I said it before: Icons can be very important building blocks when you’re creating a design. They are in my opinion especially useful when creating designs for web sites but it’s definitely not limited to that. If you like good looking high quality Icons and if you’re a collector just as I am you shouldn’t miss this Icon Set from VisualPharm. The Icons are very aligned with the green trend ;)) and they are all perfectly crafted into the detail. I think the creator really did a great job I think and then giving them away for free. 



You can download the Icon Set here.


As always you need to look carefully at the license before using the Icons. VisualPharm provides the Icon Set for free under the following conditions.

The icons are free for personal use and also free for commercial use, but we require linking to our web site. If you don’t want to place a link, purchase them for $49-199 per set.

Sample of how the Icons can be used

Other Icon Sets that you may be interested in

VisualPharm offer 7 more free Icon Sets that you may take a look at as well. Here is a few teasers. If you want these as well just go download them here

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