Recently I posted a list of Freelancer Tools for tracking time. Just as important as it is tracking the time spent on customer activities is being paid as agreed. Getting the money on time isn’t always easy even if you delivered on time what was agreed. Being able to produce professional and detailed invoices is key for building trust and but being able instantly to follow up when payment is overdue is always necessary. Without good tooling support this can take precious time you should spend on serving customers and now when the global economy isn’t as good as it used to be collecting money can be really time consuming.  In this post you will find a large list of software solutions for supporting your Expense Tracking, Billing and Invoicing processes. Hope you will find a good tool and get paid on time going forward!




Sending invoices to your clients can be a very daunting task if is not properly organized. Alerts , time tracking , scheduling are the few features which every second software is giving to its users. But there is one important feature which is very important for a business catering globally to its customer and that is Multiple Currency Support.

The reason why tops the chart is it provides all other features along with Multiple Currency Support. – Invoicing, Expenses, Time tracking, clients and staff etc. Automate invoicing and collections. Streamline your business through recurring invoices. Set up auto-billing to automatically charge your client’s credit card. Give your clients online access to their invoices and account history.

outright.comwhich will basically put a freelancer’s finances on autopilot, saving them the tremendous headache associated with bookkeeping, tracking receipts, invoicing etc.” is certainly worth investigating. Import income and expenses directly from credit cards, invoices, receipts, or even merchant accounts, or enter records quickly in simple ledgers. Tracks expenses via mobile devices: Via their integration with Xpenser, Outright users can enter their expense on any mobile device, e.g. e-mail, SMS, Twitter, IM, or voice, to have it automatically recorded and categorized on Sync with PayPal: Recording sales for millions of merchants, Outright’s import of PayPal transactions tracks income and credit card transactions across multiple ecommerce channels. Business owners no longer have to manually record each sale they’ve made on eBay, etsy, or their own store; online merchants managing their checkout with PayPal, have sales automatically recorded and reported with – Very popular expense tracking system that is very easy to use. – Easy to use and great looking time tracking and Invoicing. It is completely free for 1-3 users. See all features here.

Billing Orchard – BillingOrchard is developed for use by small businesses, freelancers, and contract workers. It offers electronic billing and invoicing through a simple web interface. More details on features here.

Billable – Service and invoice tracking – Controlling expenses is key for freelancers and startups. Billster is a totally free online application developed to organise personal and shared expenses and it may be useful for you as well.

Quickbooks – Small business financial software with invoices and expense tracking. Free for a limited number of customers being managed.

Side Job Track – Free web-based job tracking, invoicing, reporting and project management for the part-time independent contractor

Fanurio – Fanurio provides multiple methods to help you track time with little effort. You can track time manually or using the timer. It also has a few reminders to help you start, resume or stop the timer automatically. Fanurio uses projects, services and expenses to help you track contracted work. Whether you bill your work using a flat rate or by the hour, Fanurio has lots of features to help you earn all the money – free online webapp that allows you to track all your expenses and income easily and without effort, thus allowing you to have a clear view of your financial situation. It intends to be a simple yet powerful online budget management tool.

LessAccounting – Small Business Accounting Software. After logging into Less Accounting, the dashboard is your home page. Here you will find snapshots and charts of the major components of the accounting application. From the dashboard you can see an expense overview, chart cash flow, see which invoices haven’t been paid and see what expenses need to be paid. Allows you to track expenses and send Invoices & Proposals (html and pdf, download pdfs). Tracking expenses is easy with nightly bank data aggregation. Includes iPhone application and integration to a wide range of popular business applications.

InvoicesMadeEasy.comInvoices Made Easy is an online invoicing service designed for small service-oriented businesses such as freelancers, landscaping / lawn care, pest control, cleaning services – or just about any other business that regularly invoices customers for its services. Create invoices online and print them yourself! Email invoices to your customers! Track paid and unpaid invoices! Accept online payments from your customers! etc. –time and expense tracking & billing, project management, document filing, and scheduling for firms who bill for their time. Limited version free for 1 user. – Expense tracking and billing and basic project management features. This is not a solution for a single freelancer I would think but for a small start-up with growth strategy it may be interesting. – Send fully customized invoices and estimates with your own logo over email. Accept online payment. Project and time tracking etc. – FastDue is a FREE, secure online suite of business productivity tools with instant invoicing and collections, a robust easy-to-use tracking and management system and the only live, interactive contract negotiation and execution on the web. – Winkbill is a simple online invoicing service, working as your complete web based invoicing and billing manager. You can easily create, send, and track all your invoices online with the help of Winkbill. With this well-tailored and professionally designed online invoicing software, you can easily manage your billing, contacts and payments online. Winkbill can be used for any products and services sold. Additionally, it allows you to send invoices as PDF.

Zoho Invoices – The popular Zoho online office suite has an invoicing feature that can be used for free for a few invoices a month, but you’ll have to pay if you have numerous payment requests to make.  Allows you to import and export data, set up templates, set up recurring billing and more. – Time tracking, invoicing, estimates, and online payments done your way. Cashboard does it all, and does it for free.

Billings 3 – Great invoicing, time tracking web application. Helps you follow up on missing payments and includes iPhone application as well. – Invoicing and billing application. Has import & export capabilities, allows you to save invoices locally at any time, HTML customization for better branding, recurring invoicing, PayPal integration and other features. – Invoices and payment follow-up, Dashboard etc. Create invoices from their templates, or you can use your own CSS to custom design one of your own.  Also allows you to import clients from Basecamp, create tags for better organization, set up recurring invoices and more. – CannyBill is a web based invoicing and billing solution for businesses and web designers. Easily create, send and manage invoices and accept payments online via credit card. You can also sell your products and services using order forms which your customers can signup to and even link to live API’s such as Plesk, cPanel/WHM, Geotrust, Enom, Basecamp and many more. – Create quotes and invoices online. Reduce the time to get paid by automating late payment reminder emails. Enable your staff to track time against different projects. Generate invoices from timesheets and projects. – Invoicing solution that also integrates with PayPal and Google Checkout. – The Invoice Machine is ideal for freelancers and businesses who want an easy way to manage, create and send their invoices. Customize your invoices with logos and colors, use their built-in timer to track your billable hours, create PDFs of your invoices and more. – Create multi-currency invoices, quotes and credit notes. Record payments received and create products and manage inventory. – endeve in an invoice management program for people and businesses. Endeve allows you to customize invoices, import clients from Outlook, track which clients owe you money and a whole lot more. – Easily create attractive invoices. Send invoices to clients by email. Save your invoices as PDFs, create quotes for work that you can later convert to invoices, get alerted when an invoice is overdue and numerous other features.

“Simplybill brings simple invoice management to all. Instead of wrestling with overly complex accounting software or trying to mash-up a spreadsheet into some sort of design, begin sending attractive invoices in minutes.”

freelancer-tools – SimplyInvoices integrates with the Basecamp API to give you full integration with your account and allow for easy invoicing based on your Basecamp activities. – With Invoice Journal your invoices will appear clear and clean both on-screen and on paper. InvoiceJournal allows you to send invoices for free via email or print them out to be sent by snail mail.  Also allows you to use multiple currencies. – Invoicera offers features such as automatic repeating invoices for frequent clients, integration with multiple payment gateways, printing, management and more. – Payment management tool, invoicing etc. Get paid from an emailed invoice, keep track of your clients, use marketing tools to gain new ones and more.

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