Readers at tripwire magazine daily submit links and short descriptions to highly relevant and worth investigating articles. Previously these links where added to the RSS feed directly but as the number of submissions is getting higher the feed is being flooded. I have decided to create regular round-ups to provide the user links submitted on tripwire magazine to subscribers and this way take some load off the feed.



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65 Absolutely Cool And Creative Twitter Backgrounds

A well designed and creative Twitter background is able to attract visitor\’s attention. This article share 65 cool Twitter backgrounds.

Hellingly Asylum – Chillingly Great Photography

Capturing the imagination and showing the rooms and corridors once home to many mentally ill and insane people. The shadows and light captured is also very atmospheric!

Weekly top quality Photoshop tutorials #43

A selection of the best 20 Adobe Photoshop tutorials for beginners or advanced designers. You’ll learn the techniques, the moves and you’ll make your work in style. Learn, learn, learn…

30 Examples of Extreme Minimalism in Web Design

30 examples of extreme minimalism in web design, including web apps, portfolios, and other websites

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17 Popular Universities That Are Using WordPress

WordPress seems to be growing faster than we think it is. This compilation highlights some of the top universities like Harvard, Cornell, MIT, Berkeley, and others.

22 Really Useful Website Analysis Tools

A review of 22 tools which allow you to analyze every aspect of your website’s popularity.

11 Flash 3D Tutorials That Can help Increase Productivity

Flash Platform is a great tool to create nice effects with ease. With the introduction of Flash 3D Engines, the ability and success of creating flash 3D objects is even bigger. :)

Alberto Seveso – illustrator

You may have seen Alberto Seveso\’s work around the web but didn\’t know who the author was.

DiscounTuesday – Get Some Free Packs of MOO Business Cards

Free business cards for everybody and an exclusive promo code for 15% off any order.

30 Awesome Handpicked Design T-shirts From The 10k Design By Humans Contest

Design by Humans is one of the best places for designer T-shirts so from their 2nd year contest I have hand picked 30 awesome designer t-shirts for your pleasure.

50 Burning Logos – Amazing Must See!

Below you’ll find a collection of 50 burning logos which will definitely heat up your creativity.

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Animal Inspired Logo Designs

Animals in logo design can be used for many reasons. Many logos are designed around animals because of a play on words or to give a friendlier feel.

30+ Exclusive Free Photoshop Style Sets

Using Photoshop Style is one of the best simplest ways to boost your design practice. I think this post will help you and every Photoshop lovers, which is a quite big collection of Photoshop Styles.

PSD to HTML Conversion – The Benefits and The Beneficiaries

Employing services of PSD to HTML conversion is commonplace by now. This arises two obvious questions, who are beneficiaries of PSD to HTML service providers and how the beneficiaries get benefits?

Design a Simple Yet Effective, Clean and Shining Button for Your Website in Photoshop

In this tutorial, I will show you the method I use to create a stylish, clean and shining button for your website in Photoshop.

Measuring Success: PSD to HTML Conversion

How to measure that PSD to HTML service provider has done a good job in converting your design to markup?

20 Best Real-Time Twitter Search Engines

If you want to follow what\’s happening in the world, real-time web search is the choice. Here we selected a list of 20 best real-time Twitter search engines.

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