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Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. User links are normally JUST PUBLISHED articles and have gone through a check to be relevant for designers and developers. This is a round-up providing latest Community Links submitted on tripwire magazine. Get more user submitted links here



31 Innovative, unique, and inspiring example of calendar design

As much as they are useful for keeping track of time, calendars can also represent a great addition to successful company or self branding and promotion.

30 Original and Imaginative Album Covers

Collection of inspiring and extremely creative album covers from the Christian music industry.

30 Plus Inspirational Logos from the Video Game Industry

More than 30 logos from the video gaming industry including games, consoles and companies

Design Showdown: iPod vs Zune

A comparison between web design, user interface design, logos and more

Freelancing Advice from 6 Pros

Advice on freelance design from 6 pros

51 Rad Snowboard Websites

A collection of over 50 inspiring snowboarding websites

Evolution of Apple: Inspiration for True Apple Fans

The evolution of Apple’s website, logo, CEO and more

Design and Art: Are They the Same?

What is design? What is art? Are they one in the same? Are they mutually exclusive?

55+ Creative Street Ideas for Better Inspirations

Some creative persons always try to make more beautiful surrounding area where he live even streets as well which will an example some time for other creative persons as an ideal inspiration..

Amazing Realistic Street Arts Part – II

Some new unbelievable realistic street arts which are also called pavement art. Hope you will enjoy these amazing arts.

Website Design: Beautiful Vintage and Retro Inspired Designs

In the last couple of months I have been working on bringing you series of website design inspiration articles. In this post, I would like to concentrate on some great vintage and retro inspired.

Best Collection of CSS Rounded Corners Tutorials

Creating CSS Rounded Corners for the HTML or markup is a big challenge for most of the designers. Many designers end up with a design where they don’t use Rounded Corners …

Design Laorosa

This is a blog on things i find interesting in the news of gadgets, tech, design, art, and humor… Also check out my online portfolio website: http://www.laorosa.com Thanks. -Chet

35 Most Creative web Design Interfaces

35 Most Creative web Design Interfaces

After 35 Robot Years, The New thoughtbot.com Is Here! Blog post dissecting the redesign of Rails and design consultancy, thoughtbot.com

Galactic space scenes in modern web design

If you put together stars, galaxies, planets and some light effects you can obtain incredible space scenes. Today I want to show you a showcase of websites which are already using these effects.

Best Practices of Contact Form-Page Designs in WordPress

Each designer has their own approach to their design. This article highlights some of the popular trends that you can follow, and some very unique contact pages for your inspiration.

111 Sites To Submit Your Design Related Articles

I know you can find some posts about submitting your design related articles to various blogs but i think this is one of the biggest collection

The Characteristics of a Less Conventional Website with Examples

The evolution of web design has changed significantly over the past 50 years. Back then, a Geocity webpage could be as simple as a brochure, using a multi colored background and gaudy text effects.

Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #51

The tuts have come, the not so weekly Photoshop tutorials.After saying the slogan “Have no fear,the tuts are here” a few times we can go on with reading the tuts and working on our Adobe PS techniques

55 Decisive Useful jQuery Tutorials

I would like to present an well-aware language best tutorials, as you know jQuery is a lightweight JavaScript library that accentuate communication between JavaScript and HTML..

10 Awesome Free Web Design Icons Set For Download

Here are 9 + 1 High Quality Icon sets and collections that you can use for free both personal and commercial use, while designing your websites, or web applications.

400+ High Quality And Stunning Collection Of Wallpapers

I love wallpapers that’s why my desktop keeps changing them, if i don’t do that my desktop starts stinking.

A Collection of 250+ Terminal Commands, Hacks, Tips and Tuts for Mac OS X

In this roundup I’ve collected the best links about Terminal.app: you’ll find the best commands, hacks and tips to get the most out of it.

Free Flash Interactive Calendar Components

Here are presented fully customizable interactive flash calendar components that provide successful configuration within minutes.

How to Create Digital Slide

This technique is used quite often and can be great for everything from presentations to websites. It’s a pretty easy thing to create.

How to Set up your Blog on LimeDomains using WordPress? The popular blogging platform—WordPress—can be installed easily after you have purchased a domain name and a hosting plan from us.

Another 25 Photoshop Mistakes

Because of the success of the previous 25 photoshop mistakes post and the amount of photoshop disasters out there on the web i decided to create a second list of 25 photoshop mistakes.

25 Free High Quality WordPress Themes for Professional Blogging

In this article we present 25 hand selected excellent free WordPress themes. We hope that you’ll find something new and useful in this compilation.

Vintage Pea Green Photoshop Patterns

Today’s web treat is a free combo pack of large (740px * 740px) seamless Vintage Pea Green textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern (.pat) set.

Need a PSD to XHTML service?

A service review about your sponsor is always a nice gesture to show your gratification, but it does not put you under any obligation to sing praises for them

Weekly Inspiration No. 03

For artists and artlovers: New illustrations, photographies, businesscard designs and many more.. get inspired!

3D Image Rotator Carousel AS2

Use this file to easily achieve any 3D Carousel configuration using advanced camera controls along with perspective, depth, fading and much more!

30 Insane Portrait Photo Manipulations!

Digital age gives artists the opportunity to carry out their creative potential to the fullest. Check 25 out-of-the-box examples of photo manipulation art related to people portraits!

Free Font: Monbijoux

We list only the best Freebies: A creative and extraordinary font by Billy Argel Free for personal use – enjoy!

5 Really Easy, yet Essential Photo Retouch Techniques for Photoshop Beginners

In this tutorial, I will show you 5 very simple, however very important techniques for Photoshop beginners when it comes to photo retouch. This tutorial is really simple but effective, Have a try!

Introduction to PHP – Part 4

A program is a collection of modules working together to perform certain task. The modules can be thought independently which always produces the same set of output for a given set of input.

jQuery AutoComplete

I’d like to present another jQuery plugin, this time it’s autocomplete with some handy features.

30 Free Online Tools to Test Your Website

Testing is one thing that you cannot afford to take lightly. The reason being simple, just like a minor negligence while constructing a building can cost life of millions of residents

Link building – Marketing supplement for freelance designers

Most of us have to agree that designers plays a crucial role in the look and feel of a website.

10 Ways To Score and Evaluate A Client

Times are hard, sending christmas cards to the clients who are more valuable/reliable etc is a good way to prioritise resources

Blur studio and probably the best game trailers ever made

One of the studios which makes incredible animations is Blur studio. They already are veterans in this domain.

Inspirational Business Cards: 100+ Various Examples

When we first launched designrfix.com, my initial design post was titled: 40+ simple and elegant business card designs. Since then, we have released two other posts about business cards.

CSS Backgrounds: 12 Solutions To Common Questions

CSS backgrounds often lead to some questions and confusion when it comes to pulling off specific techniques. This post will clear up that confusion and answer those technique specific questions.

3D Glossy Pink Orbs Icons – Culture

This 3d glossy pink orbs icons culture set is one of our largest sets and includes a wide assortment of popular (based upon web search data) cultural symbols and icons from around the world.

Does high TBPR naturally means high ranking

Are you one among those who really think that high TBPR has much to do with high ranking? If yes, giving a glance on this post might help you a lot to realize the fact.

A Collection of 60 Inspirational Steve Jobs Quotes About Life,Design and Apple

60 inspirational Steve Jobs quotes.

Free Flash Interactive Calendar Components

Here are presented fully customizable interactive flash calendar components that provide successful configuration within minutes.

24 Inspiring Graffiti Designs

Here are 24 designs we really like and think you will too.

35 Creative and Cute Animal Inspired Logo Designs

I gathered some of the best animal inspired logo designs from the internet and I present them to you in a showcase of 35 animal inspired logo designs.

creative brochure design ideas

I found this collection of brochure designs to be very creative and simultaneously complementing the corporate needs.

Stock Music templates, Standard Music template

Great oppurtunity for Music lovers to express their passion with stock music templates, check out list of music templates at Best Web Template

Think Beyond Google AdWords – Revisited

According to Vertical Search Report, 93% of people prefer to use search engine that focus on their specific business.

Interview With Creator of Nymphont!

Interview of Lauren Thompson, type designer and creator of the blog Nymphont, interview by Dan Kern.

60 Trendy Web Design Interfaces Created In October

This article showcases the most professional web designs submitted in October through Deviantart to provide you with endless inspiration and desire to create something new right now!

Superb Warhammer Digital Art Illustrations

Whether your a gaming geek or a not, you can’t help but marvel at the quality and detail in these pieces of artwork which have been digitally created.

CSS Gallery Brings Web Design Inspiration to iPhone

CSS Gallery is an iPhone app which lets you browse the best inspirational website designs.

30 amazing vintage movie posters

Movies are a huge source of great poster designs, it’s been the case for quite a while now. The following collection gives you an overview of good vintage poster designs.

10 sources for graphic design inspiration

Below is a list of 10 really good sources for graphic design inspiration.

Developer’s Snack: Exploration on Web Tab Modules

The use of web tab module has been widely adopted to enhance the experience which is generally used to break content into multiple sections that can be swapped on the fly to save space

Flash Portfolio Template Giveaway

A few days ago I wrote a little review about FlashMint and their flash products and services. So, to return the favor and and to say thanks, they kindly provided me with a full flash …

Street Artist Mark Jenkins Creates Hysteria From Randomly Placed Sculptures

Inspiration Dose!

Tuning up WordPress for your customers

If you’ve been using WordPress as your website engine for quite a long time, you probably know how to tune it up in many ways, using various plugins, to make it fit your needs.

Creative Digital Paintings by Cristiano Siqueira

Cristiano Siqueira is an Illustrator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, specialized in digital and vector illustration.

11 Detailed Photoshop Tutorials of October

In those videos you will learn five great crop tool tricks, web 2.0 engraved text effect, easy papercraft text effect and many more stuff.

Amazing Solar System Icons

In this post we release Solar System Icons — a Free Icon Set, a set of 10 beautiful and lovely icons. Released exclusively for Splashnology.

20 Best Desktop Blogging Softwares

Desktop blogging tool speeds up the blogging process. This article discusses about 20 best blogging software for you to blog from your desktop, without the need to login to the back-end system.

10 Amazing Product Advertising Design Tutorials

Modern advertising is using Design to reach more customers on the internet. This Ten Tutorials will show you how to create Amazing Product Advertising Design.

5 Fresh and Useful jQuery Plugins You Should Try

This post contains 5 fresh and useful jQuery plugins that you should try for your next project.

10 Fresh & Original Gifts for Designers

There’s still a chance to get some decent gifts for our friends before December 20, so here’s our shortlist of gift ideas for design heads!

How to code Six Revisions’ layout better than Six Revisions

Last week, I taught you how to slice Six Revisions’ layout in 12 easy steps. Today I’ll show you how to code their layout better than them!

Web Design – How To Design a Good Looking and Functional Website

When designing a website, you must always try to strike a balance between aesthetics and functionality.

Getting Closer to Google Closure

After Google Introduced Closure Javascript library I wanted to get a closer look on it. here’s what I’ve come to.

10 Free Tools & Resources to Find Icons For Your Website

Icons make your site look aesthetically pleasing and can be even used to convey useful messages to your audience, which otherwise would require a long phrase or sentence.

Floral Patterned Jelly Text Effect Layered PSD

Today’s web treat is a Floral Patterned Jelly text effect combo pack. It includes:

Matte Grey Square Icons – Symbols and Shapes

This matte grey square icons symbols shapes set includes an assortment of popular symbols and shapes

60 Sleek and Sexy iPhone App Websites – InspirationTime

Here’s a big bunch of lovely iPhone app websites for your admiration and inspiration.

Pink Flirt : Free wordpress dating template

SO Flirt (.com) provides a free dating / sexy template for wordpress users ! This template is called Pink Flirt. The design can be used for dating, sexy/ adult dating sites.

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