20 Awesome eye-catching wallpaper compilations

August 20, 2010 · 22 comments

by Lars

Wallpaper art is very popular and for a reason. First of all it is good inspiration to everyone to have great designs or photography right on the desktop. Secondly there is a large group of very skilled designs expressing their talent through wallpaper creations and providing them to us for free. Finally most directions of design and art is available as wallpaper art and you will for sure be able to find something to improve your desktop and you will be able to do this on a regular basis. New high quality Wallpaper art surface every day. In this article I have found  more than 20 awesome eye-catching wallpaper compilations featuring hundreds of stunning wallpapers you cant afford to miss!



Important: Licenses of every wallpaper varies, so be sure to check that information before using them.

29 Cool, Smooth and Chilled Out Wallpaper, Something for the uncluttered mind


Fantastic Wallpapers That Will Blow Your Desktop Away

Below we present a showcase of over 50 fantastic wallpapers that will blow your desktop away. Most of them are in HD and will make your desktop look as nifty as it is possible. Because the resolutions are so high, if one doesn’t fit your screen, use your favorite image editor to refine its dimensions.


50 Classic Disney Wallpapers

Great collection of 50 classic Disney wallpapers that capture some of the magical moments from the extensive Disney franchise.  It’s always interesting to look at a franchise and see the development of themes and icons over the years, and this collection just might bring you back to your inner child.


57 Wallpapers You Must See

Roundup of 57 absolutely phenomenal wallpapers that you must see to believe.  They are in no particular order, so be sure to browse the whole list, there are some truly incredible works of art, from abstract design, to typography wallpapers, to beautiful and surreal photographs, and of course, some high-resolution space wallpapers to make you truly feel you are exploring the infinite cosmos.


70 Beautiful Dual-Screen Desktop Wallpapers

In this post, we present 70 beautiful dual screen desktop wallpapers, collected from around the Web. Each screenshot is clickable and linked to its source. You can find even more excellent wallpapers at the sources themselves.


26 Gorgeous Aurora and Colour Spectrum Wallpapers

Every once in a while, hongkiat put on a showcase of wallpapers on their blog. Reason is because hongkiat want to bring up a small reminder – it has been a while since you last change your wallpaper and there are tons of really beautiful ones they’ve collected. Even if you think the current wallpaper is nice enough and there’s really no need for a change, it’s also good that you keep it bookmarked. They can be great inspirational source.


25 Creative Typography Wallpapers for your Desktop

25 Creative Typography Wallpapers.
Don’t you just love type!


15 Clean, Clear and Simple Desktop Wallpaper

As the title says 15 Clean, Clear and Simple Desktop Wallpaper


(Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

In this post we present stunning desktop wallpapers related to typography, art, technology, photography and abstract themes. Among other things we review calendar wallpapers, minimalistic wallpapers, wallpapers-illustrations and themes for Apple, Microsoft, Twitter and Google-fans. Each of the links leads to huge wallpapers archives where you can find even more excellent wallpapers. All screenshots are clickable and lead to the pages where they can be downloaded.


More (Really) Stunning Desktop Wallpapers

In this post we present more (really) stunning desktop wallpapers related to typography, photography, illustrations, HDR as well as some abstract and fantasy-related wallpapers. Hopefully, everybody will find something interesting for his or her desktop. All wallpapers can be downloaded for free.


30+ Creative Hi-Res Wallpapers Only for Designers

30 stunning wallpapers created by some hard-working and dedicated designers. In this post we present creative desktop wallpapers related to art, photoshop, wallpapers-illustrations and abstract design. They are definitely worth a look.


40+ Absolutely Stylish & Creative Hand-picked Wallpapers

40 stunning wallpapers created by some hard-working and dedicated designers. In this post we present creative desktop wallpapers related to art, photoshop, wallpapers-illustrations, abstract design and other great types of wallpapers including nature and amazing Video Game Remake Wallpapers. They are definitely worth a look.


35+ Colorful And Inspiring Examples Of High Definition Wallpapers

35+ Colorful And Inspiring Examples Of High Definition/Widescreen Wallpapers. These can be find in different resolution e.g. 1280×800, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 and 2560 x 1600 wide


50 Stunning and Beautiful Desktop Wallpapers

In this collection, you will find 50 beautiful desktop wallpapers handpicked for just you. You can never have enough wallpapers – and if you’re feeling like your desktop needs a face lift, check these out.


40 Stunning Fantasy Wallpapers

Be transported to amazing fantasy worlds and get inspired with these amazing wallpapers that take you to the limits of your imagination. Here’s a collection of 40 outstanding fantasy wallpapers.


40 Wallpapers Loaded With Color

When was the last time you changed your desktop wallpaper? Odds are it’s been a while. Why not take a break from what you are doing and browse for a new wallpaper? We spent the day browsing the internet for some wallpapers that were super colorful and sure to inspire some great ideas. Check out our collection of colorful wallpapers and let us know what you think.


24 Amazing High Quality Desktop Wallpapers

This collection are vector,grunge and illustrator styles of wallpapers. You can download them all if you want. You can also leave a comment or share what you have just pick from this list of wallpapers.


Space Wallpapers and Nebula Wallpapers

This post presents over 35 space and nebula wallpapers and related resources. Some of the presented wallpapers are real photos, some of them have been created using Photoshop or Illustrator. In either case the result is pretty impressive and definitely worth a look if you are looking for some “cosmic” inspiration out there.


Selected Wallpapers For Your Desktop

This article covers wallpapers, devkits, Flickr pools, Widescreen and HD-monsters and even wallpapers-related social communities and wallpapers for gamers.


More Creative and Beautiful Wallpapers

This covers fresh, original and creative wallpapers and collections


Selected Wallpapers: For Desktop & Web-Design

which covers web design-related wallpapers and has dozens of references for Mac-fans.


100 (Really) Beautiful iPhone Wallpapers

Here, we proudly present the 100 Beautiful iPhone wallpapers, designed by some of the finest and most creative artists around. The wallpapers are 320×480 pixels in resolution and are usable on the iPod Touch as well. In this post we cover typography, nature, retro and vintage, illustrations and artwork, Apple wallpapers, abstract, space. Other topics will be covered in next posts. All of the images are clickable and linked to their source.


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