Chrome Extensions Released! But NOT Available?

December 10, 2009 · 5 comments

by Lars


Google announced two days ago that the Google Chrome Extensions beta is open – Great I though! I’m a great fan of Firefox and a loyal user. One of the reasons is to be honest the many great extensions that add valuable features I have become addicted to. Having said that I experience crashes with Firefox several times a week. Seams to be because I open up many windows with many tabs and then Firefox builds up to much memory (my theory….). Firefox offer a recovery feature helping me to recover my open windows but still it is annoying! So I though lets late a look at Chome and see if the extensions offered is making it worth even considering. But I didn’t get that far…



Google announced two days ago that the Google Chrome Extensions beta is open, too, with more than 300 extensions already available. Mac users, be forewarned, extensions only work for the Windows version of the Chrome browser.

According to Google’s announcement on the release:

“Today, we’re really happy to release a beta of extensions that begins to deliver on our initial vision. Extensions are as easy to create as webpages. Users can install and uninstall them quickly without restart, and extensions have a great polished look that fits in with Google Chrome’s minimalist aesthetic. When developers upload an extension it is available to users immediately, with limited restrictions and manual reviews only in a few situations.”

Exited to investigate Chomes new features and try some of them out I downloaded and installed Chome. I then went to the extensions page ( and picked the most popular – a Gmail Checker. But the install button wasn’t activated and I got the message “Extensions are not yet supported in this version of Google Chrome. Please download the Beta Channel of Google Chrome to install extensions.”…


OK I though again. It’s just released and it’s still in BETA. I then I hit the link and got another interesting message I wouldn’t have expected from Google!… I’m 100% sure it is a very temporary problem and that Google will fix it in a few minutes.


As soon as I’m allowed to download the BETA I will try this out and let you know what I think. As usual I expect Google to deliver excellent stuff and I hope I’m not going to wait too long 😉

If you’re in the same situation as I am – waiting – I would recommend that you take a look at this video post. It’s actually interesting to hear some of the low level design decisions Google have worked with.

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Jean December 17, 2009 at 7:55 pm

Check out 13 Top Google Chrome Extensions for Chrome Lovers at


chinaphone December 12, 2009 at 5:00 am

Have not tried do not know well? Now have a new version has been resolved do


Airon December 10, 2009 at 10:11 am

I read this article and tried to find new Google Chorme beta.
It took about 20 seconds in Google.

Just a link failure there


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