It is really popular to put screen casts on any type of website today. Blogs use it, product vendors use it fx. to promote their software, tutorials websites use it… it is basically everywhere. Compared to text images can tell a thousands word as you may know ;)) When it comes to screen casts I would say that going from text or simple illustrations in static images to screen casts will give a significant increase in the ability to communicate a message clearly, precise and quickly. This is why screen casts are so popular and located on the most central spots on web pages. Ok if we can agree that screen casts are worth experimenting with we should look at how you can create them. You need tools and you need them without being forced to through in all your savings. This article provides a list of good solid free tools that you can use for free to create your own screen casts. Get started today!




Jing can both take screenshots & capture a screen as videos. It is possible to add textboxes, arrows or rectangles to highlight spots.

It can send the generated outputs to, Flickr, a FTP account, Twitter & more.

With a microphone, you can record audio with the video as well.

OS Supported: Windows, Mac OS X




CamStudio is an open source screen recorder software which can record every screen and audio activity on a computer & create industry-standard AVI video files or bandwidth-friendly Streaming Flash videos (SWF).

Here are just a few ways you can use this software:

  • You can use it to create demonstration videos for any software program
  • Or how about creating a set of videos answering your most frequently asked questions?
  • You can create video tutorials for school or college class
  • You can use it to record a recurring problem with your computer so you can show technical support people
  • You can use it to create video-based information products you can sell
  • You can even use it to record new tricks and techniques you discover on your favourite software program, before you forget them

OS Supported: Windows


Cam studio free guide Free screen capture software upload videos to youtube

Screentoaster Free Online Screen Recorder

  • Register & use it anywhere, anytime
    No download. Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.
  • Capture videos of onscreen action in one click
    Record screencasts, tutorials, demos, training, lectures and more.
  • Share and stream videos online in Flash
    Embed them on blogs and webpages or send them by email.


UltraVnc screen recorder

The screen recorder is build with the old Rendersoft camstudio source, we didn’t wrote the whole thing ourself.
We just removed and added some code to make it faster.

The about box give the acknowledgment to the original creators.



This is a small Java application for creating screencasts. Krut records movie files of selected parts of your screen in the quicktime mov format, including sound. The program has an intuitive and compact user interface.

OS Supported: All major operating systems


BB FlashBack Express

BB FlashBack Express is the free version of a product series with more advanced commercial products. It can record from a video source, screen & audio.

It can export to AVI or FLV & has integrated support for direct uploading to the popular video sharing websites like youtube, etc.

OS Supported: Windows



This is a easy-to-use open source software to create screencasts. It records the screen as an .AVI file & offers an option to create .FLV file from it. With the help of hotkeys, it is possible to start-pause & stop recording. A great feature is, it can combine another video input (like webcam) with the screen recording process.

OS Supported: Windows


Windows Media Encoder

Windows Media Encoder is a featurerich application for capturing audio and video content. It supports high-quality multichannel sound, high-definition video quality, and mixed-mode voice and music content.

OS Supported: Windows



Wink is a tutorial and presentation creation software which can capture screenshots & enables you to add explanation boxes, buttons, titles & more. Wink supports various output formats like .EXE, .FLV, .HTML, etc.

OS Supported: Windows, Linux



See how AviScreen captures YouTube video

AviScreen is an application for capturing screen activity (ScreenCast) in the form of AVI video or images. Beside the usual options defining the capture area, AviScreen has a unique feature called “follow the cursor”. Using this mode you can produce a video or image of relatively small dimensions while covering all mouse activity over the whole screen area.

More information about AviScreen can be found in the on-line help file

We learn alot from free materials on the internet, and as a good karma we provide the classic version as freeware. You can download the classic version here.



Record and share your screen in a video. There are many good tutorials on the site for getting started.

  • Record your screen:
    • Easy and intuitive controls
    • New! Unlimited recording time of full motion video with audio
    • Videos are ready for review and sharing instantly
  • Share your videos:
    • Upload to for sharing high resolution videos
    • Upload to YouTube
  • Record to FLV or AVI
    • Record to FLV for optimized web delivery
    • Record to AVI for editing with 3rd party tools
  • Voice-over and Trimming
    • Don’t worry about narration errors, you can re-record just the audio
    • New! Trim unwanted beginning and ending from your recording
  • Mini-bar – use the mini-bar while recording to minimize TipCam’s footprint in your videos
  • Smart zooming
    • Zooming window can be fixed or follow your mouse cursor
    • Adjustable zooming window during recording
    • New! Select the window you want to record
  • Free-style drawing during recording

OS Supported: Windows


VidShot Capturer 1.0

VidShot Capturer created for quick screen capturing. You can use VidShot Capturer for capturing anything you see on your PC desktop and record them to video. You can capture windows, region, the entire desktop and even cursor moving. VidShot Capturer helps you for demonstrating features of your website, for making movie, presentation and any other task requires desktop activity capturing. It is very easy and fast for to use. You just select windows or region or desktop and pull “start” button. More over VidShot Capturer allows to adjust the frames of the video. It has an easy to use interface that’s why you can manage it, even if you’r new to making screen captures.

  • Capture Video from desktop
  • Capture video from Window
  • Capture wideo from region of your desktop
  • Automatic Video options
  • Frame Rate advaned settings
  • Easy and nice interface

OS Supported: Windows


Ilium Software Screen Capture

Ilium Software Screen Capture is a free, fast, and easy screen capturing program for your Windows Mobile Pocket PC or Smartphone. Download a copy today and you’ll be able to take screenshots quickly, whenever you need to!


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