Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. Previously these links where added to the RSS feed directly but as the number of submissions is getting higher the feed is being flooded. I have decided to create regular round-ups to provide the user links submitted on tripwire magazine to subscribers and this way take some load off the feed. See all user submitted links here



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Best Mobile Applications To Manage Your WordPress Blog

W3Avenue has compiled a list of best mobile applications that will help you and your clients to manage WordPress publications from anywhere anytime.

400+ Beautiful Twitter Icons for your Website

Kickass List: The biggest twitter icon list.

Paging Listbox; Another jQuery Plugin

I posted before a Javascript class to Implement a paging listbox using jQuery. which has drawn a lot of traffic so I thought it is more convenient to rewrite it as jQuery plugin plus few enhancements

Making of Points of View

Software Used: Photoshop, 3ds Max. This making of comes from Roberto Oleotto. See how he uses Photoshop & 3ds Max to create his image \’Points of View\’

22 Amazing and Colorful High Speed Photography Shots

22 amazing and colorful high speed photography shots of bullets passing through various fruits and vegetables right at the time of impact.

user links

The Significance Of Establishing A Prominence Brand Identity For Your Website

Trust and credibility are essential to establishing a relationship with customers. Without them, people have no reason to believe or purchase anything on your website.

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