Forms are one of the most important part of a website because thay allow users to submit information. But forms also require a lot of work to look good and to be easy to use. The good news is that others have made most of the hard work for you. If you use Javascript frameworks like Mootools there are many free scripts available providing excellent functionality and look and feel for html forms. This article provides 16 scripts to enhance and boost your html forms!

If you hunger for more after reading this I will recommend the following articles that all cover related topics.



Jazz Up Your Forms With MooTools Pt. 1 | 2

Learn to create really interactive forms with the following features

  • Animated field highlighting
  • Displaying/hiding instructions for each input field
  • Live comment previewing
  • Auto-resizing of both the comment preview and it’s corresponding textarea input
  • live comment preview with the auto-expansion of the preview and the input textarea


demo 1 demo 2

HTML Form Tips Using MooTools

This is Twitter-likechars counter example using MooTools.It is counter decreases, from the max value of available chars in the input field (20 in this example) to zero, while you type something into the input field.



This is a really good looking Calendar script. I has been created as semantic as possible–with proper usage of CAPTION, THEAD, TBODY, TH and TD elements–and lots of CSS styling hooks. View the Calendar stylesheet for examples of the CSS; see the Styling Your Calendar section in the Manual for references to the XHTML.

Calendar has been successfully tested in Safari, Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer. The class requires Mootools 1.1 with Fx.Style, Element and Window. In order to enable dragging, the class also requires the Drag component.


Mootools Class – Form Hilighter

Simple Mootools class that will animate a highlight effect (on focus) of text input and textarea fields in any form.


Textboxlist meets autocompletion

TextboxList turns normal textboxes into a widget which can be navigated with the keyboard, effectively turning your input into a “list” of items that can be easily deleted. It comes with an Autocomplete plugin.


Mootools Form Validation

  • optional onFail function.
  • optional onSuccess function which will overide the form submition, this can be used to validate an ajax form.
  • onBlur validating
  • shows errors next to item or in a list.


Ajax Username Availability Checker

This plugin allows you to check the username availability without reloading the page.


FormCheck – Form validation class

FormCheck is a class that allows you to perform different tests on form to validate them before submission.


Form Validator

fValidator is an open source (free) unobtrusive javascript tool for easy handling form validation.

  • Works perfect with iMask as it’s complement.
  • Multiple forms per page supported.
  • Number of verified fields is not limited.
  • Number of filters per field is not limited.
  • Predefined formats: required, alpha, alphanum, integer, real, date, email, phone, url. (all customizable)
  • Support to register missing formats.
  • Highlight fields onValid and onInvalid.
  • Error reporting just after onBlur.
  • Easy to set and maintain.
  • Unobstrutive and XHTML Strict friendly.



Who haven’t ever wanted to apply an input mask to an HTML form field? This very common feature in traditional GUI applications is not natively supported by web applications. iMask goal is to implement an easy way for developers to add mask into their form fields, increasing the database and software consistency with standard compliant XHTML and unobtrusive JavaScript.


Custom checkboxes, radio buttons and select lists

Have you ever wanted to use your own images for checkboxes, radio buttons or select lists? This script will let you do that. Easily. The unobtrusive script gracefully degrades, so if JavaScript is disabled, normal form input objects appear instead of your customized elements.


Grow a textarea

Just make a form, and this script will add the ability to resize each textarea…if you want to


Ajax login form (PHP & Javascript)

Great login script that have been through “blog comment improvement and testing”. There are a lot of comments and the author have answered and updated the script to meet users needs. Consists of 3 javascript files, 2 php files and 1 stylesheet.


Multiple Select Widget with Mootools

Awesome looking select box styling with only a few lines of code.


AutoCompleter (v1.1)

This AutoCompleter script for MooTools provides the functionality for text suggestion and completion. It features different data-sources (local, JSON or XML), a variety of user interactions, custom formatting, multiple selection, animations and much more.


Custom Form Elements (CFE)

Ever wondered how you could style form elements like checkboxes, radiobuttons and select-fields in a way you like? You tried hard using the most ass-kicking XHTML/CSS tricks, but didn’t succeed without stuffing unnesscesary tags into your sleek sourcecode? Not to speak of the browsers and their “special abilities” in evaluating CSS.

Now this is for you! CFE finally found their way to and allow you to style your forms individually!


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