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11 Best Professional Tutorials on Flash Menu and Navigation

This is the greatest collection of professional tutorials that will teach you how to create a stunning Flash menu and navigation.

All You Need to Know about Web Design Project Planning and Process

Having a keen understanding of Web Design Project Process is invaluable. With a clear organization, you’ll be able to work more efficiently. and to show your clients what they are paying for.


Really creative and concept art skill holder one of the experienced Roberto Gamito designer and illustrator belong to Portugal, have great portfolio with 3D, 2D, concept art, Digital Art, Photo..

Designer Showcase: The Unmistakable Creations of Alberto Seveso

Alberto Seveso is both an illustrator and graphic designer from Italy. His creations are simply mind blowing. To achieve his works of art he maximizes the use of Illustrator and Photoshop.

HTML 5 Tutorial – A Simple Web Page Layout

Are you ready to create an aesthetically eye-pleasing web page layout using HTML 5?

40 Creative Uses Of Cufón Font Replacement

Cufón has been growing in popularity as an alternative to sIFR. It’s a great tool to add creativity to your site without cluttering it with a huge amount of image tags.

18 Really Beautiful and Creative Web Designs

Here are some of the 18 Newest and Fresh Designs of sites which are hand picked and are not only Beautiful but also Creative. :)

29 Free Twitter Background PSDs

If you don’t want to pay money for a custom twitter background then you can customize a free twitter background for your own wishes.To do this just download

14 Best CSS Editors for Web Designers & Developers

CSS definitely provides you the ease of changing the appearance of your entire website by just modifying a single file.

45 Halloween Icon Sets And Vector Resources

Halloween is quickly approaching here’s some cute,scary, and gory design resources. The ultimate collection for creating Halloween designs over 2500+ Halloween Icons and vectors, for designers.

Flash Logo Templates offers a variety of Flash Templates Design of Websites, Logos for Business, Education, Drinks, Dating, Fashion Websites

35 Awesome Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Create a strong based marketing for your blog using Twitter and this great 35 WordPress Plugins for a powerful Twitter and WordPress fusion.

Dark Blue Rust Metal Textures

Seven high resolution dark blue rust metal textures. Size: 3072 px by 2304 px

35 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Modern Web Design

Here is a compilation of 35 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Modern Web Design that will help you with designing a professional looking website.

Create a Shiny 3D Snooker Ball in Photoshop

In this tutorial, it will demonstrate you how to create a realistic 3D snooker ball. It is not difficult to make. Hope you will find it interesting.

Icon design tutorial: How to make a Calendar icon

In this tutorial we’re going to show you how we made the Calendar Icon from our most popular icon set “Coquette”.

Awesome Light Sparkles Photoshop Brushes set

A set of Photoshop brushes made up of various sparkles, glows, glitters… whatever you want to call them. I’ll stick with sparklies!

35 Beautiful Anime Manga Style art and Illustration

35 Beautiful Anime Manga Style art and Illustration

Free Hand-Draw Sketched Website / Blog Icons Collection

Free icons for your websites and blogs with a hand-drawn / sketched out ‘look’.

Creative Photography by Horacio Salinas

Horacio Salinas is a conceptual, still life photographer in New York, New York.

Quality Free Background Patterns Resources

If you are a designer or visual artist of any sort, you will find beautifully designed background patterns inspiring.

To save you time, I have put together a list of seamless background patterns.

8 jQuery plugins you will probably want to use

The simplicity, advanced features and strong support are common arguments for developers preferring jQuery against other JavaScript-frameworks.

50 Wonderful Poster and Advertisment Photoshop Tutorials

Many posters, particularly early posters, were used for advertising products. Posters continue to be used for posters advertising films, music, comic books,being particularly notable examples.

3 ways to find the best website color scheme

Learn how to pick a website color scheme that keeps visitors engaged. Includes a list of questions to ask clients and a color psychology cheat sheet.

60 unreal space wallpapers from Hubble space telescope

The images are undeniably priceless to scientists, who investigate the Hubble Telescope images to learn more about the universe. Here is 60 most amazing images from Hubble Space Telescope.

Visual Stimulation IV: 15 Amazing Motion Designs

The 4th installation of visual stimulation which is an article consisting of films and motion graphics. This collection is meant to inspire you in some way as you embark on another week of creativity.

Design a clean car dealer website layout in Photoshop

Design a clean car dealer website layout in Photoshop by following this simple tutorial.

creative brochure design ideas

I found this collection of brochure designs to be very creative and simultaneously complementing the corporate needs.

12 HQ Free Textures of October

12 Textures selected from my collection, which are you can use them for free

28 Best Of The Best Social Media Icon Sets #1

Everyday,new icons are designed by the proffessional designers which are all creative and sensational.

A Twitter Ticker with jQuery Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to create a pure jQuery & CSS twitter ticker which utilizes Twitter’s Search API.

35 Smart Logos With Second Thought To Make You look Twice

You need to really deliver message to people and you need to deliver the RIGHT message – those are logos, which will be remembered. Of course it\’s hard task, but this collection should help!!

20 Essential Infographics & Data Visualization Blogs

In the tradition of Inspired Mag\’s huge lists, here goes a new one – all the blogs with cool data visualization eye candy in the same place!

13 Rich Resources of Free Flash Files

some rich resources for free flash files. The list contains sites that are committed to help and enhance the flash community with professional flash templates and utilities but for free.

Design Cool and Simple Wallpaper in 10 Minutes

Here we are going to design a cool and simple wallpaper in just 10 minutes and 10 Steps.

90+ Latest Trends of Business Cards

We are helping you in this post for make good relationship between you and your business relatives which may inspire after seen your creative business cards, we have an industry..

How to Make an Impressive Blog Layout in Photoshop

You will learn how to construct a beautiful, sleek, and professional-level weblog design using Adobe Photoshop that you can later use for your very own blog theme.

Creating An HDR Photo Effect In 3 Simple Steps

Just a quick tip on how to create a HDR looking photo effect using Photoshop by making image adjustments and playing around with filters.

Smashing Pumpkins: A Free Halloween Vector Icon Set

You can use the set for all of your projects for free and without any restrictions. You can freely use it for both your private and commercial projects, including software, online services,and themes.

Our Favorite Posts for the Week of Oct 4th 2009

There were a number of great posts this week from 15 Common Mistakes in E-Commerce Design to setting up Automatic Thumbnails Without Using Custom Field. Here’s a list of our favorites. Enjoy!

24 Awesome Single Page Portfolio Designs

A single page portfolio site works best to showcase your design work. It is simple and quick to set up a website and perfect for designers since there is not much coding involved.

10 Websites Built with Kohana

A showcase of sites built with Kohana (the PHP Framework) to show what can be done in this excellent framework.

3 Javascript Chart

a few days earlier I had written about MooTools library for web designers a popular javascript library, now I will share javascript solution to charting

30 Stunning Fractal Designs and Illustrations

30 Stunning Fractal Designs and Illustrations

What You Need (And Don’t Need) In Your Sidebar

This post should cover some of the Do\’s and Don\’ts of blog sidebars.

Featuring 10 Awesome Anime Artworks of Airo

Featuring 10 Awesome Anime Artworks of Airo

Create a realistic sails with 3DS Max and reactor

Create an advanced 3D sails inside of 3DS Max! We will use a simple plane to create an advanced looking sails.

9 Invoicing Tips for Better Invoicing

When it comes to creating invoices there are instances where we end up in committing errors or entering partial details.

15 creative business cards to play with

The business card is one of the must-have stationary marketing material every freelancer should have, and of course having a memorable one will help your business for sure.

Pretty In Pink: 25 Creative Websites That Make You Think Pink

Trends come and go but one that I have yet to see fade out is the color pink. It’s had its high times where almost everyone was using it…


It’s that time of month again! Time to change your wallpaper to something new and exciting.

Interview With Steven Snell From Vandelay Design And

I first connected with Steven about 2 years ago and we’ve been in contact ever since. Here’s the interview I did with Steven recently. Make sure you stop by in the comment section!

60+ Beautiful Websites Showcasing Minimalist Design

Minimalist design means using simple and basic elements only in the design. This article showcase minimalism in web design.

Benefit from PDF to Word

The useful information to make your work more perfect.

HOW TO: TwittLink Retweet, Fast Share counter for Blogs

Now introducing Twittlink. Clicking on it launches the TwittLink widget instead of opening a popup widnow to your twitter page like tweetmeme does.

Create a Spectacular Flaming Meteor Effect on Text

Take typography one step further by having text falling from the sky in a burning inferno. Yes, this is the text-on-fire tutorial to end all tutorials.

Extremely Useful Collection of Free Flash Animated Menus

Take advantage of these quality free flash menu components and create a captivating website menu navigation in minutes.

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 7

A list of over 340 Windows Keyboard Shortcuts which might come in handy for you. :)

Simple Feature That Will Really Make Twitter Designer Friendly

This article discusses a very simple solution that Twitter can easily implement; and provide you with the freedom to create really unique profile pages…

Realtime Related Stream Bar: A Collecta-powered jQuery plugin

A jQuery plugin to create a bar of real-time stream of information related to your post powered by Collecta search engine.

Earn More By Becoming An Efficient Web Designer

Your primary cost on any project is the time it takes you to complete that project. Learning to work more efficiently will save you time leading to more profitable projects.

How to choose a better screen capture tool?

Sometimes, in our daily work, we have to handle many files. In order to attract more attention, we should increase something interesting. So a screen capture tool could help you.

10 Useful Project Management Tools for Freelancers

Project management includes planning, organizing, and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of specific project assigned.

Flash Professional CS5 enables iPhone apps development

The upgraded version of Adobe Flash (CS5) will allow you to build stand-alone applications for iPhone and iPod using AS3.

53 Custom Designed ”404 Error” Pages Of Big Sites

Sometimes our visitors cannot find the pages they are looking and this makes them sad like me.What can we do?

15 Helpful Website Usability Facts & Guidelines

Web site usability is the quality of a user’s interaction with a web site or, in other words, how usable a web site is to the user.

6 iPhone Apps that Let You Access Files in the Cloud

Here are the top iPhone apps that let you store and access your files in the cloud anytime, anywhere.

Creating An HDR Photo Effect In 3 Simple Steps

Just a quick tip on how to create a HDR looking photo effect using Photoshop by making image adjustments and playing around with filters.

Create a Free Email Newsletter using WordPress

There are many premium services out there that offers email newsletter service. This tutorial shows how you can simply use WordPress with a few plugins to offer free email newsletter to your readers.

80+ Famous Photos which belong to 20th Century

We’re thinking again 80+ greatest time of unforgettable black and white photos which belong to 20th century where was many times which giving acknowledge for our best future and brighter present..

How to Create a Chilling Photo Manipulation in Photoshop

In this tutorial It will show you how to create a fantasy photo manipulation called “You Can Not Frost The Time” with using several Photoshop tools such as Colour Range.

Create a Cool Cute Baby Seal using Illustrator

A simple tutorial to teach you how to create a super cute baby seal.It will then be your job to protect it from the evil fur trapper!

PNG IE Browser Issue Solution

Tutorial about hacking PNG Transparency in Internet Explorer using CSS.

16 free funny smileys emoticons in psd format

Download beautiful High Resolution Free smileys emoticons in PSD format. In this set are 16 nice, funny smileys emoticons. You can use these emoticons in to your website, add them as T-shirt design.

Free Flash Template – Carbon

We posted a new free flash template for you to get inspired and use it. Enjoy this new release!

15 Time Saving CSS Tools You Should Be Aware Of

15 CSS tools ranging from layout generators, form generators to code compressors that will save you a lot of time writing the CSS code for your next web design.

PSD to HTML Companies: Largest database of (x)HTML & CSS coders. provides a comprehensive list of PSD to HTML Slicing / conversion service providers. It\’s a FREE directory & have the largest database of PSD to (x)HTML companies.

Website Design – Web Design – Website Designer

WEB DESIGN- AWARD WINNING WEBSITE DESIGN to grow your business. Call 1300 782 023 for an Obligation Free Consultation with our quality web designers

WordPress Themes Flash Website Templates

Bestwebtemplates provides outstanding WordPress Themes Website Templates, WordPress Flash Templates Design WordPress Themes and other products like Website Templates, Flash.

Hand Drawn Vector Floral Patterns

We list only the best Freebies
This is a set of 3 hand drawn floral patterns. Created with a quill pen and india ink on bristol board. The resulting lines are very scratchy and uneven.

27 Excellent Planet and Space Photoshop Tutorials

We have seen lots of photos of space and planet over internet why not to create them ?

Best Practices Of Fashion Photography, Part 2.

This time we would like to follow up with another list of 20 photography websites belonging to the talented fashion photographers from all over the world.

Themes and Plugins For Extreme WordPress Functionality

W3Avenue has compiled a list of themes and plugins which allow you extend functionality of your WordPress powered website beyond a blog with minimum effort.

Open Source or Free Alternatives for Paid Software, Part I

Open source is a way to design, development, and distribute software through source codes…

Extremely Useful Collection of Free Flash Animated Menus

Take advantage of these quality free flash menu components and create a captivating website menu navigation in minutes.

Trials and Tribulations of SpecWork and CrowdSpring

There is no subject more controversial then SpecWork. If SpecWork were a religion, we would bear witness to holy wars erupting between believers and non believers. This is my take.

20 Best PSD to WordPress Service Providers

A quick website setup is what everybody loves these days. The level of competition has been raised so much that no webmaster can afford to let their prospects wait for his website to stand and run.

83 Nightclub Flyer Samples for Design Inspiration

Hot and chic nightclub flyer designs, handpicked from all over the Net! Complete with image credits for each designer, and enough eye candy to keep your eyes hungry for more.

79 Vintage Poster Designs

Relive memories from the past with these 79 vintage poster designs that can inspire you to create your own unique vintage poster.

21 Stunning photos and pictures with a beautiful quote

In this inspirational post, we present stunning photos of : Babies, Kids, Flowers, People, etc…

Photoshop Cheatsheets & Our Must Know Shortcuts

Trying to use photoshop without shortcuts is like trying to eat soup with a fork. Not happening! Here are some Photoshop Cheatsheets & Our Must Know Shortcuts. :)

(Yet Another) 10 New Design Blogs You Should Check for Daily Inspiration

Every month we\’re scanning the web for fresh blogs delivering quality content in the design-dev-freelance community, and these are the 10 entries for September

HOW TO: WordPress Style “About The Author” Widget For Blogger

WordPress Style ” About the Author Widget ” is now available for Blogger Blogs. This hack teaches you how to add the widget on your blog.

Diving into Flash Design

Notes from a Web nerd on moving from designing Web sites to Flash games.

Two Column Layout Designs for Inspiration

Two column layout website designs selected for their creative and elegant design. Take a look and get inspired.

Best twitter tools for iphone

Today I am compiling a list of various twitter tools for iphone, there are many many more. I tried few best of them. Please add your comments with tools you use.

50+ Extravagant Traings about Vector Graphics

As our slogan Learn step by step tutorials of Adobe Illustrator, this is powerful tool for vector illustration graphics which can use for web pages and print media designs, this article shares..

Design a Vintage Radio Icon in Photoshop

In this Photoshop Tutorial, you’ll learn how to design an old vintage radio using simple shapes, gradients, patterns and textures.

How to Create a Trendy Retro Type Treatment

In this Illustrator tutorial, It will show you how to create a trendy retro type treatment with a free font, gradients, blends, and some scatter brushes.

Free Online Photo Editing and Sharing – is your free online photo editing and sharing resource. Upload, organize, edit, store (up to 2GB free) and share your photos.

10 Ways To Make Your Blog’s Comment Form Stand Out

WordPress comment form is usually the left out portion of most blog designs. Here are 10 ways with examples to make your blog’s comment form stand out from the crowd.

HOW TO: Elegant CSS Message Boxes for Blogs

Want to display an error message, or an alert, or simply a notification in your blogger template? This simple CSS can be used to do that trick.

Creative Nerds

A collection of 30 package designs which which are clever but also very creative.
leave a comment we would love to hear which is your favourite design.

30 WordPress Plugins To Help You Improve Your Sidebar

This article contains the most recommended WordPress plugins for your blog sidebar to create it more powerful and usable very easily without even touching code!

Learning jQuery: 11 excellent resources

List of the best resources for learning how to use the javascript framework.

Blogging A Wonderful Experience

Blogging is a frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.

How To Make A Seamless Grid Pattern In Photoshop CS4

In 5 easy steps, this tutorial shows you how to make a seamless grid image in Photoshop CS4. Use as your website background or convert into a pattern or brush file to be used and reused.

10 Points To Create Fantastic List Posts That Rock

List posts are a dime a dozen. Here are 10 extremely useful points to remember when doing lists. Follow these and your List Posts Will Rock!

How to Become a Freelancer – Tips for the Still Unsure Guy

Oscar Del Ben of Freestyle Mind outline some very useful tips for the unsure wannabe freelancer. If you need that push into striking out on your own, read this!

10 Free Dirty Green Water Textures

10 high resolution grungy textures celebrating urban decay. Dirty green water free for personal and commercial use!

40 digital drawing by digital design mastermind P.Brown

Patrick Brown is 23 years old Graphic designer from Australia. He is really gifted digital drawing mastermind. In his artworks you can find many celebrities.

10 Things I Hate About Your Workspace

The journey towards success will begin from your workspace. Find out 10 changes you can make to your workspace to become more inspired.

Giveaway contest – Invoicera Billing Software

Three lucky readers will be able to win a license for Invoicera. Read the rules below to find out how you can join this contest: it\’s pretty simple!

Colourful Swirls

We list only the best Freebies! This Time:
Retro colorful swirls in .eps vector file format.

Social Bookmark Sketchy Icons

We list only the best Freebies:
Free icons from the social media with sketchy looking
They are in png in blue, black and black with transparency as well in vector most common formats as usual.

Interview With Grant Friedman From

Grant Friedman is a great designer and blogger and I recently had the pleasure of interviewing him. He is the man behind the popular design blog, Colorburned. I hope you enjoy this interview!

HQ wallpapers of Cars with Sexy models

HQ wallpapers of Cars with Sexy models

Drawing an Abstract Lightbulb Using Photoshop

in this tutorial I will cover a couple of techniques, mainly Glows using layer styles, stroking paths, articles using brush dynamics.

Illustrator Tutorial – Create a Gang of Vector Ninjas

It can be quite tricky getting the hang of Adobe Illustrator, but if you take a step back and concentrate on the basics there’s a range of options for creating great looking images.

The Best Gundam Robot Illustrations

I have collated a number of great Gundam Robot illustrations from across the Web.

30+ Best CSS Tools and Online Resources

Now days I am in the process of learning CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) almost all web sites are using this technology.

7 Tips to Skyrocket Your Marketing Efforts as a Freelancer

Looking to get a ton more clients and really have your marketing technique bring truly great results? We have the tips for you.

10 Free Original Hi-Res Fully Stained Paper Textures

These were created by soaking A4 pieces of paper in a tray filled with food colouring and then left to dry in the sun.

20+ High Quality Color Spectrum and Rainbow Wallpapers

You can’t imagine life without colors. Different colors give you different energy but when they come all together in form of spectrum they give you freshness and happiness.

Excellent Tutorials to Utilize the Power of WordPress and Facebook

Some of the most valuable plugins and tutorials that will let you combine the power of Facebook and WordPress.

Create a photorealistic wordpress layout in Photoshop

Create a photorealistic wordpress layout in Photoshop by following this simple tutorial.

Create a Mobile Site

With more then 3 billion phones in use and the growing trend of being connected everywhere we go, it\’s important to have a mobile presence with a proper site. I wrote a guide to help you build one

Apple Mac OS X Leopard Logo And Wallpaper Tutorial

Apple Mac OS X Leopard Logo And Wallpaper Tutorial, The tutorial is in Turkish but you can use Google Translate on my website.

Abstract Photoshop Brushes Free To Download

In this post we have presented Abstract photoshop brushes which are free to use. It is a good practice to work on a limited set of brushes and not have a junk of brushes

100+ Must Have Cheat Sheets For Web Designers & Developers

Cheat sheets are really helpful and easy way to remember things. In this list we have got the most used cheat sheets for web designers and developers, this list covers all areas of designing

25+ Striking Photoshop Retouching Tutorials

I have experience about Graphic and Web Designing experience, thats why offering something different for designers and Photographers, in these listed Adobe Photoshop Tutorials you may Retouch..

Creative Uses of Illustration in Website Design

One thing I love to see in web design is how artists and designers take a certain style of design and incorporate it into their websites.

11 Great Post on WordPress Plugins

All likes WordPress for its easy managing system. Problem is, which pluings will be suitable or needed for their blog. Following posts from different web design related blogs are most valuable.

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