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5 Design Practices to Improve Efficiency in Photoshop

Do you often find yourself sitting with a blank canvas open in Photoshop, struggling to create decent work? You need to read this article.

4 Simple Ways to Impress a Potential Client

Impress clients, get more business. It\’s as simple as that. Find out how to impress your clients by reading ahead.

Free Social Icon Library

A new library of free social media icons so website owners, bloggers and freelancers can easily find the best social icon sets.

10 Essential WordPress Plugins For New WordPress Installation

These 10 useful plugins add extra features to your blog, and cover your blog\’s security, SEO and also anti spam.

Design as a Differentiator

Designers versus Accountants and the influence they each have on the growth of a company.

Typography Showcase: 70+ Amazing Examples

Typography is everywhere! The use of Illustration of text is on every web page and every modern designer’s artwork out there. Typography allows every graphic artist to provoke feelings and mood.

20 awesome website footer designs

Great examples of footer web design.

85+ Creative Advertising Package Designs

This is one of the Great Inspirational post about Creative Advertising Package Designs where we displayed some very mature designs where you can get more inspirations for more great designs..

Complete List of Flickr WordPress Plugins

Flickr is the best way to share personal photographs.the service is widely used by bloggers as a photo repository.
and also widely used by WordPress designers and developers.

15 must-read typography articles

There are an amazing amount of great resources for typography lovers on the web. Here are some that I warmly recommend.

Add a Non-Javascript Based Google Translator

This simple to follow tutorial will teach you how to add a Non Javascript based Google Translator on your blog.

11 Colorful Droplets Captured In High Speed

11 colorful droplets captured in high speed. Enjoy the time!

Use ANY FONT on your website

TypeKit Alternative. SIFR Alternative. Allows selectable text, links, doesn\’t violate EULA, and you can even upload your own fonts.

63 Popular And Promising Web Design Blogs

These sites have been proven their value in long timeline as irreplaceable sources for daily inspiration, tutorials, tips and resources for every designer! Be sure to visit all of them!

3 Ways to Commit Freelance Suicide

Freelancing can be hard at times, and there are certain things you need to watch out for that could abruptly end your freelancing career – read on to find out what they are.

Photoshop tutorial – Make a web 2.0 Travel template

In this photoshop tutorial we will learn how to make travel template layout in Adobe Photoshop. Template layout color theme is black, gray and green. The tutorial is explained step by step.

The most stylish websites of September 2009

Our editor team has chosen the 4 most beautiful websites in AUGUST.
We congratulate the winners – they get our GOLD DESIGN AWARD for good and creative design.

23 Free WordPress Themes You Probably Haven’t Heard Of

Everybody know that feeling when you see a good looking wordpress theme but you can’t afford it. You want your site to look good, spend some money, make a custom theme or ask someone […]

30 Cool Photoshopped Images For Inspiration

One can find some real creative, fuuny and unbelievable examples out of these photoshopped images.

35+ Animated Trainings from Adobe Flash

If you want to learn more animation techniques using Adobe Flash, another extraordinary say Adobe flash Tutorials, we are starting from 35+ animation trainings about flash, you can dismember how..

50 Spectacular Type and Text Artworks

50 Spectacular Type and Text Artworks

Fire Girl Angelina Jolie Photoshop Tutorial

Fire Girl Angelina Jolie Photoshop Tutorial, The tutorial is in Turkish but you can use Google Translate on my website.

78 Websites with Community News option to Promote Your Design Related News

Community news submission in popular sites brings huge number of visitors for your site. Here you will get a list of 78 websites who has community news feature.

50 Great Examples of Typography

Nice and exceptional design in writing is always attractive to everybody. Here, in this post, you will get 50 nice and exceptional typography and I think these must inspire you.

WordPress Theme Design with Options Adminstration

WordPress offers you get_option() function to get the options of your wordpress. This tutorial will help you create options for theme and administrate them in wordpress admin page.

HOW TO: Facebook Share Count Button For Blogs

The Facebook sharecount button displays the number of times the current page has been shared on Facebook. In this hack you can see how to put the share button on your blog.

Post to TwitterStreet Art at its best, a fantastic collection

Street Art is definitly a neverending source of inspiration for designers.

100+ Best Typography iPhone/iPod Wallpapers

I\’ve been hunting for a collection of 100+ Best Typography iPhone Wallpapers, all most Wanted for your stylish and funky iPhone/iPod Touch wallpapers to use with your device I always like quality..

7 Fresh & Effective Shopping Themes for WordPress

Need a fully customizable E-commerce website? There are quite a few interesting themes for that and we’re here to introduce them:

Create a Realistic 3D Cracking Effect Using 3DS Max

Create an amazing 3D cracking effect animation using 3DS Max and some simple techniques!

Extraordinary Examples of Brilliant Church Photography

Churches are so fascinating to look at and can be a tremendous source of design inspiration. By virtue of this activity, the “place” where they worship has become endowed with a symbolic form.

Best of September 09

With our round up of September\’s popular online blog posts in the field of web design and development, you can be sure you didn\’t miss a thing.

creative news

Suggest your art and design news articles on creative crossing. cc is seraching everytime for articles about new designs in the fields interior, jewelery, architecture, product or similar. Write…

Best of the Web: September Design Commnunity News

The Best of the September Design Inspiration, some of which are chosen from random tweets and the others which were submitted in Submit news section of Cheth Studios.

Making A Slick Content Slider

In this tutorial we are going to make a slick content slider with the help of jQuery and the MopSlider plugin. The slider is going to be generated with PHP and we are using a plain txt file as a db.

Photoshop Tutorial: Create fab 1980s type effects

The 1980s are back – their influence is currently everywhere, from fashion to music, and nowhere are they more visible than in digital art.

Creative Photoshop Human Body Photo Manipulation

Photo manipulation is the coolest things to do with Photoshop and its get crazy if designers do experiments on human body.

26 Power Diggers to befriend

You are searching for Friends ?
Your search is over, befriend with this list of 26 Power Diggers having a high Popular Ratio.


All Free Hi-Res Texture World, new blog and new colletions.

The freshest portion of exclusive free Fash components

Exclusive collection of the freshest free Flash components available at

20 Apple-inspired Tutorials for Practice Web Designers

Unique collection of useful 20 Apple-inspired tutorials for practice web designers.

The freshest portion of exclusive free Fash components

Exclusive collection of the freshest free Flash components available at

Stop Motion Animation Videos & Resources

Below we present some of our favorite clips and guides to get you started with your stop motion project. :) is launched officially, a subsidiary of, is launched officially. It is the only WP theme rating site that test WordPress themes against several criteria including general coding and SEO.

40 Dark and Sleek Web Designs

The use of dark backgrounds gears much of the attention toward the content, allowing the visitor to become engaged in what you have to offer rather than just the design.

30 Must See Character Illustration Tutorials

One of the things that brings me back to my childhood memories is when I see Character Illustrations in some of the websites and artwork that are being designed today.

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