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Community Pick for Designers and Developers

Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. User links are normally JUST PUBLISHED articles and have gone through a check to be relevant for designers and developers. This is a round-up providing latest Community Links submitted on tripwire magazine. Get more user submitted links here



41 extraordinary and cleverly made blue logos

Why blue? Because it is calming, relaxing, peaceful and some might call it the color of logic, the color that activates the mind.I’ll resume on showing 41 of the best blue logos that I’ve found

Free Fonts: Excellent List of Resources

Are you working on a new project that involves type face and are looking for something new and fresh to work with? You might just be in luck.

10-second website usability testing

Learn a simple method of website usability testing that takes just a few seconds to complete and offers a good measure of a website’s user-friendliness.

25 iPhone Apple Logo Wallpapers

Today iPhoneFreakz has collected 25 iPhone / iPod Touch Wallpapers. This time we have collected 25 apple logo designs you can download for your iPhone.

In Search of Free File Hosting Services: 25 of the bests

In this post you can find 25 of the best Free File Hosting Services

19 Sites with Attractive Headers and Footers

Web designs and themes that combine both elegant and attractive headers and mind-boggling and out of this world footers

10 Amazing Free Fonts for Designers

Cool fonts for smart designers and free fonts for instant download. These are all totally free TTF fonts made to work in web design.

25 High resolution free grunge textures

Photoshop textures have been always very useful to create dirty art works. In designers arsenal you must have large collection of great textures, fonts, brushes.

60 Elegant Photo Manipulation Tutorials

We have collected some great photo manipulation tutorials to increase you skills of photoshop.

Fresh, Free and Gorgeous RSS/Feed Icons

Roundup of fresh, free and gorgeous handpicked RSS/feed icons for your blog.

Over 38 Free Flash Photo Gallery Ready to Use for your images

Flash galleries are getting more and more popular these days. If you’re going to give a professional look to your image gallery, this post is your chance to check out over 38 professional ones.

25 Matte Painting tutorials for Adobe Photoshop

Use this list of tutorials to learn more about matte painting, techniques, composition rules, lighting effects, illumination and how to select and manipulate photo footages.

Top 10 Link Popularity Tools

The ultimate aim of a website owner is to make his or her site more popular on the vast online arena.

Showcase : PSD Template “Design Portfolio”

Showcase paid psd Template “Design Portfolio” Clean layout, fixed width, blue, portfolio, full layered page, base on 960 guide.

Create a Beautiful 3D Sci-fi Tunnel Animation

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an advanced 3D Sci-fi Tunnel Animation inside of 3DS Max and Adobe After Effects.

Business Card Showcase Sites and more

Here is a List of the coolest business card showxase sites, very helpfull as an inspiration resource. Enjoy it!

Interview with Awesome Graphic Designer and Photoshopper Mhark De Guzman

Welcome to another interview here on PSD Vault! This time we have Mhark De Guzman, an awesome graphic designer I came arcoss while browsing on Flickr.

Introduction of PHP – Part6

A string is an array of characters. This tutorial demonstrates the use of string to manipulate text.

How to create water reflection

In this Photoshop tutorial, I’ll show you how you can create nice, realistic water reflect effect on your images. I’ll use Photoshop CS4 for this tutorial.

Simply-Buttons v2 with JavaScript

51Labs came up with the Simply-Buttons v2. The buttons automatically adjusts itself as text. There are 3 states: inactive, active and Hover.

Cross browser compliant HTML/CSS form download with PSD file

For download, a free HTML/CSS form that has been tested on all major browsers (on a Windows computer). Here is what the final form looks like (view live version here –

Speed up WordPress Theme Development With Blank Frameworks

Speed up your WordPress theme development by using these blank frameworks as a starting point.

Completed a Freelancing Assignment and Not Gotten Paid?

But the challenging part for almost every freelancer is to find genuine buyers who will make timely payments for the work.

Social Media Icons Update – 272 New YouTube Icons

We’ve received a lot of requests to add Vimeo icons to our social media icon sets so here they are!

The Ultimate WordPress SEO Checklist

This post is going to be about WordPress SEO. It’s a checklist of the steps you should take to ensure that your WordPress blog is fully optimized. I hope you like the post and find it helpful.

How to Create a Silver Text Effect with Photoshop

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create a New Year 2010 silver text effect completely from scratch using several Photoshop tools, different Blending modes, and more. Let’s get started!


My gallery is dedicated to amazing artists everywhere! FIND THE PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE! Follow me on TWITTER for quick updates: ccolours

Create Light Effects Using these 1000+ Fractal Art

Light effects can be easily achieved through fractal brushes and textures. Here is a list of more than 1000 resources for creating realistic light effects.

Best WordPress Themes Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark | Smashing Share

A blogger always need a professional WordPress Theme. When started Smashing Share as a Blogger three months back, I went through all wordpress themes website.

Best WordPress Themes Websites Every Blogger Should Bookmark | Smashing Share

A blogger always need a professional WordPress Theme. When started Smashing Share as a Blogger three months back, I went through all wordpress themes website.

83 Awesome Firefox Add-ons every Web Designer must have!

We all know that Firefox is the best browser for web designers. That’s why I carefully selected and organized its best 83 add-ons for you!

39 Free Buttons And WebDesign Resources From Deviantart

Consider these resources mainly for learning purposes to understand how different effects are achieved and of course to get fresh ideas to recreate good examples here!

22 Beautiful and Inspiring Photos You Probably Haven’t Seen Yet

These wonderful collection from photographers around the world uses their imagination to creatively capture these photos

Google teaches SEO

Search engines are not very forthcoming when it comes to their ranking algorithms, especially when it concerns search engine optimization (SEO).

Free Stock Photos for your Website – 11 Solid Sources

Have you ever needed to get your hands on some stock photography, without the price tag? In this post, we’re going to look at 11 awesome sources for picking up some free stock!

Corporate Business Website Design Tutorial (Free PSD file)

In this Corporate Business Website Design Tutorial you will learn how to design a clean and latest trendy business website design for your desired business, we design in Adobe Photoshop which is..

26 Colorful and Creative Logos

An inspiring collection of creative use of color in logo design

Best Complete Web Layout Design in Photoshop

Follow the following Tutorials to design your Complete website layout in Photoshop. This tutorials include Best Complete Web Layout Design in Photoshop.

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