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Let me show you how Tweet Adder helps me get more twitter followers on autopilot. Before you read on you need to understand that Tweet Adder is not free. I have purchased a license to try it out and I found it very useful for building and maintaining my Twitter presence and worth every penny. In fact I think it is so good that I need to recommend it and explain how it works.

Twitter has become one of the largest and most active on-line social networks ever existed. The way Twitter works makes it ideal for being heard and getting a message out to thousands of individuals. Unfortunately it is not as simple as it sounds. On Twitter you need to earn the right to be heard, meaning you need followers and you need to make an impact on them to avoid being ignored or un-followed. Some people describe Twitter as a huge never ending cocktail party where people come and go from all over the world. In my opinion the analogy is quite good because it is fundamentally the same rules for human interaction that apply. Even thought there are no direct face to face contact on Twitter you will be noticed if you’re active, take initiative, bring something to the table and avoid sitting quiet for yourself in the corner. Problem is – even if you’re a natural talent in communication and networking it is a though job (if not impossible) to interact personally with thousands of followers. This is where automation tools can come in handy to assist you. Lets take a look at what Tweet Adder can do for you.



Update April 30th 2011:

More than a year have passed and I still use Tweet Adder all the time – or more correctly – it is running and doing tasks for me all the time. When this article was written I had almost 3700 followers and now I have almost 17000. The latest version have automation features making it possible to spend 1-2 hours a month once you know what to do. Does it still work well to get more followers?  Oh yes!

The reason for this update is that I just discovered something interesting. I have been travelling for 2 weeks now and before I started my trip I stopped Tweet Adder for the first time in months. The blog and my regular postings to twitter have been taken care of by someone I work closely with and I beleive the only real change is Tweet Adder not running. See for yourself on the graph here how it helps me get more twitter followers. Over the last two weeks it goes from good constant increase to a situation where the number of followers is constant.

tweet adder results

Update Juli 21st 2011:

I just checked up again after using Tweet Adder again daily for a period. The graph below speaks for itself and clearly shows that my conclusion in the update above was right. Tweet Adder really helps me to get more twitter followers. Please understand that Tweet Adder has been updated and have a new and improves user interface. The screenshots in the review below have not been updated yet, but the new version have the same features and even more.

tweet adder really works

How to get started using Tweet Adder

To get more twitter followers, first you need to get a copy of Tweet Adder and install it. You can start out with a demo version before deciding if Tweet Adder is really valuable for you. It is supported on Windows and MacOS. Once you open up the program you will see the following login screen. You will be able to manage multiple twitter account from here and fire up automated tasks without opening the main window. You need a license for each Twitter account that you add.

tweet adder login screen

Once you click the login button you access the main Tweet Adder window. In this window you will see the relevant statistics of your Twitter account to the left. At the top you will see followsers/following stats and a todo overview. The todo overview lets you know if there are users you have followed that have not followed you back within the time-frame specified and the number of new followers you should consider to follow back to maintain them as followers. The “Updates to post” is the pre-loaded Tweets that Tweet Adder will send for you over time to simulate that you’re online. This can all be automated as you will see in a minute. Below basic stats you can see how your are doing over time, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days etc.

tweet adder main window

Use Tweet Adder to find targeted twitter users

Ok this is probably one of the most important features of Tweet Adder that I believe is critical for the ability to get more twitter followers fast. Searching is fast and you can easily sort the columns making it possible to find the right Twitter accounts to follow. There are five search types that all are useful but target different needs. My personal favorite is “Search by Profile Data”. Why? What it does is to search users bio for a keyword match. This means that you can look up all users that have written fx. “wordpress” in their bio. This is quite useful for following users that you know will be interested in your site/blog and tweets. This makes it much more likely that they will follow you back. You can add multiple keyword to narrow the search by adding a + before the keyword “+wordpress +designer”.

tweet adder search options

All of the search types will open a new window with all the information you need to analyse users. One really important feature is the ability to sort the columns. The following column is interesting because users that follow back thousands of other users are likely to follow you back automatically. So sorting as shown below makes it easy to find users that match this requirement. You can also see how many followers they have and how many updates they tweeted.

tweet adder search result

Once the users have been checked and the “Save Checked Rows” button have been clicked the users are saved and can be automatically followed using the follow tab. Tweet Adder will put a predefined delay between each follow. On the follow tab you can also follow back new followers simply be clicking a button. You will also be able to make this happen automatically by checking a few check boxes on the Automation tab.

Update Juli 21st 2011:

The search capabilities in latest release of Tweet Adder has been significantly improved and now it can search automatically if it runs out of users to follow.

Tweet Adder automatic follow and unfollow functionality

tweet adder follow window

On the unfollow tab in Tweet Adder you can drop users that are not following you back. This is quite important to maintain a reasonable ratio between number og followers and number of users being followed. If someone is not following you back you need a specific reason and interest to keep following him/her because you want to get more twitter followers not to follow as many as possible.You will be albe to configure quite detailed how the unfollowing rules are. Again this can be automated on the Automation tab.

tweet adder unfollow window

How Tweet Adder can post for you 24/7

The Messages, Tweets and Replies tabs are quite similar but as the names tell us the first one is designed to automate sending direct messages to your followers. Be careful not to span other people with this feature. The second is designed to automatically send Tweets. You can load a list of tweets from a text file and specify the time interval between tweets being sent. This is a great feature to keep your twitter account active but don’t repeat five messages all day long – people will think you’re annoying and unfollow you. It is very useful for collecting 10-15 tweets with relevant and up to date information and have it spread throughout the day. If you have a blog you can also use this feature to keep posting your best posts to the twitter community. I will for sure give you more traffic but again keep it at The third is for sending replies automatically. I’m not sure how to use this without risking replying to a direct message with something that is way out! Twitter is for networking and taking back on autopilot may be possible but need to be used carefully. tweet adder tweet automation

I have experienced a impressive increase in number of followers since I started using Tweet Adder. You can see the results in the graph below from I have not spent more than 5-10 min. a day experimenting and the number of daily new followers have increased significantly over the last two weeks. I hope you can get the same results!

tweet adder results

You can try Tweet Adder Free here…

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