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10 Superb Randomly Selected Graphics and Designs

10 Superb Randomly Selected Graphics and Designs a must see post

270+ Sets Free And Beautiful Watercolor Textures

Grungy and watercolor effects are really cool and hot in web design industrial. This article shares 270+ sets watercolor textures that may be helpful to all designers.

6 Visual Media Optimization Mistakes

Visual media is growing quickly among the web design community however are web designers taking time to consider the potential search engine optimization impacts?

What is Design

The best interpretations in posters and wallpaper of what design is.

300+ creative google logo collection

You all know that Google reflect unique Google Logo for every and holiday. Today we present to you little peace of Google Logo collection with more than 300 cool Google Logos.

62 Wallpapers from Space

We all love desktop wallpapers because we can always find one which will represent us or what we like.I\’ve gathered 62 wallpapers related to Space just for you.

Outsourcing: The Path to Efficiency and Greater Income

It’s quite common for a potential client to approach you asking for a service that you may not offer, so how do you go about dealing with that, whilst still getting the most from your client?

Mega Giveaway From Best PSD to HTML Service Worth 897$

Mega Giveaway From Best PSD to HTML Service Worth 897$. Contest Ends on September 6, 2009! :)

10+ Apprentice Adobe Air Video Tutorials

We presenting Adobe Air Video Tutorials for beginners who can learn from scratch, even there is installation tips on different operating systems, this is from gotmyidea..

Sexy Bookmarks v2 for WordPress and Blogger

Here is a tutorial to add Sexy Bookmarks in your wordpress and blogger blogs.

40 Beautifully Designed Christian Websites

After posting 15 Beautiful Christian Website Designs back in September, 08 we came across many more beautifully designed Christian websites, which are worthy of mention.

42 Creative & Excellent Examples Of Illustrations In Web Design

There are lots of styles and techniques to make a beautiful web design and making illustrated layouts is one of them.

20 Stunning Eye’s Photo manipulation and Digital Artworks

20 Stunning Eye\’s Photo manipulation and Digital Artworks an awesome post must see

20 Essential WordPress Caching And Performance Plugins

Get your WordPress blog to perform better! Optimize it, tune it and make it run faster. To help you achieve this, here\’s a compilation of essential tools for you!

Six in depth tutorials for game and web developers

A collection of tutorials that show you how to create your own game and web multimedia applications step by step. You\’ll learn how 3D Flash engines, the latest web elements and C++ game development

How to Create a Cute and Adorable Twitter Icon in Photoshop

In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a Cute and Adorable Twitter Icon. Throughout this tutorial, you will use some of the basic tools like Ellipse Tool, Pen Tool and Gradient Tool.

25+ Truly Artistic WordPress Header Designs

WordPress theme header give the impression of the whole blog , so for designers its very important to give it a artistic touch.

Inspired Interview: Derek Herman – The Man Who Built Envato

OK, everybody knows that Collis Ta’eed is the man with the plan for the Envato empire, but he’s got the best ninja to actually build all those beautifully crafted websites. Hello Derek!

36 Cool Free Textures

Jasen Robillard has selected 36 great textures on Flickr, all with Creative Commons licenses and created a reference mosaic with the chosen textures.

Innovative Wood Texture Pack from GeekSucks

14 awesome wood textures for free use. All these textures’ resolution is 3888 X 2592.

High Quality Free PSD Templates

PSD files are generally a layered file that is proprietary to Adobe PhotoShop. PSDs are useful in that they can enable the designer to change colors to an image

The Grand Marketing Manual for Freelancers Has Been Released!

It’s finally here, our ebook dedicated to helping freelancers score more clients, it’s called ‘The Grand Marketing Manual for Freelancers’! So, what does this ebook entail?

10 Worth Watcing Celebrity Pencil Sketches

10 Worth Watcing Celebrity Pencil Sketches a must see post

Wonder Girls Nobody – Web Designer and Programmer Version MTV

A Music Video of Wonder Girls Nobody – Web Designer and Programmer Version

Blue Beetle

Site of a fresh, boutique interactive studio based in Dubai with meaty portfolio. Unique use of Flash in a standards compliant business website sprinkled with an even mix of creativity and humour.

New release – Letter Frame Free WordPress Theme

Aesthetically designed WordPress theme from, the Letter Frame theme is compatible with major browsers and W3C compliant. Free download.

Amazing Animals Photography by Natalie Manuel

Awesome animals photography by Natalie Manuel, professional animus photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia.

65 Popular And Professional Free Fonts For Creative Typography

This article features 65 high quality fonts, where many of them are very good for font creation, creative graphic typographic works, unique web design titles etc.

What to do when your design is stolen?

Even though imitation can be taken as a form of flattery for a designer, let’s take a look at what you can do to when it happens to you.

15 Random Digital Art , designzzz and photo manipulations

15 Random Digital Art , designzzz and photo manipulations a must see post

Smart Advertising – 30+ Bizarre and Creative Ads

Over 30 creative, smart, and awe-inspiring advertisements and messages have been compiled in this article to inspire and showcase outstanding achievement in this industry.

Brushed Silver Reflective Text Effect Tutorial

Learn how to create an elegant brushed silver text effect immersed in an abstract reflective watery scene.

Create an Awesome 3D Future City

In this tutorial, I will show you how to create an advanced city of the future inside of 3DS Max.

Webdesign Trend Hunting – 27 Bright Websites Using Popping Colors

The Trend Hunting series continues with a big roundup of cool websites designed with bright colors in mind. And in the eye :]

10 Useful Online Presentation Tools to Promote Business

Online presentations are considered as one of the effective marketing and communication tools.Publishing value-added content on variety of presentation websites helps you in keeping clients informed.

6 Essential tools to check your website Usability

In this post I’m sharing some very useful tools for webmasters to check website usability.

Exotic Fashion Photoshop Tutorial

Find out what Photoshop techniques were used to create this painting. In this Photoshop tutorial, we will walk you through several painting techniques to get you started with painting.

What is RSS and The Subscribe to My RSS Experiment

With this experiment you will learn what is a RSS feed and how to subscribe to your favorite blogs, including this one of course and find some oncoming news of this blog as well.

Keep Your Heart Open: 25 Inspirational Lifestyles

We are so different and same time we are so alike. We love, we smile, we create. Life is fascinating and there\’s a place for everyone.

22 Photoshop Web Design Interface Tutorial Sites

Since there are several great websites delivering beautiful and high quality tutorials constantly, you have got this article featuring those tutorial sites for never ending learning!

How to remove “Joomla! is Free Software” text from Footer in Joomla 1.5?

A detailed tutorial about removing and changing the text Joomla! is Free Software on your Joomla 1.5 footer.

10 WordPress plugins that every website needs… and others that may come in handy

There are certain WordPress plugins that every website needs, regardless of their function. This list explains what they are and why. It also has some extra plugins that will frequently be useful

Live blogging from DrupalCon Paris 2009

Propeople will do live blogging from DrupalCon Paris (Sep 1-5, 2009). This year, DrupalCon features 800+ attendees, 100+ sessions, 3 conference days, 2 code sprints and a day of Drupal training.

Custom Software Development Services

Radixweb LLC offers custom software and web application development services and solution. Contact Us now to get your custom e commerce software development completely based on your requirement.

Slicejobs – Compare or promote your own slicing services!

SliceJobs is a new service offering a quality database in choosing the right slicing freelancer or company to turn design into HTML/CSS templates.

100 fantasy art gallery

Fantasy digital art works is art genre that uses magic and other supernatural forms as a primary element of plot.We collect fantasy art gallery of 100 best art works to show you magic of fantasy art.

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