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Splashnology In this post we have put together a useful WordPress Template Cheatsheet to save developers and designers time, energy, and headaches.

50+ Useful CSS Professional Techniques

As we know most of the Web designers and developers only scratch the surface of the potent language that is CSS (cascade style sheet), like programming languages, CSS has a quite simple learning..

16 Free WordPress Themes That Will Make You Forget Premium Themes

These 16 free WordPress themes will really make you forget premium WordPress themes.

750+ Stunning Icons In 49 Icon Packages

Nothing to say about these icons.This time i’ve collected great icon sets from deviantArt.I think whenever you place these kind of icons in your web site it will really attract

Flash Intro Templates, Flash Intro Web Templates Design, Flash Intro Websites

We have Flash Intro Templates Design for Architecture, Business, Education, Travel, Refreshment, Cars, and Dating sites

Behind The Avatar #5: Introducing Freelance Graphic Designer Beth Daniell of EDGD

Meet Freelance Graphic Designer Beth Daniell of Elizabeth Daniell Graphic Design (EDGD) and get to know the person Behind The Avatar.

Website conversion rate optimization – What and Why

You have painstakingly crafted a killer website, written ‘content’ worthy to be

20 Best Alternatives of Adobe Photoshop

However, it is correct that most of the designers use Photoshop to give color and life to their imagination but it is not the only application.

Exclusive Freebie: Crawling Vines Vector Pattern

The Crawling Vines pattern pack contains 9 different variations of this detailed, hand drawn vector pattern, and comes in AI, JPG and PNG formats!

5 ways to avoid the most common mistakes in web design

Learn how to avoid the most common web design mistakes with five simple habits and ensure your design mockups are easy to transform into finished websites.

How To Promote A Photography Website

Once you’ve built your photographer website, you need to spread the word and attract people’s attention to your masterpiece.

20 Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Icon Sets

Here is a list of 20 beautiful free hand drawn icon sets by various designers from around the world. Most of them features the social media icons.

Only 18 days to official launch of Ad Coffee

Only few days and you’ll be able to read more great article about blogging, making money via blog, blog developing, blog marketing and design.

8 open source intranet solutions reviewed

Intranets in many environments are still alive and well. There are plenty of open source and free intranet solutions out there. Here are some of the best.

Create an old school TDK cassette illustration

Because retro style is very popular right now and besides that, they are just so nice! In this tutorial I’ll show you to create a standard D-C60 TDk cassette in just some minutes.

Create a Cheerful Twitter Bird Icon Using Photoshop

This comprehensive tutorial, written by our guest author and friend Johnsohn Koh, will teach you how to create a happy Twitter bird with great detail in Photoshop.

6 ways to stop procrastinating Below is a list of things I have done to help me to stop procrastinating and get things done more effectively.

Make a Big Noise on The Web This New Year As any successful business will tell you; planning is key to success. It’s never too early to start thinking about your future strategies,

Black Ink Grunge Stamp Texture Social Media Icons

Today’s web treat is an updated set of 154 Black Ink Grunge Stamp Texture social networking icons.

Domain Forwarding…..Flipping your Web Traffic!

You can forward your parked domain to an existing Website.

30 Clever Coaster Designs

Ever come across a really cool coaster and wonder, “Am I drunk or is this coaster really cool?” Well here is your sober chance to take a look at some clever and creative coaster inspiration.

Slice your Designs with Pixelcrayons our New Sponsor

Let me Introduce to you one of our new sponsors: Pixelcrayons. Web designers in general should know how much time it usually takes to design a website according to your clients needs or your

Be the first one to test My Simple Framework’s beta version!

My Simple Framework – a simple yet powerful XHTML/CSS framework – enters beta stage! Be one of the first to grab your own FREE version and enjoy the speed of this new versatile framework.

When Your Client Wants to Become The Designer

Every now and then you receive a client who gets involved in your end of the deal, and is questioning / making firm suggestions about directions to take.

43 Cute & Beautiful Twitter Icon Sets

A list of 43 Cute and Beautiful Twitter Icon Sets.

30 Unique and Artistic Website Designs

Being a web designer i am always after inspirational and unique web sites. Now a days there are lots of web site designing trends going on.

12 advanced and creative can designs worth watching

Don’t miss these 12 examples for creative and advanced packaging design for cans!

How To Design A Hand-Drawn Vector Pattern Using Pencils, Photoshop And Illustrator

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to take a single hand drawn element and transform it into a highly flexible and editable seamless vector pattern.

Coda: A Collection of 120+ Plugins, Clips, Snippets and Tuts For Designers and Developers

120 of the best resources about Panic’s Coda: they include tutorials, clips, snippets, plugins and more.

20 Most Sexiest Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

20 Most Sexiest Jquery Plugins and Tutorials

Introduction to PHP – Part 2

PHP supports eight primitive types; four scalar types two compound and two special types. In this section we will discuss scalar types; boolean, integer, float and string.

Jquery and Web Design Tutorials

Web designers now using Jquery on their projects to enhance application look and feel and to increase interactivity. I selected most amazing tutorials that mix Design and Jquery together. enjoy it!

Vector Artwork: 50+ Inspirational Creations

Vector artwork has always intrigued me. When executed correctly, these creations can be simply stunning.

Simple Black Square Icons – Media

This simple black square icons media set includes all the standard icons you’d find on a media player (play, pause, fast forward, rewind, record, stop … Etc) as well as several musical instruments

Whitewashed Star Patterned Icons – People and Things

This whitewashed star patterned icons people things set includes a wide assortment of hand signs, pointers, and silhouettes (stop hand, hands, feet, eyes, face, man, woman, child … Etc)

Bling Freelancers: Get Rich or Freelance Trying

Get ahead of the game in freelancing by following this advice on how to make money as a freelancer.

30 Photo Effect Photoshop Tutorials Every Designer Will Love

Learn how to really spice up your photos, create amazing photo manipulation, lighting, filter effects in master level! Amazing creativity and high quality can be found here!

Free Photoshop Brushes: Set II

This set is a unique mix. It contains 2 packs of Photoshop Brushes – Fractals and Florals. An out-and-out beautiful set, the Fractals consist of 5 brushes, while the Florals contain 10.

100 dirty cars arts by Scott Wade

Scott Wade is an artist from Wimberly, Texas. His artworks are unusual. You may thing why? Answer is simple: his design tools are some brushes and… dirty cars.

Create A Realistic Video iPod Nano In Photoshop

Create A Realistic Video iPod Nano In Photoshop

Psd to Xhtml Tutorials

PSD to HTML, XHTML, CSS conversion discussions, reviews, tutorials, slicing/conversion tips and tricks.

3 new and amazing CSS tricks every web designer must know

Yesterday evening, I took some time to imagine new interesting ways to use the text-shadow CSS property. And I found 3 New Amazing CSS Tricks!!!

J2ME – The Mobile Initiative of Java: Creating a simple MIDlet

In this modern world, the market is full of small-footprint mobile devices e.g. Cell phone, pager, smart phone etc. These devices are generally 16-bit or 32-bit processors with […]

Interview With The Founder Of Icon Finder Martin LeBlanc

An amazing interview where Martins shares why he set up icon finder, future plans for the site and his marketing strategy for promoting Icon Finder.

Free Eye Brushes

You can use the brushes for personal and business use and you dont have to link back to us. This package contains 8 Eye brushes.

50 Beautiful Black and White Websites – InspirationTime

Here are 50 wonderful examples of black and white websites, from graceful typographic layouts to high-impact, maximum contrast designs.

Colourful Graffiti Abstract Artwork Vector Design

This is an example of gradient mesh in steps. I have alot of original graffiti artwork, I’ll submit more.

19 Creative Photomanipulation By Michael Oswald

There are a vast number of talented illustrators around the world but skill in art is only one side of the spectrum needed to be a professional artist. It also takes strong organizational skills

How to Create Your own Free iPhone Ringtones

Convert your favorite audio file or an mp3 to iPhone ringtones? Here are some handy applications and tutorials which enable you to create iPhone ringtones from different audio formats MP3

Do you need a degree to freelance

Having gone through the process of formal education in design (and paid the accompanying expenses) Many designers have often had to ask themselves the question: ‘was it worth it?’

154 Blue Crome Rain Social Networking Icons

Today’s web treat is an updated set of 154 Blue Chrome Rain social networking icons

Global Freelancers Survey – The New Voice of Freelancers

LimeExchange recently conducted the global freelancer’s survey in partnership with Payoneer which turned out to be a great success as thousands of freelancers participated.

The Evolution of Design: How 10 Popular Sites Looked 10 Years Ago

Many people do not appreciate the way in which web-designers have changed the internet. Just look at how these sites have changed.

65+ Must Follow Web Designers on Twitter

We here at Helikopter Design have gone to the trouble of providing you with a Twitter List of “Must Follow Web Designers”.

Logo Design Budgets – Freelance Designer or Client to Decide?

A number of logo design quote requests I receive, usually end up with the client asking how much they should allocate for their budget.

How to Create Stunning Flash Bubbles

This tutorial will teach you how to create an amazing image effect such as Flash bubbles.

online church services

Get ordained online free at the Universal Life Church and become a minister.

What Do You Think Will Become A Popular Web Design Trend In 2010?

Join the discussion and share what you think will rule the design scene in 2010? I share my take by picking 5 trends that I think might get really popular and one of them is “Designer’s Quirkiness”.

43 New Typography Wallpapers For Type Fanatics

A fabulous roundup of fresh, new typographic wallpapers to spruce up your desktops!

2 Minutes To Fast Rounded Corners For Complex Shapes In Illustrator

A quick 2-minute illustrator trick that teaches you to create a complex shape using Pathfinder and then making all the sharp corners rounded with the click of a button.

How to Create Stunning Flash Bubbles

This tutorial will teach you how to create an amazing image effect such as Flash bubbles.

5 Things to Ignore When Designing Websites

Designers have enough to worry about when doing a design. Here are a few thing that you are safe to forget about.

Warp tool effect

The warp tool in Photoshop is very powerful and can create some amazing new possibilities.

36 digital artworks illustrating warriors

We’ve seen or heard of amazing soldiers,great leaders,incredible battles from the history lessons or books. In this article you’ll see how the digital artists imagined those warriors would look like

We Have 30 Beautiful Fat Foots To Respond To The Showcase of Big Heads Guys

This showcase contains 30 beautiful design with the Fat Foot which known as Oversized Footer.

Beautiful Birthstone Character Illustrations

Beautiful Birthstone Character Illustrations by Zeiva

Defining And Designing Portfolio Goals

The way you set up the content is crucial for building an effective online portfolio. To make the best choice and arrange the content the best possible way, you should define y portfolio goals first.

18 Free Baby WordPress Themes

We have selected one of them and i wanted to share them with you.I think this collection will be good for moms and dads.Enjoy them!!!

How I Turn My Favorite Procrastinations Into Inspirations

In an effort to encourage us all toward productive procrastination (instead of its evil twin) here are a few favorite workday disruptions & given ways to push them from diversion into inspiration.

Mobile industry goes open source

Experts envision that The Future of the Web will be rather a combination of mobile. Mobile is already here as big players stepped into the game and made their bets on technology.

Topsy Tip: Another Retweet Button to Embed Anywhere!

Topsy has just released a WordPress plugin that gives you another retweet button. But, what if you can only work with a JavaScript widget? here is a small hack..

30 Creative Adidas Ads

In this list we want to share 30 colorful and creative Adidas ads. Adidas ads, with the inspirational slogan “Impossible is Nothing” reveals their product capabilities in clever and unusual way.

The Ultimate Hand-Coding Toolbox

All the tools you need to hand-code tableless web designs from scratch and it’s all free.

Twitter Share Wars : Topsy Retweet Counters

Are you loosing count of all the retweet counters out there? Here is one which can outclass tweetmeme easily. The Real-time search start-up Topsy is one retweet script worth using.

20 Useful & Nicely Designed Web Applications

We need to be inspired to be in style. All of us are looking to give the website the edge to make it one in a million.

20 great corporate websites made with WordPress

If you still need a proof that WordPress can be used to create corporate websites, these websites should convince you.

Mambo Website Templates, Mambo Template, Mambo CMS Template

Here is the list of mambo templates for your website on Best Web Templates. Templates for business, education, computers sites and so on.

Introduction to PHP – Part 1

Magic Marker Icons – Social Media Logos

This magic marker icons social media logos set includes the most popular social bookmarking and networking icons (StumbleUpon, Yahoo, Facebook, Flickr, MySpace,Twitter… Etc)

Microformats: What, How, and Why

You’ve heard the term, but do you know what microformats are? Do you know how to use them or even why you should?

8 Best Web Design mockup tutorials on october 2009

There is a nice selection of sites in todays Monthly Web Design mockup tutorials, especially from 1stwebdesigner and sixrevisions who have both created very clean and stylish sites.

Freebies: Apple Inspired iPhone Wallpapers

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about how the Apple iPhone is one of the most popular tech gadgets out there and the extent to which users have the ability to customize their iphone.

Orange Violet Grungy Photoshop Patterns

Free combo pack of large (740px * 740px) seamless Orange Violet Grungy textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

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