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Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. User links are normally JUST PUBLISHED articles and have gone through a check to be relevant for designers and developers. This is a round-up providing latest Community Links submitted on tripwire magazine. Get more user submitted links here



How Web Freelancers Can Survive the Recession

Lets face it, the economy is still struggling, and though it is improving, there are still signs everywhere that we are still in a recession. Prices are…

WebIconSet – professional and high quality icon sets

Web Icon Set offers professional quality and icon sets web developers like us. He has just completed its series of icons in the first place, a set of icons for web applications for free.

Simply-Buttons v2 with JavaScript | denbagus blog

p51Labs came up with the Simply-Buttons v2. The buttons automatically adjusts itself as text

How to Choose the Right CMS

Content Management Systems are completely essential when it comes to establishing a site of your own.

Awesome typographic inspiration

If you are skeptic about the importance of typography in good graphic design, these gems of inspiration should help to convince you.

Whitewashed Star Patterned Icons – Culture

This whitewashed star patterned icons culture set is one of our largest sets and includes a wide assortment of popular (based upon web search data) cultural symbols and icons from around the world.

PR Project – Quick And Stylish Photo Frame In Photoshop

The time has come to give something back to the fabulous community. This project is just a small step towards that goal and in the future we hope we will do some bigger and more interesting ones.

30 Amazging Celebrity and models pencil sketches

30 Amazgin Celebrity and models pencil sketches

New Microsoft products released at the Professional Developers Conference 2009

Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows Azure Platform at the Microsoft Professional Developers Conference, thus making Windows Azure and SQL Azure as core elements …

40 Quality Space Wallpapers

A collection of beautiful space wallpapers to spice up your desktop!

33 Great Examples of Subtle Web Design Details

Use these examples to make your sites pop

60 Breathtaking Dual and Widescreen wallpapers for your Desktop

Creative peoples always love to desktop wallpapers, they always try get inspirations from another creative stuff as they keep on desktop changing for express feelings and mood..

30 Best Free Handwritten Fonts for Designers

In this compilation you will find 30 useful free handwritten style fonts. This is not a big collection but here is only the best, clean and most beautiful handwritten fonts.

A Collection of 70+ Automator Actions, Workflows and Tuts for Designers and Bloggers

In this roundup I’ve collected 70 of the best Automator resources: actions, workflows and tutorials aimed at designers and bloggers.

Top 10 jquery Animated navigation Tutorials

Top 10 jquery Animated navigation Tutorials

Photography by Marco Grob

Award-winning photographer Marco Grob is making his mark in advertising and editorial circles with his high-impact fashion and portrait imagery.

10 Awesome Logo Design Tutorials

Below is a list of 10 awesome logo design tutorials that have really helped me to learn new methods and different effects when designing.

3d Glossy Orange Orbs Icons – Media

This 3d glossy orange orbs icons media set includes all the standard icons you’d find on a media player (play, pause, fast forward, rewind, record, stop … Etc)

65 PSD Christmas-Themed Free Templates

PSD templates are useful and can save you a lot of time if you are trying to design something from scratch. Here are 65 PSD templates you can use for free.

Free Soft Fluffy Waves Tileable Textures

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large seamless Soft Fluffy Waves textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Glassical: A Free Blogger Template ~ SmashingMagazine

Glassical is a free blogger template originally a wordpress theme designed for smashing magazine readers converted to blogger.

Interview with Interactive Media and Web Application Developer Derek Entringer

Derek Entringer is a talented Interactive Media/Web Application Developer whose talents include a mixture of multimedia and application development.

The 20 Best E-Commerce Website Designs

The e-commerce sector has been known to develop websites that did not put much focus on design. They tend to get very cluttered and bogged down, generally suffering from not being user friendly.

21 Sites Where To Find Free WordPress Themes Daily

This showcase includes several great sites regularly updating and reviewing new themes daily. This showcase will be useful if you like to dig deeper yourself instead of searching premade list articles

25 Best iPhone Apps At Work

How do you make the point that the iPhone has changed the world? The easy answer is “use statistics”—25 million sold in the first two years

42+ Multi Blogging Website Powered By WordPress MU

WordPress Mu allows you to run your own site in the vein of It is ideal for people who want to run multiple blogs or who want to offer blog hosting services to their users.

Should You Find a Niche To Stand Out From The Pack?

This is a question that often comes up in my head, in my daily attempts at plotting on how to take over the design universe..

21 Best CAPTCHAs: Bloggers Boon & Spammers Bane

Do you know about “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart,” terminology? If you are a blogger then you must have used this in your various projects.

25 Inspirational Typography Designs

Typography design is something you see more and more these days. So i have collected 25 examples to help you inspire to create your own typographic art.

5 Free Web Services To Monitor Website

No one can monitor his website or server 24 hours a day and seven days a week, and you would not like to be the last one to know about the downtime of your site or server.

7 JQuery Plugins for Text Effects

7 JQuery Plugins for Text Effects to use in your projects and enhance your design.

Client’s Guide to Website Promotion

What a web design client needs to know about website promotion

405 Web Design Blogs You Should NOT Read (and 14 you should)

Sure, reading blogs is necessary for inspiration and to improve your web design skills. But have you ever noticed how time-consuming it is? Fortunately, I have a solution!

Inspirational Artwork: Hugo Boss Fragrance

I have always been very interested in fashion and keeping up with the latest trends or what the latest hot fragrance is. Hugo, by Hugo Boss is a fragrance that was very popular in the late 90s.

Roundup: The Best Web Design Cheat Sheets

Over 50 PDF cheat sheets covering many aspects of web design including PHP, regex, wordpress, css, fonts, gimp, html, javascript, jQuery, mod rewrite, mysql, photoshop, and more.

20 Fresh And Cool Looking Websites

20 fresh and cool looking websites for your design inspiration. I hope you’ll like them and get inspired while designing your own niche website.

16 Realistic Character Design Illustrations

Take some 3D software and mix in some creative suite products and you have an unstoppable combination.

20 Most Important Linux Terminal Commands

Without terminal no Linux distro is complete. It is the spinal chord of every Linux distribution. This post contain some of the most important terminal commands which every Linux user must know.

80 Awesome Architecture about Famous Buildings and Landmarks

We proudly present some famous and greatest buildings and landmarks where you can see awesome architecture and landscaping as well in some pictures, as wikipedia describe about: Architecture is the..

Best vintage and retro wallpapers for your desktop

The 70’s style is back! Retro and vintage are two concepts very often seen in the design world of our modern days, in wallpapers, posters and other graphic works.

3 Keys To Attracting New Clients On Twitter

I recently realized I could possibly help other freelancers by sharing what I am finding to be some proven successful keys to marketing my services and finding new clients on Twitter.

Essential Cheat Sheets and Reference Cards For Web Designers and Developers

Its impossible to remember all of the functions and keyboard shortcuts for all of your favorite web design and development applications.

Difficult Clients 101

Dealing with bad clients is never fun but most the time entertaining. Here are some tips to try to keep your clients on your good side!

How to dynamically create image thumbnails with PHP

In this tutorial, I will share with you an example of how you can use PHP to dynamically create and display images in a folder, all with very few lines of code, by utilizing PHP’s glob()

20 Best Free Fonts for Graphic Designing

The typography is used as a way of understanding between you and users. For effective communication typography requires proper typefaces as there are many fonts which have inspired everyone.

The Anatomy Of An Infographic: 5 Steps To Create A Powerful Visual

Today I am going to walk you through the anatomy of an infographic, and a 5-step process to ensure that your infographic conceptually sound, accurate and easily understood.

Six Strategies: The Civil Strategy for Your Own Web Company Success

Stepping into the self employed fraction or what most would address as the entrepreneur zone is not an easy feat.

69 Awesome Abstract Photoshop Brushes

Yet another set of killer brush sets to play along with, created by great brush artists.

Is your PPC campaign groomed for Christmas?

It’s that time of the year again and the shopping spree is about to begin.

Need of SEO professionals for web designers

Web designing is an integral part for adding the aesthetic beauty to a website and bringing the thoughts of their clients into reality.

How to Highlight Author Comments in WordPress the Awesome Way!

As the author you really want the readers to have an easy way to know exactly when and where your responses are. I will show you how to highlight author comments in your WordPress blog.

50 logo design inspiration

A logo is a uniquely set and arranged typeface that form a trademark or commercial brand. It is a graphical element that gives immediate recognition of an organization.

47 Typography Tools for Web Design

Typography Tools : Powerful Typography Tools to help you find the best parts and optimize your designs.Links to the best free Designer Typography Tools and online Design Resources.

Illustration in web design: 30 wonderful examples

If you are looking to spice up your website’s design a little, then you should consider integrating some illustrations in it.

Glowing Green Neon Icons Social – Media

This glowing green neon icons social media logos set includes the most popular social bookmarking and networking icons

Boggle Over CSS for Google

CSS is interpreted as a tool for styling screen elements. However, its quite evident that CSS is much more than just a layout instrument, it has other functionalities too.

Long Term Freelancing Success – Part 1 – Dedication

Hi all, welcome to what I hope to be a 4 part series about some factors I think will be key to long term success..The first is to address your working discipline.

11 list for great menu and navigation jquery plugins

Here are the 11 most extraordinary menu and navigation jquery plugins i could find.

Web Design Harmony: Concept, Conveyance and Theme

Concept is what you want to communicate. Conveyance is how you will communicate it. Theme is how well you coordinate it. This post will help you with the abstract thoughts and ideas in web design.

30 Premium Quality Free WordPress Themes

30 Premium Quality Free WordPress Themes

15 Excellent Websites To Learn CSS

In this article you’ll find 15 excellent websites to help you learn or improve CSS. Most of listed websites is design/development related blogs, but some of them focus just on CSS topic.

Freelancing has a Bright Future- Survey Reveals

Freelancers have a reason to celebrate as they would be having a bright and prosperous future ahead.

Smooth Red Glassy Tileable Textures

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Smooth Red Glassy textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

14 Stunning And Surreal Cityscapes Made With 3D And Painting Software

Yes they are surreal and imagined, but they also can represent futuristic visions at the same time, so we simply can not avoid the following question.

What Everybody Ought to Know About Digital Photo Retouching

Today we take a look deeper into the hidden art of digital retouching where skies can always be blue and imperfections simply disappear

34 Excellent Fresh Free WordPress Themes

Some of the best free WordPress themes will take the design of your blog or website to a whole new level.

60+ Photoshop Tutorials For Icon Design

Icon design is an essential skill for every web designer. We had collected 60+ useful Photoshop tutorials for icon design, which suitable for readers ranging from beginner to expert.

web-design-errors-a-road-block-to-search-engines It’s the dream of every designing firm or a freelance designer to take his or her business to the scaling heights.

5 Very Clean Yet Feature-Rich Minimalist WordPress Themes

A showcase of 5 excellent minimal WordPress themes with lots of features and elegant design.

New Release – Bulletin Board WordPress Theme

Award winning free WordPress theme designed by TemplateLite. This theme contains important features such as W3C compliant, SEO ready, cross browser compatibility, free forum support.

28 Free WordPress Photo Gallery Themes

We’ve handpicked 28 Free WordPress Photo Gallery Themes which might come in handy.

38 Randomly Awesome Movie Posters

38 awesome poster designs from random films and movies, regardless of year, genre, popularity or language.

Inspiration by digital art guru Justin Maller

Inspiration by digital art guru Justin Maller. Cool digital artworks from one of the best digital artist J.Maller. Take a look at his gallery on psdeluxe. More than 80 awesome digital art examples.

13 Creative and Beautiful Blog Designs

We love sites that break away from the norm and aren’t afraid to challenge traditional navigation techniques in way of making something unique and creative.

What Can You Do When You Have No Internet Connection?

Several tips what to do when you are struggling in your daily workflow, have no Internet connection or you simply want to enjoy more your daily life!

Five Popular Online Billing and Invoicing Tools for Freelancers

Once you have completed the project or achieved a milestone, the first thing that comes to your mind is sending invoice or a bill to the buyer for your services.

Showcase of Gaming Related Websites

Time to showcase some of the best website designs in the world of gaming. Get Inspired with these 20 examples!

12 Job Boards for Designers where Quality is Praised Above all

We designers- the community of creativity, how often have thought about a forum or marketplace where quality of work is placed on top, where people do not compare the bids

Should your web design workflow be ready for print media?

Learn why you should prepare your web design workflow to account for print media and a simple way to use Photoshop smart objects to make it happen.

15 Must Have Resources for Web Designers

When looking for design inspiration, tutorials and general information, here is a list of must see (and bookmark) websites.

9 Tutorials to converting psd to html

This article list out 9 awesome tutorials which helps you to build a website, from designing a layout in photoshop to write your own HTML and CSS for a website.

Miscellaneous Objects Vector Pack

We list only the best Freebies The latest urban vectors Created by Ian Diedericks a.k.a. Eiko

Amazing Business Cards Tutorials and Inspiration Collection

Business cards can be mass produced by a printshop or printed at home using business card software. Such software typically contains design, layout tools, and text editing tools

Mind Blowing Illustrations And Photo Manipulations By Zach Bush

You can not learn and create more without getting inspired. Inspirational work gives you motivation and energy to step forward and create amazing stuff.

Defend your Designs Against Unexpected Defaults

Surprisingly, there are a number of websites out there that are subject to being hijacked or broken by unexpected browser defaults. Is your site at risk?

200+ Free Abstract Brushes To Use For Light Effect

Adobe Photoshop comes with basic brushes so it is never enough for designers.We have to find and update our brushes with new trends and we all have to respect who creates these brushes

50 Extremely Creative Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials

Today we’re with 50 Extremely Creative Vintage and Retro Photoshop Tutorials, we found some professional Adobe Photoshop tutorials about vintage and retro that will teach graphic and web designers..

Crumpled Paper Icons – Transportation and Travel

This crumpled paper icons transport travel set includes everything that can move people, from bicycles to spaceships

Exotic Purple Seamless Distortions Part 2

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (1024px * 1024px) seamless Exotic Purple Distortion textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

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