150+ Duffy & Partners Logo Showcase, 25 Years Design Time-Line and the Designed Life Story

August 12, 2009 · 2 comments

by Lars

In celebration of 25 years of business, Minneapolis based Duffy & Partners (one of the most renown and internationally recognized design firms) has created a gallery showcasing logos from 1984 to the present. The slideshow on the Duffy website (select 25 years in the top left menu). The logos are awesome I believe and it is very interesting to see how logo trends have developed over the last 25 years. A few of the featured logos have been picked out and included below.

Besides the logo showcase Duffy & Partners have created a time line telling the story of how it all started and how the company became what it is today. Besides showcasing loads of brands, logos and products they have worked with over the years, hovering some of the images will briefly give you the story and context for specific projects and events.

Finally just recently Duffy & Partners have created a slide show capturing a day in the life of Duffy’s logos – presenting how design influences our everyday lives. There are some really awesome photographs, statements and colour to enjoy here and they are linked together into a story bringing it all together.



Logo examples

More logos at Duffy website (select 25 years in the top left menu)



Duffy & Partners Time line

View the time line at Duffy website (select 25 years in the top left menu)


Duffy & Partners “A Designed Life”

View “A Designed Life” on Duffy website (select 25 Years in the top left menu)


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Johnny Twochaps July 18, 2010 at 11:12 pm

Always liked that Jack in the box logo, didn’t realize it was designed by Duffy.


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