

Scribbly is an amazing application program that actually stores all your writings which can be mailed for future reference

OSMO – Organizing Personal Information

Osmo a personal information organizer for Linux. This personal organizer helps you in organizing personal information that includes the modules like: calendar, tasks manager and address book

Tungle – Scheduling Made Easy

Tungle provides an easy and quick way to schedule meetings, across organizations, calendar systems, and time zones

WhenIsGood – Online Event Management Software

WhenIsGood is a web application that provides you a better option in scheduling an events, meetings where you are going to pick a time for the meeting and then email this schedule to others

OpenProj – An Open Source Project Management Software

OpenProj is an open source project management software intended as a complete desktop replacement for Microsoft Project.

25 Fresh and Useful JQuery Plugins

In this article, I’ve posted 25 fresh and useful jquery plugins that have been released in the past few months.

Free Professional PSD Web Templates

PSD Templates are most popular format for customized templates. We list down most recent PSD Templates for Photoshop Lover.

68 Fresh and Great Examples of Single Page Website Design Inspiration

In this presentation, you’ll find a variety of highly-creative, beautiful and most importantly inspirational designs which is following the same trend of 68 Fresh and Great of Single Page Designs.

Probiotic : The best of healthy product for everyone

Probiotics help to inhibit pathogenic bacteria. The engine sends several anti-drug. Stimulating the body’s immune system to fight harmful microorganisms.

Create Blood and Milk Typography Poster in Photoshop

With this technique you can create interesting flayer for dace club or you can use in advertisements.

HTML5 Way Around For IE

HTML5 articles are everywhere from the begging of the year. Although HTML5 is still a draft version, we can start using some of their features. The problem is IE. If you can ignore IE6 there are

20 Creative Abstract & Bokeh Wallpapers

Week 7 is here and in our creative resource showcase we are featuring 20 creative Abstract and Bokeh wallpapers which come in a wide assortment of sizes.

Images of Revolution and War – Spanish Civil War anti-nazi posters

Propaganda posters constitute one of the most poignant documents that remain from the Spanish Civil War.

40+ Examples of Illustrative T-Shirt Designs

Focusing more on Illustration type of design, an Examples of Illustrative T-shirt Designs is given in this next post specially made for t-shirt designers.

Weekly Web Design Inspiration #50

A showcase of the very best web designs from the last week

Also take your time to browse these interesting HTC evo cases that will protect and personalize your cell phone.

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