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In this post tripwire magazine provides a mini tutorial on how to use Twitterfeed to automatically get your Blog Posts or Website News transferred to Twitter. As your number of Followers on Twitter increase Twitter becomes a better and better source to traffic for you blog or website. For that reason and for giving your followers quick access to your work any new Blog Post or news on you website should instantly get listed as Updates on your Twitter page. This post gives your a simple solution for how to do this.




Just realised this morning that all tripwire magazine updates on Twitter is missing… I found a support thread where I can see that it is “just” a database issue at Twitter and I’m not the only one affected… Twitter support seams to be working on it and they will “clean the cache” for you if you post a comment to the support case… Even though Twitter is struggling with their success I think it is a great free service and I have decided to deliver this post even though I got a bit irritated on them? Unfortunately I can show a lat pickture with the post appearing on Twitter but beleive me it works fine if Twitter is not messing sround with their huge databases!

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130+ Enormous Twitter Toolbox

In this article tripwire magazine provides one of the most comprehensive Twitter Toolboxes available. Twitter is becoming increasingly popular and I guess that the main reasons for this is the openess and simplicity of Twitters solution. A lot of Twitter Tools are available today and you can find most of them in this article with short descriptions and illustrations.

Lets get started

Step 1. Go to http://twitterfeed.com


Step 2. Press the [login/register] button in the top right corner and choose you login method. I used Google with success myself but if you don’t use Gmail or other Google online services other login services are available. .


Step 3. Once your in you need to press the “my feeds” link in the top right corner. On the “my feeds” page press the “Create new feed” link.


Step 4. Fill in the form.You need to supply your Twitter username and password. This is the same for all Twitter add-services because Twitter lacks a integrated security solution. It is a matter of trust and you have to decide for yourself if you will expose your Twitter login… Personally I have no problem with it on this service.

I have changed only the Update Frequency and used the default configuration. If you prefer a specific link service Twitterfeed supports most of them.


Step 5. Press create and you will return to the “my feeds” page.


Step 6. Check that it works

Next time you post a new article that will appear in you feed you should verify that it will be transferred to Twitter within the next 30 minutes. If it doesn’t you need to login to Twitterfeed and see if the green checkmark is missing and if there is a error message that you can use to solve the issue.


Good luck! Post a comment if you have good or bad experience with Twitterfeed or if you know other and maybe better ways to integrate with Twitter.

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