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Collection of Best Web Scripts Directories

A roundup of the best web code scripts directories and portals

70 Dazzling Light Effect Photoshop Tutorials

Beautiful collection of 70 light effect photoshop tutorials you must check

Post Pic iPhone Website Powered by jQuery

jQuery is one popular Javascript library, and for good reasons! It’s easy to use, flexible, and most of all there’s a lot of jQuery tutorials and plugins available out

3 Image Techniques To Speed Up Your Website

3 useful techniques to speed up the display and download of images on your website: Css Sprites, Image Maps and Inline Images.

Illustrating a Nice Cool Glass of Beer In Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to draw a beer glass with some beer in it.

How to Design a Skate Deck with a Cool Skull Pattern

Illustrator’s built in Symbol Sprayer can be a highly useful tool for quickly creating awesome pattern graphics.

Free t-shirt design mythology

Free t-shirt design by me. vector eps

9 Best Web Design mockup tutorials on september

Continuing monthly feature on blogfreakz, we will share with our reader the best web design and photoshop mockup tutorials on september.

50 Amazing and Inspirational Graphic Tees

Graphic Tees are geared towards the young at heart and often contain graphics that express our style, personality and taste. Below are some of the graphic tees gathered from around the web. – Open Source CMS Gallery

GalleryCMS is an open source CMS Gallery that is specially built for managing image galleries.

40+ Creative Business Card Designs that will Inspire You

Are you at a point where you are having difficulty coming up with your next business card design? Sometimes all you need is a little boost of inspiration to get your creative juices flowing.

A Discovery Into 30 Beautiful And Inspirational Korean Websites Design

Korean Internet Industry has been growing in recent years and more than 80 percent of their households in South Korea are connected with broadband access.

20 Blogger People to Follow on Twitter

Some of the coolest people on twitter those who can be called “Power Users Of Blogger/Blogspot Platform”.

20 Useful Facebook Applications

Facebook offers some great application for its users using which you can enhance your productivity while establishing your business online.

CEI:Online Photoshop Clipping Path, Masking, & Manipulation Service Offshore Outsourcing | Image Outlining/Knockout/Silo/Silhouette

Clipping Path (Photoshop Silhouette/Silo/Knockout or Image Outlining)and Photoshop Image Masking Service is our Specialty.

Professional Web Design Company

Professional Web Design Company is a one, which gives professional services in website design, logo design, apart from designing the concepts for appealing websites.

117 Social Network Icon Set To Spice Your Web

Social Networks give flexibility to connect and share websites, news, articles, videos and images with freinds. so here we have some socialnetwork icon set

Free Photoshop Brushes: Set – I

Here is our first set of design freebies. This set comprises of 2 packs of Photoshop Brushes – Floral Hues and Vintage Magic.

Social Network Icons Reloaded

Roundup of some of the beautiful Social Icons designed.

Joomla Flickr module in WordPress style tutorial

We create tutorial to show how easy you can create nice Flickr module for Joomla websites. I will show you how to create W3C valid Flickr code that you can add in to your Joomla website.

25+ Twitter Articles Every Small Business Owner Must Read

Hey, I thought I’d compile a list of some of the best articles on how to use twitter for business. Here is the list, currently comprising of 25+ articles.

Best Of The Web September For Web/Graphic Design

Another a great month in the design community all captured into one article via Creative Nerds featuring the best Photoshop & illustrator tutorials web design articles.

20 Awesome and Free Fonts for Web Designers (Serif Family)

The following list covers most of Serif and Sans Serif family fonts like Serifan, Serifab, Serifat, Vaground, Bitstream Vera Serif, Stonsans, Bastardus Sans, Museo Sans, Ambrosia Demo etc.

How to design a simple and sleek web Portfolio

Learn how to create a simple and sleek web portfolio with this easy to follow tutorial.

Adobe & The Future of Multitouch

Experience Designer Julie Meridian and Computer Scientist Tim Kukulski discuss the future of Adobe and multitouch, and showcase XDs cutting-edge multitouch. :)

10 Creative Magazines With Blog & Twitter Friendly Websites

Here are the most inspirational 10 bloggy twittery magazines we\’ve selected for ya. Enjoy!

Draw a Great Classy 3D Poker Chip in Photoshop

In this tutorial we are going to illustrate a 3D Poker Chip in Adobe Photoshop starting from scratch. New Photoshop users should consider running through our Pen Tool guide first!

35 Stunning Conceptual Digital Artworks and Illustrations

35 Stunning Conceptual Digital Artworks and Illustrations

20 Best PSD to HTML Service Providers

Converting design files (PSD, PNG, AI etc) to high quality, cross-browser compatible valid top-notch XHTML/ CSS semantic markup manually has never been easy, as it takes lot of time and precision.

33 WordPress Plugins To Power Up Your Comment Section

Helpful list of 33 WordPress plugins, which can be used effectively to power up and evolve comment form possibilities and security for every need!

Inspired Giveaway – Get a Free Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch

We\’re giving away Wacom’s New Bamboo Pen and Touch (launched just a few days ago)

8 Designers Who Never Fail to Inspire

I have profiled eight people/design groups who I always look towards for inspiration with both product and graphic design.

Flash Photo CMS: What to choose?

Creating a personal portfolio is a quite challenging task for a photographer, artist or designer.

Fire Girl Angelina Jolie Photoshop Tutoria

Fire Girl Angelina Jolie Photoshop Tutorial, The tutorial is in Turkish but you can use Google Translate on my website.

Tattered Banners

I’m going to make a sincere attempt to get things restarted around here. To start things off (again), and in honor of National Talk Like a Pirate Day enjoy some piratey tattered banner vectors.

Sponge Prints and Swirls

Photoshop Brush set containing 16 HI -RES Brushes for use on any Project Commercial Or personal, not for resale.

Iconic Chairs of the 21st Century

These five chairs are Iconic pieces of design and use great style, materials, manufacturing process and great detail is placed towards the functionality.

Design Chair

In this tutorial I will show you how to create the disintegration effect using brushes and the blur filter.

Illustrator Tut: Sketching a Boat with Graphics Tablet

This tutorial will show how one can use a graphics tablet in Illustrator for drawing and sketching designs.

Really Useful Tutorials You Should Have Read in September 2009

This update covers tutorials, how-to, screen casts, tips and techniques that you should have read in September 2009.

Open Source Projects are Using jQuery

jQuery is a fast and concise JavaScript Library that simplifies HTML document traversing, event handling, animating, and Ajax interactions for rapid web development

Amazing collection of text styles for photoshop

An amazing collection of great and cool looking text layer styles for photoshop. From Wood, Glass, metal and gold text styles to grass and hot metal text styles. PSD and ASL files are included.

Best WordPress Plugin Round Up #2

This WordPress Plugin Roundup, showcases the best plugins for WordPress that have proven to be very useful in running our blog.

33 Examples of Beautiful Hand-Drawn Typography

Hand drawn style is one of the hottest design trends. There are several ways you can create a hand drawn typography,

The Freelancers’ Secret

There is a secret to becoming successful in the world of freelancing. Read on to unearth the steps you must implement to achieve the dreams and goals of your life.

12 Useful Facebook WordPress Plugins For Bloggers

This article shares useful WordPress plugins so that bloggers can connect, share and use Facebook photos in their blog.

Cross Browser Web Development

Cross browser development is not as hard as it seems. The key is to understand how you develop and where the potential problems might be.

50+ Brilliantly Rendered Designs of Concept Cars

When I was younger, one of my passions was drawing many different types of cars. I was always intrigued by automotive vehicles, especially the elegant and sporty ones.

Top 20 WordPress Plugins And Resources That Every Blogger Must Use!

The below list contains plugins that I have tried and tested, and for the most part have used in a live site, or hope to pretty soon. I hope this roundup it’s helpful to you guys.

Why is my PHP script not sending emails?

It has happened to most of us; everything appears right but the email sent by the script never reaches the destination address. This article takes you through the steps to troubleshoot the problem.

How to Create Digital Scrapbook with PowerPoint

If you are a big preserver of memories like me, you may also want to make scrapbook based on photos.

70 Capitalism vs Communism posters

Here is list of 70 interesting posters Capitalism versus Communism, where you can see both politics orders differences.

Love story – my parents’ 25th anniversary photographies presentation

Create a meaningful parents’ 25th anniversary presentation and then convert the presentation to dynamic DVD as a gift for your loved parents.

3 Ways to Evolve Your Freelancing Career

Are you ready to take your freelancing career to the next level? Read on.

15 inventive and expressive package designs worth admiring

If you have an itch for aesthetic package design than you really must take a look at that!

200+ High-Quality iPhone Wallpapers

This is huge number of High-Quality iPhone Wallpapers, as per most of the user demand we\’re posting an stunning collection of iPhone wallpapers, here in listed below some suggested beautiful..

Free Hi-Res Photoshop Brushes: Destroyed Heraldry

We list only the best freebies. This time:
High resolution Photoshop brush set
A combnation of over 3 different types of media, and multiple layering effects

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