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Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. User links are normally JUST PUBLISHED articles and have gone through a check to be relevant for designers and developers. This is a round-ups providing latest user links submitted on tripwire magazine. See all user submitted links here

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40 Awesome Cartoon And Comic Fonts For Designers

Cartoon and Comic fonts are very popular among the design industrial because they are funny and able to attract visitors.

50 beautiful soccer shirts

A seletion of 50 soccer shirts for you admire and inspire yourself

10 Professional Brochure Design Tutorials

In this graphics world we roundup an group of 10 tutorials about Professional Brochure designing, where great ideas, tips and tricks about graphic designing..

Meet AppBoy – iPhone, Android & Blackberry Apps Discovery and Crowdsourcing

In our effort to feature the most interesting websites for the creative community we’re highlighting today a new app-related project.

8 Simple Tips to Boost Productivity, Health and Work Etiquette

Whilst working away on their latest project, freelancers tend to forget about the simple little things that make all the difference to their experience whilst working…

5 Tips and Tricks For An Effective eCommerce Site With 10 Brilliant Examples

Customers appreciate the convenience of ordering online, but if a site is cumbersome, is veiled about its pricing and polices, or does not seem to provide personal benefit, they leave.

Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #46

The 46th collection of weekly Photoshop tutorials welcomes you and brings in front of you 20 of the most interesting tutorials that have been written in the past week or so.

35 Best Flash Websites Ever

Best flash design showcase

Photoshop tutorial – Universe in hands

Photoshop tutorial Universe in Hands will show you how to create universe: Planets with orbits, stars. In this photoshop trick we will use some filters, blending mods and some other photoshop tools.

37 Great Online Photoshop Alternatives

37 Great online photo editing websites to replace photoshop when you can\’t use it. The services are completely free and professional like photoshop.

Top 40 Company Logos: Black ‘n’ White VS Multicolored

In these logos,you will get to see some top corporate brand logos as well.Now, you guys have to tell which logos in your opinion work more effectively in corporate world: Black & White or Multicolored

Choosing Right Colors for Designing a Corporate Website

Right and apt usage of colors while designing a website is a crucial decision every web designer has to take. A website represents a company, owner, employees & products.

90+ Crazy Outdoor Billboard Advertisements

I found number of crazy outdoor advertisement ideas from different websites, some of those I am listing for your mind who make more refine ideas about outdoor Billboards advertisement…

An Intersting Tutorial – Doing an Invisible

As in all image manipulations there are usually several ways to do the job. When doing an invisible this is particularly true. It depends on the original

22 Websites for Free Twitter Backgrounds

Everyone wants to decorate there twitter profile with nice background or theme. In following list, I have submitted the addresses of 22 rich full websites of twitter backgrounds.

Photo Websites Showcase For Designer Ispiration

Have a nice-looking and user-friendly website is the firts step to the online success.

7 Awesome Resources to Test Cross Browser Compatibility of Your Website

When there are many browsers available for the users to surf the internet, it becomes evident for you to check the Cross Browser Compatibility of your website.

16 Logo Design Processes Of Top Logo Designers

16 amazing logo design processes by top logo designers on Twitter.Read each logo design process thoroughly and find out for yourself new ideas on logo design.

Slick Plan – Free Sitemaps

Use Slick Plan and simplify site map design. Create a free site map in seconds.

Free Seamless Red Textures

4 large (1024px * 1024px) red seamless textures in .jpg format as well as a corresponding Photoshop tileable pattern set (.pat).

Websites where you could find great WordPress themes

In this article we\’ve included websites with the most attractive, stylish and creative wordpress themes. We will describe general moments and most interesting propositions.

Beautiful Twitter Icon Sets Mega Pack

Twitter mega icon sets for free. Download the mega pack with more than 200 twitter icons and logo designs for free.

Freebie: XML News Viewer AS2

New freebie file arrived. It’s a XML driven, expandable news viewer Flash file with fading text effects, create in Actionscript 2.0.

Top 6 Search Engines For Designers To Find Icons

For a stunning graphical user interface designers always need sharp and crisp icons. But sometimes there is not much time for designers to create them from scratch, then where to find them?.

32 Extremely Useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress

Here I gathered, 32 useful Twitter Plugins for WordPress users, hope these will help you and make you smile.ould be caused by a misconfiguration, or possibly a malformed request.

18 Useful Tricks to Speed Up WordPress & Boost Performance

A list of useful tips, tricks, hacks, and plugins that can be used to speed up WordPress and boost it\’s performance.

Firefox addons you can’t live without

Whether for fun, security, or just to get stuff done, these plugins will make your web browsing experience everything it should be.

30+ Superlative 3D Max Tutorials and Resources

This is 3D Studio Max tutorials collection, where we sharing some latest and best techniques for make 3D models, rendering and complete tools training..

Designing Tips for Web Designers

A good website is always simple, intuitive to use with easy navigation & one that attracts users to visit it again & again.It is a designer’s job to make a website look visually appealing ..

Do You Know Where To Get Laptop Cover Designs and Skins?

Herein are some of the sites that offer cool laptops skins, you can browse through the designs and order one for your own machine. Such unique designs are great way to stand out also!

30+ Fresh & Amazing jQuery Plugins and Tutorials

Looking for latest on jQuery, Here are 30+ fresh and amazing jQuery plugins and tutorials which i have hand-picked from jQuery articles or plugins published in last 30 days.

web design and development, free tutorials on web design

Web design and development, free tutorials on web design and development tools, web hosting and template customization.

30+ fresh WordPress themes for July/August

Here is a list with the most qualitative themes created by developers in the last two months.

Create a Distant Desert City Scene with Energy Ray Blast in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the processes I use to create this fantasy style, really cool distant desert city scene with an awesome energy ray blasting through the sky in Photoshop.

Web Design Trends: Font Replacement – Examples, Techniques and Resources

I am going to be posting a series of articles of the trends which have emerged in web design in recent times.This is the first part of the series, and in this part,I will be covering font replacement.

Pixel Twitter Icons/Badges

24 sets of pixel Twitter icons & badges. All made by little mouse clicks and love. There are 72 different badges & icons just waiting for you, for free!

Drupal Themes

Drupal Themes presented by TemplateMonster are a perfect solution for those who is seeking beautiful design and brilliant functionality.

Ultimate Brush Pack No.3

I’ve decided that every 7 brush sets i will be introducing an ultimate brush pack for those 7.
These are brushes of the 3rd series.

125+ Eye Catching Macro Photography Examples

Spooky Designer is here again with another eye catching post of 125+ macro photography examples. Have a look at these awesome photos that would surely make your day even more pleasing.

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