December 2009

15 jQuery Plugins You will find useful in 2010

by Lars December 31, 2009jQuery Plugin Collections

2009 was the year I started tripwire magazine. It has been fun, hard work and I have learned a lot. During the year tripwire magazine have had more than 2 […]


Most Essential Best Practices to Improve and Optimize Your Markup and CSS

by Lars December 28, 2009CSS

Great looking websites that are easy to maintain and develop require high quality markup and styling. The most fundamental principle to remember is separation of presentation and content / markup […]


60+ Very Useful Cheat Sheets for Web Developers

by Lars December 24, 2009Development

A Cheat Sheet is one pager (or in some cases a few pages) brining together the most important and often used information about a specific technology, tool etc. Cheat Sheets […]


Most Important Enhancements and New Features In WordPress 2.9

by Lars December 22, 2009News

A few days ago WordPress 2.9 was made available for download. If you have been using your WordPress administration area you may have noticed the notice at the top: “WordPress […]


20+ Top Social News and Bookmark Sites for Designers and Developers

by Lars December 21, 2009Social Media

Knowing what is going on, the trends, the breaking news etc. is important in most industries but for designers and web developers it is key for professional survival. Everything is […]


25+ Highly Useful jQuery Plugins Bringing Life back to HTML Tables

by Lars December 19, 2009jQuery Plugin Collections

Most people have turned their back to tables for implementing web page layouts. This is because tables compared to table-less layout beased on CSS Positioning has several disadvantages. But tables are not useless they should just be used to render tabular data as they fundamentally are designed for. By adding a bit of jQuery you will be able to create very useful solutions that your users will find easy and intuitive to use.


10+ Brilliant On-line Tools for Freelancers

by Lars December 17, 2009Tools

It’s amazing how many great free tools one can find on-line. If you’re a freelancer with a limited budget some of the free on-line tools listed below may be just […]


16 Project Management Apps That Help Make Web Development More Efficient

by Tom Walker December 16, 2009Business

Web developers are often guilty of devoting too much time to their core work, at the expense of effective project management and admin. It is all very well building an […]


10 Useful jQuery Techniques to Improve Your Code

by Lars December 16, 2009Javascript

jQuery is known for making JavaScript things that used to be hard or almost impossible for most people simple and elegant. While the jQuery community is growing so is the […]


Get 15% Christmas Discount on PixelCrayons Markup Services

by Lars December 12, 2009News

I guess that most designers are extra busy just before Christmas like anyone else. In December we all have more than enough to do and I though at a good […]

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