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70+ Seriously Useful Handwritten Fonts and Inspirational Showcases

The advantages that computers give us is obvious but the complete turnaround that have happened over just a few years makes real life stuff like fx. hand written text catch most peoples attention (even though it is presented on a computer screen)

Curl Tree Design Vector

Brown tree design with curly branches. Can be used as a background for cd sleeves, a book, a presentation, announcement, t-shirt, folder, poster, or as design element, etc…

Shadows Blood Brush

Here’s a special treat for those more gruesome and dark artists among you. 27 fully 3D blood brushes digitally edited. All background interference has been removed allowing crazy levels of

How To Add Twitter Connect To Your WordPress Blog?

Now, i am going to talk about, how you can add Twitter Connect to your blog comments. Before i start, i want to mention about that why you need this twitter connect.

3 Ways to Skyrocket Your Income as a Freelancer

It\’s becoming harder and harder for clients to pay up on time as we\’re head-first into an economic recession – so at times, income can seem very low.

24 Sites Powered By jQuery

You all know that jQuery has become more popular every day and it’s used to do amazing stuff on websites. I’ve […]

38 jQuery And CSS Drop Down Multi Level Menu Solutions

Here you\’ll find 38 mainly jquery and CSS based drop-down or just multi level menu tutorials with down loadable files and explanations as well.

54 Best Inspirational Night Photography Shots

Some of the world’s best photographs are taken at night. Although its not an easy task to take good quality pictures at night. But some artists do it very well.

30+ Professional Designs with Free Photoshop PSD Files

Today we’re with Adobe Photoshop Designs including source files with the best resources of PhotoshopFiles and deviantart, Photoshop is usually the primary option to consider, quite hard to learn..

Shorthand Properties of CSS

Have you ever seen a CSS style sheet with multiple attributes applied to the one property and wondered how it\’s done? Let\’s go through it and make your style sheets that much better.

Optimise Pages using PHP

Make sure that your server is delivering content as fast as possible. This will decrease load times significantly.

10 Cool Photo Portfolio and Gallery WordPress Themes

Today we’re featuring our favorite 10 photography portfolio and gallery themes for WordPress

Top 10 recent premium wordpress themes for download

These are our top 10 stunning WordPress themes which released recently, these are a class and masterpiece of design and apart from the rest in terms of uniqueness in design and visual appeal.

Making Our Own Twitter Timeline

In this tutorial we are going to create our own twitter-like timeline using PHP, MySQL and jQuery.

40 Exceptionally Beautiful WordPress Themes

WordPress is regarded as the most widely used CMS platform with some creativeness it can be turned to a full blown site especially when good design and powerful jQuery scripts are integrated into it.

How To Choose Best Netbook?

With the advent of netbooks on the markets as the total popularity growths, it could be difficult to choose which netbook is the one that you prefer to buy and use.

Free 126 Grunge Concrete Walls Textures

free more than 100 Grunge Concrete Plastered Walls textures.In arsenal of all designers must be plenitude of design elements, such as textures. In this set are 126 large-scale suitable walls textures.

Creative Business Card Design Inspiration And Print Solutions

This list comes in handy when you print your business cards, get the designer design for you or DIY. This list contains the best business card designs you probably have never seen before.ENJOY

50 Most Creative Advertisements!

Simple ideas can change the perspective of things what we look at everyday! I am really fascinated by the way people want us to see things in a different way.ENJOY

50 Amazing Photo Effect Tutorials In Photoshop

Here we have rounded up some of the best photo effect tutorials that are found over the web, its easy to find them all under one post and try out the effect you like.

21 Fresh Design Fonts Free To Download

In this post we present 21 fresh fonts which are free to download and use! We have collected these fonts from various resources over the web, please do credit them once a while. Enjoy

1000+ high resolution free Photoshop brushes

Brushes serve an incredible role in defining art, we have handpicked some of the best high resolution brushes which are free to download.

Vector Composed Image using displacement filter

Displacement map filter is one of the best tools, if you use it it can create magic. Check out my tutorial to make a vector composed image using displacement map filter.

Create A 3D Typo Effect In Photoshop

Create this 3d typographic design in photoshop. In this tutorial I will explain step by step how to create this amazing 3d typo design. Go ahead learn it and create your own attractive 3d text!

Create An Amazing Blackberry AD

Step by step detailed tutorial to create an amazing Blackberry phone advertisement with some simple photoshop tools.

Ultimate Round Ups Of Photoshop Interface Design Tutorials

Starting an Interface design? Power up your design by these best photoshop interface design tutorials found over the web! This is the best place to get inspired and instructed step by step! ENJOY

50 Really Inspiring Photoshop Works!

Inspiration is 90% of our creativity! Here I have listed out most amazing works of photoshop from the top designers of the world. These amazing art works shouts most basic photoshop skills..

Create A 3D Typo Effect In Photoshop

Hello Peeps! In this tutorial we will learn how to create a cool 3d effect using photoshop and Xara 3D. Lets check out what we are going to create.

50 Hottest Movie Posters Of All Times!

These movie posters have many elements placed and presented at its best! Here we present 50 most creative movie posters which spell out creativity and information in their own style.

8 Brilliant Freelance Job Boards to Help You Get More Clients

If you\’re a freelancer and you\’re not participating on job boards to get a bit of extra freelance work, then you\’re potentially missing out on a lot.

Wooden Fence – Free WordPress Theme

Demo and Download Wooden Fence – Free WordPress Theme

Create a grunge metallic photo frame

In this post I’m going to show you how to add a cool grunge metallic frame to a photo and how to create a quick metallic text effect.

15 Awesome Dinosaur Illustrations and Digital Art

15 Awesome Dinosaur Illustrations and Digital Art

82+ Beautiful Windows 7 Wallpapers

Best 82+ Windows 7 Wallpapers for your desktop. A super wallpaper pack for Windows 7 fans.

40 Exceptionally Beautiful WordPress Themes

WordPress is regarded as the most widely used CMS platform with some creativeness it can be turned to a full blown site especially when good design and powerful jQuery scripts are integrated into it.

60 Promotional Websites to Promote Design Article

There are a lot of bookmarking and voting sites to promote your posts and articles. And if you submit your post

Showcase Of 40 Website Designs Featuring Clouds And Skies

You’ll notice that some of those designs use clouds and skies very subtly while others went all in and based their designs around them. Hope you enjoy the collection!

11 Cool and Free Textures For Your Next Design Work

In this article, we attempt to showcase you 11 Cool Textures from which designers can take advantage of. Hope you like them. :)

New release – Ink Stain Free WordPress Theme

Another professional WordPress theme designed by, the Ink Stain theme is SEO optimized theme and W3C compliant. Free download.

CSS Sprites Builder

CSS is an online tool to help web designers and web developers to build CSS Sprites.

50 Creative and Colourful Advertisements

To take our attention, advertisers spend thousands dollars to create creative Advertisements. Today we want share with you 50 most amazing creative, colorful Advertisements from popular brands.

Amazing Macro Nature Photography by Joni Niemelä

Awesome and very beautiful photos by Joni Niemelä, professional photographer, based in western Finland.

30 Amazing HD Wallpaper to Spice Up Your Desktop

In this post, I will share 30 amazing high definition wallpaper from to spice up your desktop!

Amazing Macro Nature Photography by Joni Niemelä

Awesome and very beautiful photos by Joni Niemelä, professional photographer, based in western Finland.

PixelCrayons Now for Small Businesses

Pixelcrayons announces the launch of – A service centric offering which will help small and medium size businesses (SMBs).

91 Trendy Contact And Web Forms For Creative Inspiration

This article showcases modern and interesting contact/web form solutions found around the Internet to get your creativity boosted up!

Inpiration Dose – Issue 1

Just a few choice selections of original artwork that made us smile or maybe stop and think. Enjoy!

Have Old Photo Website? Claim Your 20% Discount at ReadyPhotoSite!

Ready Photo Site is offering 20% DISCOUNT for all photographers who have a website running and would like to make a “facelift”.

35 Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design

Here is a showcase of 35 Inspiring Watercolor Effect in Web Design. Below you will see how the designers effectively applied watercolor textures or brushes and come up a perfect design.

99+ Links To Lists With Even More Links

This is a list of uncountable links referring you to lists with even more links about various topics I compiled for you.

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