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Web Design Friday: 36 Inspirational Web Designs

Every Friday, I showcase inspiring and well-designed websites. This week, I offer 36 inspirational web designs featuring great design elements including: hand-drawn, gradients, typography, and more.

Photoshop Car Tutorial

This tutorial describes how to render this car. In this tutorial I also use layer masks and layer filter.Drawing out the paths is the most tedious part but once theyre layed out it all comes alive.

CSS vs Tables: The Debate That Won’t Die

One of the debates that never seems to go away is that of css vs tables and which is better to use for the layout of your site. So which is better to use?

25 3D Typography Tutorials

3D Typography is an art of collecting and arranging text and characters in three dimension view. So here we have collected some of the tutorials on 3D Typography

3D Text Effexts

How to Deal with Client Dissatisfaction

There are times during your freelancing career where things haven’t gone so well. Maybe the client didn’t like your drafts even once you revised the…

5 WordPress Tips and Tricks You Must Know – Part 2

We continue our coverage for the remaining three tips and tricks that could be useful for new WordPress designers to add non-standard features to their themes. Let\’s begin.

10 of the Best Insects Kindom Photo Manipulation

Today we are going to showcase some of the interesting images that have been manipulated specifically for the insects kingdom. Without any delays here are the winning best images in this category.

12 Ultimate Free Stock Photo Resources

Stock photography is an open aggregate of photographs that can be licensed for specific usage in public, as well as commercial projects.

20 Tips for Stunning Portrait Photography

I want to look at some ways to break out of the mold and take striking portraits by breaking (or at least bending) the rules and adding a little randomness into your portrait photography.

Design a Unique Paper Grungy Website Layout

This tutorial will teach you how to design a cool grungy website layout. As well as walking you through the various Photoshop techniques.

Create a Dramatic Car Speeding Photoshop Scene

This tutorial will show how to create a car travelling at high speed around the corner of a highway.

34 Free Church Marketing Vector Files

The Sexiest Twitter Backgrounds

Twitter has spawned up as an amazing tool in promotion of articles, from looking at people’s profiles especially designers and large brands we can see some amazing twitter background designs also.

Colorful Flower Vector

Several pre-made compositions, single colored flowers, frame border flowers, etc… Useful as design element or clipart for your creations, scrapbooking, website, blog, etc…

Shadows Blood Brush

27 fully 3D blood brushes digitally edited. All background interference has been removed allowing crazy levels of curves to be used to achieve that realistic feel.

30+ Free Photoshop Website Templates with PSD Files

In this large size bundle gift pack contain Free Photoshop Website Templates and Free Photoshop Web Page Layouts provided by specialized websites, where very much professional stuff located..

Over 40 Free Design Vector Sticker banner Icons

40+ free vector stickers. Zipped file contains EPS file with stickers with editable text so you can create your own stickers.
There are also stickers with fonts converted to outlines.

Design an amazing 3d hosting layout in Photoshop

Learn how to create an advanced hosting layout in Photoshop with this easy to follow tutorial.

Design an amazing 3d hosting layout in Photoshop

Learn how to create an advanced hosting layout in Photoshop with this easy to follow tutorial.

17 Excellent Image Optimization Tools

While designing a web site you should take care of site optimization too, which can be done in various ways.

iPhone Apps to Help You Manage Your Blog

Here are the three iPhone apps I use daily to plan and manage BrandFreeze. Which iPhone apps are you using to manage your blog? Please share in the comments below.

Free PSD Files: Collection of 50+ psd files from around the web

PSD files can be very useful and save you lots of time with your design projects. If you are looking to create certain types of works such as DVD disc layout, iPhone or even photo manipulation.

A BIG Break for Busy Entrepreneurs:

Here is one of the best resource of “DO-It-YOurself” logos where you will get the chance to create a logo upto your requirements for

Tips on Designing Effective Website Layout

A good layout is something that addresses the customer’s needs effectively, pleases search engine crawlers and is designed in compliance with the latest trends of the business.

25 Beautiful Retro Futurism Designs

A new design trend which is really starting to take off among the design community, which is Retro Futurism Designs an interpretation of the future maintaing some type of old vintage appearance.

Over 5000 FREE Adobe Photoshop Brushes

It\’s time for another massive roundup! Brushes, an essential thing for any designer. Here are over 5000 FREE Adobe Photoshop Brushes, ready for you to use them.

Links.I.Love – Design & Blogging Edition

A recap post of some of the best design and blogging articles this week including: tutorials, WordPress theme hacks, web design inspiration, working with clients, portfolio design, and more.

20 Neat Websites Of Maternity And Newborn Photographers

When your family is expanding, you want to record this precious time of your life.

33 Remarkable Photoshop Brushes That You Must Bookmark

Most of the materials involved in painting are expendable. Just about the only tools worth protecting are your paint brushes.

Freebie: Scrolling Image Menu

This free flash file is a XML driven menu. Each item from the XML file has two attributes: the path to the image and an url address. You can set the menu to work horizontally or vertically.

In this tutorial It will take you through the steps and techniques of creating a golden compass.

In this tutorial It will take you through the steps and techniques of creating a golden compass.

How to Create a Very Super Shiny Slick Pencil Icon

The Pencil is one of the visual metaphors most used to express creativity. In this tutorial, It will show you how to draw a pencil icon.

10 Examples of Great, Corporate Mascots

I have listed below 10 great examples of corporate mascots that display these characteristics and have proven to be a success for the related company.

Inspiration and Portfolio Goodness from

As creatives we are inundated with places to display and store our work, usually to overwhelming proportions. So many places to source inspiration and places to show off our work. Welcome to DripBook.

20 Fractal Art Wallpapers for Inspiration

Fractals are generally irregular shapes and they are not objects definable by traditional geometry. Some of the features of fractal are fine structure at arbitrarily small scales.

Shadows Blood Brush

Here’s a special treat for those more gruesome and dark artists among you. 27 fully 3D blood brushes digitally edited. All background interference has been removed allowing crazy levels of curves

Colorful Backgrounds

Well except from gummy bears… i love colors too! Here is a free vector set, which consists of 3 colorful backgrounds, in EPS format. Hope you like them:)

Collection of Best Free Clip Art Sites

A roundup of the best opensource clip art sites.

Introducing Animated JPEG

An introduction to JPEG Animated file extension.

Photoshop Tutorials: Compilation of some stunning text effects

If your next design project involves some manipulation of typeface, you do not want to miss this article. I have always found that text effects is one of the coolest things.

10 New Social Media Tools for Web Users

In this post I’m sharing a small list of new social media tools to help web users. These list includes some most popular tools like TweeMixx, TweetMic, Clixtr, Stribe, SocialToo and much more.

Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop

Today with my 6 hours effort for you peoples who love to read all our articles, now here is Complete Grunge Web Layout Tutorial in Photoshop, we will go through the process of very..

Extravagant WordPress Themes & Under Construction Templates Out in September

As usual, we’re roaming the web to find the best digital products for your design needs. These are the coolest finds of the last two weeks.

Super Easy and Cool Flower Text Effect in Photoshop

In this tutorial It will show you how to create a very simple but at the same time really cool effect in Photoshop.It uses some stock photos and just play around with them.

Illustrator Tutorial: How to Draw a Vector Kiwi

Have ever wondered how to create a kiwi, this tutorial will teach you how to do it using effects like Texturizer, Pointillize, Grain and Film grain. Hope you can learn some new stuff in this tutorial.

Old School Retro Vintage Model Photoshop brushes

Some images from a sewing book from the 50’s.Image pack included, in case you have a previous PS version and these brushes don’t work for you or if you use a different software.

Mood Board 101: Branding and Image Development

A mood board is a collage of your ideas and inspiration for any design work, whether it be web or print, in the form of visual representations.

Modern Web Banner Boxes

4 Different Banners in 2 sizes. In the zeip file there are the original PSD files included. They can be costumized very easily and they can be used to advertise a product or website.

25 Creative and Awe-inspiring Logo Designs

Creative logos that you can draw inspiration from that displays elements of the current trends in modern logo design – negative spacing, creative typography, illustrated characters, and many more.

50+ Exciting Firefox Wallpapers

Firefox is one of the coolest browsers, we have crawled over the web and picked up some of the finest firefox wallpapers to fire up your desktop. Go ahead and check them out.

50 Beautiful Wallpapers

In this post we have collected 50 beautiful wallpapers for all those who are looking out for inspiration. Go ahead and check out these wallpapers and let us know your best pick!

Daily Inspiration #3 Cool Illustration Artworks!

In today’s post of daily inspiration we present some of the coolest artworks produced by great illustrators! These works of art will surly inspire you for your future art works. Enjoy!

WePrintQuick.Com 500 Business Cards For 5 Giveaway!

WePrintQuick.Com is giving away 500 business cards for 5 of readers. Comment and win! Hurry!

Daily Inspiration #4 Cool Typography And Its Applications

There are many places where typography alone can define design and its really cool to get inspired by these amazing typography uses in various ways which will fuel you for your next design ideas.

Fresh Photoshop Tutorials To Enhance Your Skills

In this roundup we present fresh photoshop tutorials which will surely help you enhance your photoshop skills. These tutorials are best practice to help you get started

How to Create a Minimalist and Typographic Blog Layout From Scratch

WordPress theme tutorial is created with minimalism and typography in mind. You will learn how to create this minimalist theme scratch including XHTML, CSS and WordPress.

15 Premium Portfolio WordPress Themes

Portfolio Design is the main key factor to get Client\’s attention. Here I\’m listing 15 Awesome Premium Portfolio WordPress Themes that you may like to use.

30 most important web and graphic design blogs

If you want to be professional web or graphic designer you should often visit these 30 websites. We collect 30 most important websites about web design and graphic design.

Logo Bliss

Premium logo inspiration gallery.

20+ Places Online to Make Money From Design

This post has over 20 sites where you can sell your images, video clips, sound files, logo designs, icons, and loads more!

Top Notch WordPress Footer Designs (Best Practies & Tips)

Here is a collection of top notch WordPress footer designs along with the tips and snippets that can help you in improving your Footer Design.

Website Design: Some of the most uniquely designed E-commerce websites

E-commerce sites have come a long way since the pioneering days of and Today many web designers and programmers are pushing the envelope when it comes to the design.

1000s Flash Websites, Create your own Website by Wix

I just seen from few weeks an advert when I click there and got some very informative and creative inspirational stuff for all users, who can design own website as follow there terms and conditions..

Create a grunge personal portfolio layout

Learn how to design an grunge portfolio layout in Adobe Photoshop with this easy to follow tutorial.

Create a grunge personal portfolio layout

Learn how to design an grunge portfolio layout in Adobe Photoshop with this easy to follow tutorial.

48 Beautiful and Creative Blue Web Designs

Blue is the color of the sky. Blue is also one of the easiest color to work with, and also give a clean and bright look to your website design.

40 Inspiring High Quality Typographic Wallpapers

This wallpaper roundup will enjoy everybody, who likes smart, mostly minimalistic and clean typography in high resolution and professionally designed.

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