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Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. User links are normally JUST PUBLISHED articles and have gone through a check to be relevant for designers and developers. This is a round-ups providing latest user links submitted on tripwire magazine. See all user submitted links here

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Blue Retro Grunge Text Effect PSD

Includes: fully editable layered PSD you see in the picture, .asl file, .pat file.

Back-Up Folders in Windows Effortlessly

It\’s simple and will save you tons of heartache in the long run and it\’s free. :)

Useful Collection of Flash Preloaders Tutorials

This is a stunning collection of Flash tutorials that will help you create an attractive Flash preloader – essential Flash component of your website.

Interview with Jeff Croft

Jeff Croft is one of the most knowledgeable designers today with about 15 years experience in the industry. He is well known for his books “Pro CSS Techniques” and “Web Standards Creativity”.

Weekly 30 inspirational websites #40

Vh1 gives MTV a big slap in the battle between music TV station”s sites. Everybody must agree that VH1 > MTV when we are talking about websites.

32 Awesome T-Shirt Designs

A showcase of 32 awesome graphic designs for t-shirts.

15 Helpful Web Based Broken Link Checkers

This article shares 15 web based broken link checkers which able to identify broken links and help you in SEO.

Magento – Add additional fields to the Contact Form

If you need to add additional fields to Magento’s default contact form, read on!

25+ Amazing Magazine Style WordPress Themes

best 25 free professional magazine style wordpress themes.

Best Free web dev Apps For Apple Web Designers

Nice list of apps for Apple designers and Developers.

50+ Most Amazing and Funny Twitter Comics

Having a bad day on Twitter? Is twitter down? Feeling low? Are you looking for a good laugh to start up your morning. Alright here is a mild laughter therapy featuring our very own twitter bird.

10 Popular Firefox Plugins Every Designer Must Know

Firefox has received the second largest market share for June ’09.It has an advanced list of plugins, which are easy to install & help in enhancing productivity.

Useful Collection of Flash Preloaders Tutorials

This is a useful collection of Flash tutorials that will help you create an attractive Flash preloader – essential Flash component of your website.

Pixelcrayons PSD to XHTML conversion work flow

Here is a well defined work process that Pixelcrayons follows to ensure strict adherence to quality parameters and to deliver superior service, time and again.

Web Analytics Tools – Analyzing The Traffic On Web

With diverse objectives, technologies and access of resources, it is important to select the correct web analytics tool compatible with your website or blog.

Pink Living: Pink Photostream

Pink is the color of happiness, it\’s all about joy, love, beauty and hope. Pink photostream for a pink mood, the best you can find on Tuesday!

Useful Collection of Flash Preloaders Tutorials

This is a useful collection of Flash tutorials that will help you create an attractive Flash preloader – essential Flash component of your website.

Useful Freebies for Website Creation

The stunning collection of the freshest web design freebies and goodies from all over the Internet.

200 Tribal tattoo designs

Tribal tattoos represent energy, force, power, skill and ability. Tribal tattoos is one of most popular type of tattoo design. We present to you list of 200 amazing tribal tattos designs.

Create an awesome consulting layout in Photoshop

With this layout you will be able to easily build a web site dedicated to teaching and learning, or a business layout, as well as management or marketing layouts.

Freebie Tuesday – 750 Custom Greeting Cards For Creative People

We’re giving away 3 packs of 250 7 x 5? Greeting Cards from the cool gang at UPrinting.com

38 Impressive Graphic Designer Portfolios – Wanna have an Ideal Portfolio??

You are a fresh graduate and looking for a job as a graphic designer, the first tip to success is to create a “smashing portfolio”.

Resposse to Social Media and Luxury Travel

Gone are the days of the huge online order takers. The future is in the power of the social network. Learn how luxury travel agents adjust to the times.

Free Seamless Marbleized Textures

4 large (1024px * 1024px) marbleized seamless textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable patten set (.pat).

Online Checkout Process Web Design

The checkout process has become widely known on the internet. One would think the checkout process has been nearly perfected. Learn how to design the best checkout process with examples.

The Art Of Creating A Fictional Brand

A Step-By-Step process to develop a “fake” logo. See how brand creating differs when there is no “real” client involved!

BuildaBrand pushes debate on what constitutes a brand

A new brand identity service has been received on both ends of the spectrum – from the very excited clamoring for invites, to the dismissive who believe a logo and a brand are not the same thing.

9 Tips to Promote your Web Development Business

In every business, you have to think about promoting your business; but in a small business, you have to be extra smart about it.

Why IE6 Must Die?

IE6 has got too many unresolved bugs and security issues. Find out top 3 reasons why you should stop using IE6.

Digital Goodies Shopping Guide – 30 Fresh WordPress Themes, Domain Names & Brand Packs

We have 10 new WordPress themes, 10 highly creative domain names, and 10 ready made logos + brand packages you should get your hands on before everybody else!

Design an awesome corporate wordpress layout

Learn how to design a clean corporate wordpress layout with this easy to follow tutorial

A Showcase Of 25 Festivals Websites

I’ve collected 25 festival websites for your inspiration.

Weekly Flash tutorial roundup #9

Rare, these Flash tutorials but at least they are and can be gathered in a collection. Weekly is much said, as the Flash tutorials appear more often among humans than Dodo birds.

34 Wood Styled social media icons

34 free for personal and commercial use.

Collection of Free Emoticons & Smiley Sites

The following article is a list of Resources Web Sites that Have Free Emoticons, Smilies, & Smiley Faces.

21 Really Useful & Handy PHP Code Snippets

Here are 21 really useful and handy PHP code snippets that every type of PHP developer will find useful.

77 Exclusive Free Texture Pack Collection | geeksucks

The best use of texture is mainly done in background. Without using a plain color as a background any type of related texture can bring a great look for your design.

Six Months of Inspired Magazine: New Facelift, One Post Per Day Policy, Upcoming Goodies & New Features

Yay, we’re 6 months old already! Thank you for being with us all this time and here’s a glimpse of what’s coming next

25 Amazing Inspirational Vector Illustrations

A compilation of 25 sweet vector illustration, the perfect inspiration to get your creative juices flowing to create some beautiful illustration.

5 Communication Tips That Make You Money

Communication is key for every freelancer. Although it may not be the most enjoyable aspect of your job…


Free flower text frame vector. Free for personal or commercial use.

Showcase of Best Restaurant Web Designs

This is a showcase of some elegant web designs belonging to famous restaurants. You can also browse fresh turnkey website designs from Site2You.

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