70+ Awesome Free Textures and Texture Sets

July 18, 2011 · 26 comments

by Lars

Free Textures

Textures are used more often than one may think and in fact they are essential building blocks for designers. The reason why most people are not aware that textures are being used everywhere is that textures usually remain in the background or fade into other elements, supporting the overall design. This way textures are used to create a more realistic ore authentic atmosphere.
How you use textures is entirely up for you but I’m sure you can’t resist to take a closer look at the selection you will find below.

In this article I have selected more than70 great textures on Flickr, all with Creative Commons license. I have also included a stunning list of texture resources that you can’t afford to miss.

Before you use any of the textures make sure you check the license carefully.



Free Textures Found on Flickr

Did you know that you can search on flickr using a filter that only return material under Creative Commons license? It’s simple and effective and if you add a texture tag too you will get the list I did when writing this post. This is how it looks.

And then some textures please!….

Stunning texture packs

Stone and rock

Concrete and Pavement Texture Pack

Vintage Textures

Vintage II Texture Pack

Vintage III Texture Pack

15 Old Book Cover Textures

17 More Old Book Cover Textures

texture 26

Free High-Res Texture Pack: The Anatomy of a *Really* Old Book

Vintage Texture Pack

Dark Symphony Textures

turn back time texture pack

Vintage Bum

Wood Textures

Free Hi Resolution Wood Textures

Textures – Wood

Local Texture: Three by One

Dark Wood Texture Pack

Fabric Textures

Free Fabric Texture Pack

Denim Textures

Paper and Cardboard Textures

5 Fantastically Free High Res Brown Paper Textures

Paper Textures 2

White crumbled paper texture

Natural Paper Texture Pack

Paper Textures Pack 02

Texture: Notebook Paper – 3

Cardboard Textures and Objects

Rough Paper Textures

old books

paper skies stocks

Free High Resolution Plain and Grunge Paper Textures


Grunge II Texture Pack

rust textures

Old Grunge Photo Texture Pack

Grunge Hell 1

Grungy and Dirty Textures

Broken Glass Textures

Victorian grunge texture pack

24 Free High-Res Textures

Smashed Glass Texture

grunge textures 01


Christy Sobolewski Textures

vintage grunge textures

color grunge textures

hardcore vintage grunge

Motion-Texturen von Photoclinique

ni-irensle institute

Large Paper Grunge Textures

Anatomy of a Dumpster: 12 Textures



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