Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. Previously these links where added to the RSS feed directly but as the number of submissions is getting higher the feed is being flooded. I have decided to create regular round-ups to provide the user links submitted on tripwire magazine to subscribers and this way take some load off the feed.



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Website Builder from Site2You

Website builder from Site2You is an effective tool for website creation. It is an easy-to-use web application that requires neither technical knowledge nor programming skills.

Photoshop tutorial: Rainy text effect

Photoshop tutorial will show you how to step by step create realistic rain text effect. This effect is simple and effective. I am sure it will be helpful for your water themed design works.

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The Art Of Applying Rule Of Five Plus Or Minus Two For An Effective Wireframe

Working on your wireframes before starting on the details of design is a crucial step in web design.

Great Coastal Photography Gallery

The sheer beauty, natural power of the ocean and man made structures found on any coastline allows a photographer to take as many photos as they wish without ever getting the same shot twice!

New And Comprehensive WordPress 2.8 Tutorial and Hack Toolbox

In summary you\’ll find here 37 helpful tutorials, resources and hacks + 11 helpful WordPress related sites for further reading in long run. Hope you\’ll like it!

Multilingual DTP FAQ

Need a brochure typesetted in multilingual versions, including Asian double-byte languages? See this multilingual FAQ page.

40 Most Creative Business Cards You Will Ever See

The title of the article explains the whole entire article, a compilation of 40 of the most creative craziest business cards you will ever see.
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Free Stones textures set

Set of stones textures. All textures are with high resolution, at least 2000*1400 px. Great stuff for design works, for example to create stony face.

Three Innovative Ways To Show Off The Social Buzz In Your WordPress Comments

In this small roundup we have a hot newcomer, two established services, and a fresh bonus

15 Really Useful Web-based HTML Editors

Web-based HTML Editor lets users create HTML content easily and here i am going to share 15 useful HTML Editors.

15 Plugins to Unleash the Power of jQuery and WordPress

List of plugins and tutorials that combines the two powerful elements, WordPress and jQuery to create effects that will rock your WordPress site.

Top 20 High Quality Free CSS Templates

Hand-picked 20 FREE CSS Templates for download from different sources.

Top 11 Feed Readers and Aggregators

A feed aggregator, which is also known as feed reader, is a client software or web application.

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