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July 1, 2009 · 2 comments

by Lars

tripwire magazine has one single purpose – To serve the Web development and Design community with relevant and easy to digest articles. This concept seams to be working well as the number of visitors in the site is increasing rapidly. Having a large and growing audience calls for focus on making things even better.

In order to improve the concept and align the website content, structure and functionality with the loyal readers I’m going to ask for your input. Main purpose is to understand how I can make existing readers happier and come back more often, how to attract new readers, get more comments, more attention etc.

I’m going to publish a series of short and focussed polls on a specific topics. This should make it easy and fast to participate for everyone. More polls will be published soon to get readers feedback on important aspects. Please take a minute or two to share your opinion. Thanks.


AdvertisementAll imput will be highly appreciated and I will do my best to address the needs of tripwire magazines readers. However I can’t promise that any suggestion will be implemented.

Does the Feed meet your needs?

tripwire magazine currently providing full articles in the feed. Do you think that is how it should be?

[poll id=”6″]

tripwire magazine currently have links submitted by users in the main feed. What is you opinion on this approach?

[poll id=”5″]

tripwire magazine have added a few ads into the feed. What do you think of that?

[poll id=”7″]

tripwire magazine should have all the options and features you need. What is your opinion on the offerings?

[poll id=”8″]

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Ivan July 7, 2009 at 6:44 pm

I think there are some facts you can consider before you make this kind of polls:

1. What are your objectives maintaining this site? Do you need more visits to acomplish these objectives? Do you need more subscribers?
2. Are you using subscriptions to get more visitors? Are you using it right? What’s your conversion average between subscribers/reads/visits? Does your content have any relevance to the subscribers?
3. I think that this site is now like many others: it offers goodies and some good approaches to some web design aspects. I think the better you can do if this is your main objective is to be always improving your SEO (it’s good enough by now). But if you want to build a better site (it’s an idea) I see thereĀ“s no other site like this offering some feedback and interaction between the readers/visitors. Yes, we can comment every entry/post, but sometimes it’s not enough. What would happen if you try to build a real and strong community around this magazine? You can consider sharing useful links, new portfolios to receive some constructive critics, recommending tutorials, videos or any multimedia inspirational source… You can recruit some advanced users to reply or post about tips and tricks (better than asking and paying for posts).
Hope it helps, feel free to contact me if you want to discuss some topic.
Best regards!


noel July 3, 2009 at 9:17 am

1. I read the feeds using FeedDemon .
2. When I’m trying to browse to a specific topic in your feeds I get all the links of all feeds !?….


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