Here you go – A handful of High Quality Icons Sets to boost your creative process. Icons are powerful building blocks in designs and if they are used in the right way they can really improve a design and the ability to communicate the designers message. Deviantart is a great resource for finding Free Quality Design elements. After investigating the Icons picked out here go take a look at their huge collection.




Creating a great Design is a long process that typically requires High Quality Ingredients like photos, patternstexture…and I would add Icons! The importance of getting hold of good looking Icons and more importantly a good source where you can find the Icons you just need for the project you’re working can’t be under estimated. Deviantart is one of the places I would suggest that you spend a few minutes investigaing. The functionality on the site makes it quite easy to browse through the many unique design elements. But be aware that not all elements can be used freely in commercial projects. Make sure that you read the license terms if there are any!

The Icons

Porn Needs You

180 icons in total, 70 general icons, 60 folders, 50 vertical folders
Currently only in 256×256 png format.
Some are easier to use than others.


Made .ico format for 64×64 48×48 32×32 24×24 and 16×16, 128 Icons.
png (256×256) and ico (64×64) format
Standard, Folders, Textured Folders, and Munnycons.

Badge-it Yourself

Label whatever you want with this!

I’ve included 10 samples (some of them are meany) and of course, the original PSD file, so you can make your own badges in Photoshop.

You can change the color, the text, the font and the shinning.
I hope you like this!


This pack Contain:
62 Icons in PNG | ICO | ICNS formats (256px)

Wallpaper in 2 variations (Blue and Pink) in 1024 x 768 | 1280 x 1024 | 1600 x 1200 | 1920 x 1200 Resolutions

POPO emotions full version

POPO emotions+addon version icon pack – ICO and PNG files
Don not use them for commercial purpose! Pictures copyright reserved by Netease company.


Welcome to the dreaming world
This time,the icons back to the illustration style.also i got some ideas from the movie <<Spiriting Away>> from GHIBLI studio and David lanham’s << Somatic>> icon set.I love them so much.
hope u could catch your dream,enjoy your dream!


Really cute animal animals


PNG downloading is available


All icons are in 256×256 PNG format. Best view in 128×128 and 256×256.
Various of visual skins and themes will be released in the future.


30 PNGs of various tokidoki artwork.
These characters do not belong to me at all so no credit for me there. I did however make them all into icons so no redistribution please. For personal use only.

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